OnePlus 7 Pro vs 6T: In-Depth Camera Test Comparison

Camera comparisons between two phones produced
by the same manufacturer are probably my favorite type of comparison. Smartphones are becoming many people’s main
cameras, so it’s really interesting to see how these camera systems improve with each
phone iteration. With these comparisons, we can see if the
new phones are worth the upgrade. Hi guys, it’s KJ the MiTechGuy here, and today
I’ll be comparing the cameras found on the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 6T. These two phones were released about 6 months
apart from each other, so I’m curious what types of improvements OnePlus made in the
camera department. In this video, I’ll be comparing the two phones
in various lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors. I’ll also take a look at the video and audio
qualities of both phones. Make sure to stick around to the end of the
video to see how the two night modes compare. Let’s get right into it. Last year’s OnePlus 6T had a pretty solid
camera setup. Its dual camera setup consists of a 16 Megapixel
and 20 Megapixel camera with the same focal lengths, where the 20MP camera mostly helps
with depth information for portrait shots. On the other hand, the OnePlus 7 Pro has the
far more versatile triple camera setups with 3 different focal lengths. Its main, 3x telephoto, and ultrawide cameras
are 48, 8 and 16 megapixels respectively. They can both shoot 4K video at up to 60 frames
per second. Both selfie cameras are 16 megapixels, where
the 7 Pro’s is slightly larger and pops out of the top of the phone. So now we’re going to get into the side-by-sides. I’ll first compare images shot in great lighting
conditions. I don’t expect to see to many differences
initially, but when I start to look at images shot in progressively worse lighting we’ll
see how much OnePlus actually improved their camera setup. This first image shows that the OnePlus 6T’s
camera is not bad at all, and it also shows that OnePlus tried to go more towards the
more contrasty Pixel look in terms of photos, and away from the more punchy color iPhone
look that we can see on the 6T. I don’t have any real complaints with either
camera. They both produced beautiful photos here. But while the 6T can only capture this framing,
the 7 Pro is able to capture this really impressive 3x zoom shot, as well as this clear ultra-wide
shot, just making it the more versatile camera setup. This next image again shows how great both
cameras are still, and besides the differences in color reproduction, I really can’t find
any real differences between them. Here, the differences in color reproduction
are clear. The more contrast on the 7 Pro does seem to
allow for more visible detail, whereas many people may still prefer the more colorful
look of the 6T. With portrait shots, the glaring difference
is the fact that the 7 Pro uses its telephoto, while the 6T can only take the wide-angle
shot. So I from the same vantage point, the portrait
images look like this. The 7 Pro did the better job with the edge
detection. The 6T seemed to struggle around Julia’s
arm. and if I were taking solely portrait shots, I prefer the telephoto look as opposed
to the wide-angle look. Even if we tried to create the same framing,
we can still see a clear difference. Let me know in the comment section which portrait
mode you prefer. In terms of selfies, I think the 7 Pro simply
produces the better images both in its standard mode and portrait mode. The 6T seemed to slightly over expose my face
whereas the 7 Pro did the much better job of preserving colors throughout the image. The edge detection around my hair also seems
to have improved between the 6T and 7 Pro. Before I shift over to more challenging lighting
scenarios, let’s take a look at the 4K video and audio qualities of both phones. So my biggest problem with the 6T’s video
quality was how over saturated it was. It just makes all colors look unnecessarily
vibrant. With the 7 Pro, I think OnePlus really fixed
this. The 7 Pro’s video produces the much more
realistic colors and as a result, the much more natural video as compared the that of
the 6T. I also think OnePlus made tweaks to their
image stabilization algorithms because the stabilization also looks to be more natural
on the 7 Pro. When we look at the front video qualities,
the stabilization and detail level seem to be very similar on each phone, but it is very
clear that OnePlus made some major improvements with the front camera on the 7 Pro. The 7 Pro is able to pick up much more of
the colors on my face and in the background. On the other hand, the 6T seems to blow out
any colors on my face. In regards to the audio quality, the 7 Pro
is able to produce more natural sounding audio as well. The 6T’s audio has much more harsh sounds
because of how aggressive its noise reduction algorithms are. It was expected that both cameras performed
great in great lighting conditions, so from here on out, I wanted to only compare images
shot in more challenging lighting conditions. This image was shot as the sun was setting,
and I can see that the 6T seemed to overexposed the building on the right, making its colors
look a bit washed out. On the other hand, the 7 Pro has the less
vibrant sky, but good exposure levels throughout, creating a nice, true to life image. Here the sun was peaking in, which is very
challenging for any cameras, let alone smartphones. I’d say both handled the image well, while
the angle by which I took the images led to a lens flare not he 7 Pro’s image. At this point, I will go out and say that
the 6T’s shot is just over saturated to the point where the grass has such an unnatural
green hue to it. In this picture, there is a shadowed region
and the bright building and sky, which is challenging. Right off the bat, I can see that the 7 Pro’s
image is much better exposed, preserving more color and detail on the building itself without
being oversaturated. Even the foreground seems to be better exposed
on the 7 Pro’s picture. When it gets really dark outside, the 7 Pro
really starts to separate itself from the 6T in my opinion. In auto, the 7 Pro is able to capture the
brighter image while also having less noise. But most of the time, you’ll be shooting
in night mode at night, or at least I recommend that you do. And when we compare the night modes of both
phones in this same scene, the results are night and day. I’ll even add that the 7 Pro takes about
half the time to shoot and process the image as well. This next image again shows how impressive,
the night mode is on the 7 Pro. It is able to properly expose the lit sign
and indoors, while still preserving light and details of the rest of the image. It goes without saying that the 6T’s image
is still impressive given the lighting scenario. Here, the 7 Pro once again does a great job
with the lit up areas of the image. The 6T’s image is good, but the reds are
ever so slightly more blown out in the 6T’s picture when compared side-by-side the 7 Pro’s. This image shows clearly how much the 7 Pro
improved over the 6T in terms of processing lighting fixtures. The 6T blows out every single light source
in the frame, whereas the 7 Pro simply does not. In poorly lit environments, even indoors,
the 7 Pro just produces the brighter and more balanced images. Couple this with the sped up capture and processing
times for night mode, and I think this is the biggest improvement OnePlus made in their
new camera system. I hope this video was informative for all
of you. As I was finishing up this video, I got word
of a new software update with the 7 Pro’s camera, so it only gets better than this,
which is exciting. Let me know in the comment section what camera
you want me to put the updated OnePlus 7 Pro against next. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow
me on Instagram and Twitter and DM me any questions you may have, and I’ll try to
get back to you as soon as possible. As for this channel, I have a lot of cool
videos planned, so make sure to subscribe and have the notification bell clicked to
stay up to date on my latest videos. As always, thanks for watching, and I will
see you in the next video.

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54 thoughts on “OnePlus 7 Pro vs 6T: In-Depth Camera Test Comparison

  1. Great video man, but wow! How did you manage to miss the new update. It's been out now for weeks (I think).
    Anyways, I look forward to your future comparisons as I want to get this phone.

  2. Compare it to an older phone like an iPhone X/8, S9+, or note 9..To see if the OP7 pro even stacks up with older flagship camera phones..

  3. It's a shame for OnePlus for provinding almost similar cameras to there new smartphones as there predecessors ! Pathetic cameras

  4. 1:57 isn't the 7pro loosing details on the ground when compared to the 6t…. I've heard it's a major problem on the 7pro that the pictures loose alot of details and mostly because of overexposed shots.

  5. Hi, Please do a 4 way comparison between IPhone XS max, S10+ & Pixel 3…
    please ensure you've updated to oxygen OS 9.5.7
    Please check the Nightscape to the other night modes…
    Love your job… Keep up the good work…

  6. The latest camera update is really making the phone a lot better.i would like to see it compare to S10 plus or better the camera King p30 pro

  7. Definitely not enough of a difference to warrant a 200-300 dollar upgrade price. I thought OP 6T won in many different areas. But I also prefer the color science/profile of the OP 6T vs the OP 7 pro. Everything in the OP 7 Pro just seems to have an orange tint to it.

  8. Hi,I am a aerospace engineering student too. And I don’t know how to choose my computer: PC or MacBook. I like Macbook pro very much,but there are limited engineering software , as I known, there is no ANSYS on mac…So can you make a video about your computers?

  9. Hello buddy I am Raushan from india. I also wanted to do engineering from mit. Can you tell me how I can make do this .can I do btech from mit or mtech .

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