OnePlus 7T Durability Test! – A Big Camera Hole is a Bad idea.

OnePlus has gotten a little complex with their
naming scheme lately. Just like everyone else who makes phones. But I’m pretty sure this
OnePlus 7T lies right between the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro. It’ kind of the middle
ground between the other two versions. It’s good of course to have options, but only if
they’re durable. This video is sponsored by Audible. Let’s get started. [Intro] You can tell if a phone manufacturer takes
care of their customers or not by what they happen to include in their box. OnePlus has
once again gone above and beyond the norm by including a pretty beefy clear plastic
case in the box with a massive cutout in the center for what I assume is the rear camera.
As well as a bright red USB-C charging cable, and the best thing, in my opinion, is this
charging brick. This beast can supply 30 watts of fast charging warp power to the OnePlus
7T. Thumbs up for that. For comparison, Samsung includes a 25 watt charger with the Galaxy
S10, and Apply includes a painfully antiquated 5 watt charger with the new iPhone 11. The
higher the watts, the faster your phone will charge. This is the Glacier Blue OnePlus 7T. It has
a massive circular camera cutout in the glass that reminds me of something, but I can’t
quite put my finger on it. That circular camera cutout is the most distinguishing feature
of the OnePlus 7T, along with the teardrop notch in the top of the screen. If you remember, the 7 Pro managed to get
rid of that notch by motorizing the front camera. OnePlus does include a plastic screen
protector on the phone, which once again is very kind of them. It’s time we start with the scratch test.
Luckily, the large camera circle on the back is dead center on the phone so it’s not rocking
back and forth all over the place when we touch the screen. Screens can be made from
a few different materials. Plastic, like we saw on the Galaxy Fold. Glass, which we normally
see on most smartphones. Or super scratch resistant sapphire crystal which exists on
some of the more premium phones we’ve tested in the past. This time around, OnePlus is
using Gorilla Glass and we start seeing scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level
7. This means that the normal car keys, coins, and razor blades won’t do any damage to the
surface of the glass. The 16 megapixel front facing camera is also protected under the
same piece of glass. And the long top stereo speaker is covered by a thin plastic grill
that’s pretty securely glued into place. The sides of the OnePlus 7T are made from
anodized aluminum. You can see the glint of silver shining through under that anodizing.
That volume rocker is also made from metal. Up at the top of the phone there is once again
no headphone jack. OnePlus decided to sink that ship right about the same time they came
out with their Bullets Wireless earbuds, which, you know, I’m sure was just a coincidence. Over on the right side of the phone, there’s
a feature that I wish every phone had – this is a triple sliding mute switch. I know it
sounds lame, but unlocking my phone just to put it on silent gets pretty annoying. Having
a physical slider on the outside that can toggle between the different sound settings
is super appealing. But I’m also a huge fan of features. So when the phone is missing
important tools like the expandable memory card slot, it makes my decision to upgrade
much harder. Everyone’s different though, and there are plenty of phones out there to
choose from. OnePlus is calling this back panel a matte frosted glass. And you can hear
by the sound of my razor blade that the frosting, or the etching, is on the back side of the
panel. But it’s not near as aggressive as what we saw in the newer iPhones, or the older
Pixel 3. The surface doesn’t grind off much of my quarter. Nor does it take any metal
off of this screw. It’s a much more subtle texture that won’t be sanding down other objects
in your pocket or purse. Now one thing I really do like about the 7T
is the triple camera set up. The more features a phone has, the more I’m going to like it.
And the less features a phone has, well, the less I’m going to like it. It’s a pretty simple
philosophy. There is a 16 megapixel wide angle lens on the left, with a 48 megapixel main
sensor in the center. And a 12 megapixel 2x optical zoom lens on the right, with the dual
LED flash down at the bottom. The coolest part though is that this phone has the ability
to take macro close up pictures of something that’s just 2.5 centimeters away, which is
impossible for most other phones on the market right now. OnePlus says it’s done with some kind of specialized
zooming hardware inside the camera unit. So it’ll be interesting to see what that looks
like from the inside? Technology is super amazing. Remember the show MythBusters with Adam Savage?
Well he has a new Audible Original talking about the future of technology on earth and
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And Adam Savage’s story is worth a listen. OnePlus is pushing the boundaries with that
macro photography, but also with their display technology. This is a 6.5 inch 90 Hertz 1080p
fluid AMOLED display. The 90 Hertz means that the screen can refresh or display images much
faster than the average smartphone. The 7T does have a lot going for it, especially at
this price. The thin OLED display even allows for an underscreen fingerprint scanner. It’s
also cheaper and has more features than the more expensive recently announces Pixel 4. The OnePlus 7T lasted about 25 seconds under
the heat from my lighter, and then mostly recovered. There’s still a faint burn mark,
so starting your phone on fire probably isn’t the best idea. OnePlus has never failed my
durability test before. Usually they are a solid device for the price. But this time,
with the first bend, something new happens. The back glass has cracked. Now obviously
I subject my phones to more abuse than they would normally receive in every day life.
That’s kind of the point. The majority of phones I test though usually survive being
bent. This OnePlus 7T cracked in the center of the phone along the edge and spread upwards
towards the massive camera cutout. It’s hard to say whether the flexible frame or the tight
glass tolerance, or the large hole cut in the glass contributed more to the glass cracking.
But we can tell that the glass phone back is definitely busted. The phone itself survived
and the screen still works, so I won’t write it off as a total fail. But still, the OnePlus
7T should definitely be wearing a case. The large hole in the back might very well be
contributing to a more fragile glass panel overall. The more of a substance you remove,
the more fragile it gets. We’ll definitely have to see how the 7T holds
up over time. But personally, I think removing that much of the rear glass panel for the
camera lens was a bad idea. Let me know what you think down in the comments.
And come hang out with me over on Instagram and Twitter. And grab your free audio book
with the link in the description. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you around.

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  2. frame is not thick as previous OnePlus devices, and back glass has more curve therefore it is weaker, and its large camera hole cause a weak spot as well

  3. So is it true that if you have something that’s not as hard as glass, it doesn’t matter how much pressure you use or how hard you hit it or try to scratch it (without actually breaking the glass), it will not scratch?

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    Now that you have tested and opened both the 7 Pro and the 7T, if you had to choose between the two, which one would you choose?

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