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Hi and welcome to What’s up in Photography, I’m Andrea your model for today. And your
host Ron Sullivan will be teaching you how to capture photos in outdoor locations.
Hi, it’s Ron from What’s up in Photography. Welcome to our first video, I hope you’re
going to enjoy it, and hopefully we’ll have a lot more coming down the path. Today’s video
is about discussing shade versus direct sun it going to be an outdoor photo session, so
I’m going to explain the differences of what I like as a photographer; looking for the
light basically trying to find the right spot to get the right light. This segment is going
to be just on using reflectors we’re not going to be talking about outdoor strobes or off
camera flash it’ll be just showing how a simple reflector that you can buy at your camera
store for less than $30 or $40 bucks. If you want to go to a tri-reflector one, and it’s
almost $100, but how to keep it simple, how to photograph the session by yourself without
an assistant, and I hope you enjoy it. 1st Setup Direct Sun vs. Shade, Andrea is
standing in direct sunlight right now, which is to the right of the screen and to the left,
there is a large shaded area. We’re going to photograph and show the differences between
the two areas, direct sun and the shade. The reflector I tend to use a lot in outdoor photography
is a Latolite Grip reflector, which makes it really easy for me to work by myself, and
sometime I just get the model to hold the reflector as well; I grip one end, and they
grip the other and we get some really great lighting conditions with this. It’s usually
two sides, there’s the silver side which I tend to use a lot and then there’s the white
side. Here you can see Andrea is actually holding the reflector, and we’re now in the
shaded area; she’d holding it. The idea is to kick up enough light from that reflector
into her face and take out all the shadows that might exist. And see as a result of using
the reflector this photo is pretty well right out of a camera. I sharpened it a bit just
for this video, but you can actually see the nice skin tones and the light that’s above
us; we’re still in shadow so there is no direct sunlight hitting her hair and causing flairs
and stuff like that. It’s a really nice portrait that a lot of clients would love to have,
either of themselve or friends or family. Next Setup Clothing and Location Change. the
next segment, we had an outfit change with Andrea. And then we moved to some sort of
gondolas type structure that I wanted to demonstrate how on one side of the structure we were in
direct sunlight, very, very harsh lighting and by just going around the structure, we
found a shaded area that again gave us the light I preferred. In most instances, I prefer
to shoot in shade, unless I got a full strobe kit. But if I’m just with a reflector, I prefer
to go into shade and just bounce off the right amount of light I want. Here you can actually
see Andrea moving the reflector back and forth to create the effects of lighting. Basically
the ambient light being reflected up into her face to take away all the shadows and
create a really nice soft light effect on her. This really is something you could not
do in direct light with a reflector because it would just put too much glare in her face.
I tend to work in shade because it allows me to control the light and bounce the light
where I want it to go onto my model or subject. Here you can actually see in the final image
which is almost ready to go to the camera with just minor edits for sharpening; the
imagery is fantastic; we haven’t done anything in the way of Photoshoping to this; we haven’t
done anything to the skin tone; we haven’t done anything. It’s almost like a method you
cannot fail at. If you put a subject in shade as long as it is not darkness and shadow with
a reflector you can actually create a really nice soft light pattern on their face. And
really not require a lot of Photoshop after to finish the image and give it to the client.
Until our next video, we will be doing these on a fairly regular basis with new topics,
and I hope you enjoyed it.

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