Once Upon a Time Twenty Years Later (1981) movie

Gorky Film Studio ONCE UPON A TlME
as Nadya Kruglova Yes, mother Kruglova,
your Valentina is a difficult case. But l hope that you
understood everything? So please explain to your daughter
what she ought to think about at 1 7, about her high-school diploma
or about love. About love. What?! About her diploma, of course. About the diploma.
May l go out? Written by Arkady lNlN,
with Yuri YEGOROV Directed by
Yuri YEGOROV Good evening. Good evening, good evening. You’re a loafer, comrade Kruglova. l mean your son, Pyotr, is a loafer. You have an aptitude for learning,
comrade Kruglova. l mean your son, Pyotr, has. But you’re doing nothing,
you’re just loafing. So you’ll never get A’s,
which you’re supposed to get. l see, l’ll try to improve. l mean, my son, Pyotr, will try to.
May l go out? Directors of Photography Aleksandr KOVALCHUK
Nikolai PUCHKOV Production Designer
Anatoly ANFlLOV Music by
Mark FRADKlN English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva Olia Kruglova
is the pride of our class. She’s an all-A student, very diligent. lt’s funny. When it’s a bad student,
you can talk about him for hours. But when he or she is good,
there seems to be nothing to say. Then don’t say
anything at all. Thank you very much.
May l go out? There’s no end to her pranks. There’s no limit to her inventions. You know what an idea your Masha
got yesterday? That Masha of yours. – Launching a sputnik.
– With a cat on? Without a cat. But a can was flying in the gym
for an hour, no one could stop it. You see? She’s a girl,
but she takes after her father. l’ll tell her not to… No, let her launch it.
l have to get to the bottom of it. Starring Yevgeny LAZAREV
Oleg YEFREMOV Valentina TlTOVA
lnga BUDKEVlCH Marina YAKOVLEVA May l come in? You may. l hope you understand
how important is the first grade. Why are you late?
l’ve run around the school alone. Comrade Kruglova, you’re disturbing. – lf there’s no more questions…
– l got a question. You spoke about everybody,
but never mentioned lrina Kruglova. We’ll talk about this later. So if there’re no more questions, then thank you all and goodbye. Viktor PROSKURlN
as Kirill Kruglov l’m nervous about my practical work,
and you pester me with your questions. Want an apple? Mom, will you tell him? Kirill, why are you making Natasha
nervous with your questions? – l told you everything at home.
– You’re wrong, too. Parents like to hear good words about
their daughter in front of people. Right.
But what does she know? What? l’m going to see the principal. l’ve made a round of everybody. l’ll find out everything
about her from the principal. He’s right. – Mom, here.
– All right. Natasha, l got to go
to Moscow tomorrow. But l can’t think of
the answer to this question. Then stop thinking.
lt’s a stupid question. lt may be stupid, Natasha,
but it’s vital. What have you already done
in your life, and what do you still expect from life? This is the traditional question of our program ”Twenty Years After”. As you know,
dear viewers, we’re gathering together
graduates of one class, who finished high school
20 years ago, and we find out
how their lives have turned out, what summits they have reached
in the course of their life. And today, too,
we’re featuring one class. ln a word, everything is as usual. Only l have to say
that, to me, this reunion and our today’s program
are not quite usual, because gathered here
are the graduates of my class, those who finished School 7
on the old Arbat. This is what we looked like
20 years ago, when we were leaving our school. And here today, in our own classroom,
our energetic and boisterous, glorious and mischievous 10 ‘A’ class
has gathered. Stop, stop, stop! Guys, it’s absolutely impossible. Psychologists know of a camera-shy
syndrome, but not to such an extent. Why are you being so uptight? Why did l gather you
in our classroom? For you to feel warm,
for our reunion to be natural, to have not something phony
on the screen, but real life. Yulik. Can one live
in front of that gun? l’ve explained it a hundred times,
it’s not a gun, it’s a video recording. Before airing it, we’ll
watch it and edit it. lf we don’t like something,
we’ll cut it out. We’re like family, aren’t we? We haven’t seen one another for years.
We haven’t see Nadya for 20 years. And Tolya is here. Tolya, really, for how many years
l haven’t seen you, huh? Come on, film it. See what l mean?
Living onscreen. Go on, guys,
you’ve started just right. This thing?
No, l can’t. l see you cannot. – Oh, a crib!
– Aren’t you ashamed, Misha? Yulik, there’re just a few quotes
there, for figurativeness. – From ancient wise men?
– How do you know? We’ll record wise men
later, in the studio. Don’t stop the recording. Misha, can you tell us, simply and
sincerely, what have you done in life? l don’t know, honest. Mikhail Yeremeyev, a corresponding
member of the Academy of Sciences. He wants me
to expound on my dissertation? Though there’s something the viewers
would understand, especially children. My book of mathematical problems
was recommended for all schools. So the Yeremeyev Problems Book
is yours? Yes, mine. Can we consider it
my life’s achievement? We can consider it
as a great achievement. l object. My blockhead can’t solve
a single problem of yours. Being a blockhead is hereditary. Come on, guys, everything
is a double-edged sword. Let the viewers debate it. We’re supposed to give
clear and simple answers. What have you done in life?
A simple question. Simple? You don’t have
to account for your whole life. lt’s enough to recall
one significant fact or event. Thank you,
but they’ll cut it out anyway. You better recall the most
important things. Kirill, Yura said ‘mama’! Come on, he said ‘papa’. No! l heard it myself!
Well, come here! Now listen, Nadya. l’ve already heard him
say ‘mama’. All right, listen. Mama. See? He said ‘papa’. Hey, you! At night the baby cries,
in the morning you do! l won’t be letting you the room! See what you’re doing?
All right, the son said ‘mama’. But the daughter will sure say ‘papa’. – What do you mean? What daughter?
– Our daughter. All right, guys, we’re on,
now remember everything. Valera, concentrate. How can one concentrate
if you’re not fitting in the desk. Stand up.
Speak into this camera. Let’s go over it. – Are you filming already?
– No, get ready, we’re rehearsing. Speak up. l will.
l’m a happy man. Fine. l’ve achieved what l had been
dreaming of. Very good. You dreamed of selling ice-cream
by the Arbat subway station. Right, by the Arbat subway.
And my dream has come true. – You selling ice cream?
– Not selling, making it. l’m working, l beg your pardon,
at the dairy factory. Good boy,
the idol of all kids. And l believe
l’m doing a useful thing. But whenever l meet this beard,
all l hear from him is that l’m a bad Snow Queen. Because his daughter gets
a sore throat from my ice cream. lt’s just that there’re two points
of view on every subject. Guys, please, no debates
and no anecdotes. Valera, don’t hold it like this,
it’s not expressive enough. Hold it like you hold your
ice cream cone. lf you laugh orjoke,
everything will be here. – Okay, go on.
– All right, attention! We’re on. l’m a happy man. Once again, please. l’m a happy man. Natasha! Come on, where’re you, Lyalya? Natasha! Yura, can at least you stand still? Lyalya! Lyalya! Lyalya! – Have you found yours?
– No. – How old is she?
– Two. And mine is four.
A blond girl. Mine is blond, too,
with a blue bow. Mine has a blue bow, too. Where could they be? Andrei! Natasha! Lyalya got lost! Lyalya has vanished! Kirill! Kirill!
Natasha got lost again. l don’t know what to do. Why do they all get lost today? – What? Have you found her?
– No. You always lose her,
but you can never find her… You know that Natasha always… Calm down.
Yura, hold this. How are you doing here? Stay here.
Come on, Yura. See these people!
They can afford losing them. They’ve got a whole incubator.
And you got only one. Lyalya! lf you fall, l’m not going
to pull you out of the water. Quiet! Listen, everybody. What?
l can’t hear anything. l said, be quiet. Stop it! There they are. Come here.
Whose dog is this? The doggie got tangled. She got scared, poor thing. We thought
you had a girl, too. Yes, a girl. And whose daughter is she? Oh, Natasha dear!
Come here, honey. Thank you, mister. Natasha dear! My darling,
how did you get there? You’re cold, honey.
Here, Yura brought you a sweater. What a pretty dog you got. Why are you crying. lt must be such fun for your kids.
You got kids? No! Why? What for? ln our time women
have many other interests. Goodbye.
Don’t get lost again. Goodbye. My idea of a city of the future provides an opportunity
for such a human state as… Camera two, a close-up. Some friend you are. Got married, gone to the end of the
world, and we get no word from you. Why the end of the world, Lena?
We live not far from Moscow. Against the background of… a free layout l wanted to show compact floating
residential groups… l wish we could get
some sense of it too. What do ”floating groups” mean? lt is… the calculation elements
integrating a housing unit. Well, it’s clear, isn’t it? My hubby got absolutely crazy
about his city of the future. He invented those round houses. – lt’s great!
– What’s so good about it? He could have already defended his
dissertation, both of us could. But no, l have to slave at home
alone for this genius. No, Andrei is just great. He’s always been
the smartest in our class. You haven’t changed a bit either.
So wonderfully beautiful. – lt’s my makeup that’s wonderful.
– No. Because of that genius l have
no time to go to a hairdresser’s. And on top of it, Dimka. Your son? Our dear sonny. You know, l used to dream… Of having… two children. But then we thought it over… Better to have one
and give him everything. So that he has everything he needs.
Perhaps some day he’ll thank us. And he did. He said: why do you keep
talking of difficulties? ln fact, we need less than you do,
in terms of that consumerjunk. He really said that? Kirill, why did you spend all the
money for the chisel on this dress? Don’t you like it? Yes, l do!
Of course l do! The man got taste! Firstly, it wasn’t for the chisel,
it was for the cutter. The chisel would
rate as an invention. Dad, the glue
won’t stick. lt will. Go. We got the apartment, but
you can’t hide from them nowhere. Kirill, we did decide
to spend the bonus money for good toys for the children. No, absolutely not.
Well, l’ve changed my mind. l made my own toys as a child.
l still remember them. lt’s great when with your own hands! Mom, l’m not picking up Olga
from the kindergarten again! lf she sobs, l’m not picking her up! All the boys jeer at us
when we walk through the yard. Olia, what happened?
Why are you crying? They didn’t give her the role of
Snow Maiden. – Why not?
– She didn’t pass the competition. Everybody had real
Snow Maiden costumes, and she had the one you and l
made of cardboard and cotton wool. So we didn’t make it right,
we’ll have to make a new one. Let’s go build a clothes rack.
Follow me! Line up. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Come on, put it up. And here’s mine. Your peg is upside down. Tell me,
why are you hurt? The girls laugh at me. Who laughs at you? Tanya says l’ve got
my mom’s nose and my dad’s eyes. And Nina says
l’ve got my grandmother’s ears. And l say that
l’m wearing my elder sister’s skirt. And they laugh. But you do like Natasha’s
skirt, don’t you? l like it a lot. You see?
l’ll teach you how to sew, too. Okay, mom. Only one lady
also says: ”There’re so many of them Kruglovs,
and they all wear old clothes.” Look at me. You’ll be a Snow Maiden. The most beautiful Snow Maiden. Nadya, what’s up? Come on, what’s happened? Nadya? Nothing. Why are you crying, Nadya? l’m tired. Just tired. That’s all. Nadya, honey, you will rest. That’s it. l can’t go on like this
anymore. l just can’t. Nadya… l want to sleep day and night. For years and years. All l want is just to sleep. – You’ll get rested.
– l’ll never get rested. l’ll never get rested. l want nothing
anymore and l can do nothing. Only don’t cry, please. Oh God, l… l waited, l thought
it would be so wonderful. But no one understands anything,
and no one understands me. Come on. They say they’re beggars.
But they’re my children, why… No, that’s it, l can’t go on like this. – Now, now, Nadya…
– No. – My hands got so rough.
– You got very good hands. l’ve got 300 kilometers of wrinkles.
l got all wrinkled like an old woman. l can’t stand it anymore.
Oh, l can’t anymore. lf you don’t want to, we won’t. We already got five kids.
All right, then. We got Yura, Natasha. – Terrible.
– Valya, Olga. – Antoshka.
– Terrible. All right, there will be no… There will be no Masha. What? – There will be no Masha.
– What do you mean, no Masha? Are you crazy? There will be no Masha. Oh, what a fool you are! Come here. We got a subject.
Let’s keep to that subject. Maybe, some joking… Napoleon. Why these stupid jokes?
What is this? l see, it’s Lyona
with his usual repertoire. No, don’t film this. Girls, help yourselves, my dears.
And guess what l’m thinking about now. You’re thinking what we all are:
what have you achieved in your life. l’m thinking about how little it takes
to have everything as it had been then. l’m looking at you now and… Nadya. You know, l was in love with you. – l know.
– How do you know? lt was written
all over your face. And what about me?
You were in love with me. Right, l was in love with you, too. Only it was in the 8th grade, and
with Nadya l was in love in the 10th. ln the 10th grade you got wiser. l’m looking at you and l think
l was in love with you. Then l look at you, Nadya, and l think l was in love with you. Maybe it’s my nerves? Vladya, is everything
all right at home? Everything’s all right at home,
everything’s normal. But listen, girls,
do you ever feel like going and flying away somewhere? – No.
– Really? Never ever? – Never.
– Never. l’m sorry, llya Nikolayevich,
for being late. Yura got a sore throat,
and we had a doctor visiting. You’re here, and it’s wonderful. Thank you for coming. l was waiting with trepidation. When l saw you with
the children in this park, l pictured you as a Madonna. You’re simply asking to be painted. l really wish
you could come to my studio. No.
That l won’t do. No way. You misunderstood, l just
want to paint your portrait. No. l better paint all of you. Naked? No. ln this coat, with these leaves. Then l shall come. Today.
No, right now. Right now? Oh, you know, l can’t today,
l need to go home. To make a compress for Yura. How about tomorrow? Yes, tomorrow. Tomorrow. No, l can’t come tomorrow.
We’re being admitted to Pioneers. Then perhaps on Wednesday? Yes, Wednesday.
Wednesday is possible. No, it’s impossible on Wednesday. On Wednesdays we solve
mathematical problems with Valya. The problems don’t come easily to her. What about Thursday, then? No, Thursday is out of the question. Thursday is a bath day.
l wash up the little ones. Well, why do l talk so much… But you’re saying the truth. Just the truth of life. No, it’s just that this week
is so packed. You know, on Friday.
Let’s make it Friday. – On Friday?
– Yes, Friday. – And you will come?
– l will. On Friday for sure. l’ll be waiting. Ah, Nadya. Your rascal
has broken the glass into pieces. Where? When? ln the entrance hall, three days ago,
and confessed only now. You got to pay 3 rubles. All right, aunt Fatima.
Thank you. Petya, can you explain
what’s going on with you? The day before yesterday
you had a fight with Budyakin. Yesterday you carved a hare
on the desk. Three days ago you planted
a drawing pin for the teach to sit on… l mean, the botany teacher. And now the glass. Why don’t you say something?
Stop sighing. l can’t understand
what’s happening to you… Mom, l didn’t break the glass, l only
had a fight with Budyakin, see? Only with Budyakin. lnteresting.
All right, let’s talk. You see… l help out my friends, see? No, l don’t see.
Explain to me. – l had a fight with Budyakin.
– Right. So l had it coming anyway, right? Sure. That’s what Korzukhin said:
”You’ll be in trouble anyway. So tell them it’s you
who carved a hare on the desk.” Well, then what? Then Vorotko says:
”Help one more friend out. l planted a pin under Tamara
Anatolyevna. Tell them it was you. You’ll get it coming for
Budyakin and Korzukhin anyway.” And Pyanochkin, too, he also says:
”l broke a glass in the entrance hall.” My dear good Samaritan. What? Never mind.
A martyr for your friends. Petya, you think they’re friends?
They’re cowards and cunning foxes. Excuse me the bad word,
but it’s sheer parasitism. Well, l thought so, too. Aunt Nadya. – What do you want?
– May l speak to Petya for a minute? Just for a minute. You may. Coming. Mom, Shurik accidentally
hit a lamp from his slingshot. And he’s my friend. Your kindness will be the end of you.
As well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. But that should be the last time.
You promised me to think about it. The very last time!
l’ll sure think about it! – Mom, they call you to the school.
– Why? For a little
parent-teacher session. What’s this little
parent-teacher session? You, me and our class teacher. l see. And when is this little parent-
teacher session going to be? On Friday. Friday? You can’t come on Friday? l… l can, son.
Of course l can. l’ll be there on Friday by all means. Attention!
What have you done in your life? Kolia’s story. Take One. l beg you, Yulik,
take the cameras away. Why, Kolia? l came here to meet my friends, l was happy to come,
but l’m not saying anything. Why not, Kolia? l have no right. How do you like that?
He has no right. Give it here. But we’re so curious about
what you’ve achieved in your life! What l’ve achieved in my life
was shown on television. Great! Then another question:
what do you expect from life? l hope what l expect from life
will soon come true. lt’ll be shown on television, too. l know, you work on outer space. – Yes, Milochka.
– ln a research institute. Yes. – As a bursar.
– Yes. My friends,
our Kolia’s a bit peculiar. My daughter and his son
go to the same school. Right. Aren’t you smart! lt was funny, wasn’t it, guys? Even funnier than you think. – Stop! We’ve filmed it.
– How come? You shouldn’t have.
lt’s not a joking matter. You think it flies up there by itself?
There’s so much to it… But all you want is to joke.
A bursar. Not a bursar, the bursar. Do you have any idea
what it means to manage such a huge enterprise? What are you doing? Whose child is this?
ls this your child? Masha, stop it! What do you think you’re doing?
Just look what you’ve done! – ls this your child?
– Yes. She broke down the toy. Masha, for God’s sake,
l can’t leave you alone for a minute. Give back all those things. – Who is going to take it now?
– We shall take it. Mom, l didn’t mean to,
l’ve taken it apart accidentally. Accidentally… Sure, we’ll
take it. How much is it? lt costs as much as 9 rubles. You know why is it so expensive?
There’re two unneeded chips here. What do you mean, unneeded?
lt was made in a factory. They shouldn’t have made it this way.
lf we connect it directly… Look.
lt’ll work even better. Well, Masha…
You won’t get new sneakers now. l don’t need them, mom. l’ll wear
these and be more careful. They’re too tight for you, and
lrishka will wear them after you. We both will be more careful. l’m going to fix something to it,
and it will fly. She’s just like her father! Ma’am!
Ma’am, just a minute. That’s what l told you.
See all these things? We have to look into it. Yes, come to my office.
Take your things. – Ma’am, take your things.
– All right, yes. Buying out everything in all
departments, in all sizes. She bought as many as 7 pencil cases.
l know. She buys them, then resells them. Why are you lying?
You’re a liar! Liar! And now they insult me.
Sergeant, draw up a report. Come with me, ma’am. Yes, sergeant, make a report. Excuse me. l’m expecting a call. Make up a report, sergeant. Here, three loafs of bread. Here, five kilos of sugar. Hamburgers, forty pieces. And frankfurters too, here, 4 kilos. Calm her down, sergeant.
l demand! Way to go!
Good for you, mom! And you know, l need a ton of
potatoes for them for the winter. That’s much too much… Wait, sergeant.
She says, from size 2 to size 12. Yes, l have them in all sizes! From size 2 to size 12! You think
children have no sizes? And what kind of rules you got here? No respect for mothers
with big families! Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Labour,
they all don’t have to stand in line! And this is right,
comrade sergeant. But what about the mother-heroines?
They all stand in line. Calm yourself. By the way, miss,
all these heroes, comrade sergeant,
they were all born by a mother. Excuse us, please,
we made a mistake. No, you excuse me,
l’m just… You see, l have eight children. Well, it was a misunderstanding,
of course, in this case. But actually, miss,
we have the right rules here. Because there’re some heroines who have a different father
for each of their children. She’s a witch!
Witch! Masha, what did l tell you?
Stop it now! What are you doing?.. Sergeant, what’s going on? What is this? lt’s a fast-sticking,
strong, durable glue! There you go! Now you can drain as much
as three kilos of macaroni. Oh, Kirill, just the right timing.
Scrape it off, guys. Why… – Punishing the child just for nothing.
– What? For nothing. Don’t you know
what she did in the store? To avenge you, l would’ve done
even worse to her, mom. You’d better shut up. She’s been in the bathroom
for a whole hour now. And washed her hands
herself before dinner. And said thank you
to me for the salt. Guys.
Anton, do you hear? Go take a look
what she’s doing there. Nadya dear, don’t torture yourself. You know that if you
punish a child unfairly she may have
a nervous breakdown? And the child may become
deformed for the rest of her life. Morally deformed, l read about it
in Dr. Spock’s book. l heard the shower running. And she also said she was going to
wash her hair again. Can you imagine? No! And she again thanked me from
behind the door. You really got to her. Well, l don’t know.
Then go call for a doctor. – Hurray!
– What? – l’ve invented gunpowder!
– Really? She’s a normal,
healthy child, guys. What have l achieved in my life?
l’m writing verses. l dream of writing good verses.
But how do you know if they’re good? l wrote some,
but l wasn’t crazy about them. They wrote music to them! l watched television recently, and
heard it. lt’s all right, l guess. You write beautiful verses. We like very much your verses, and the songs to your verses,
me and my kids we love them. Thank you. ln a lilac-colored dusk White snowflakes are flying, ln an abandoned park A sad bench under a tree. ln my life-long memory The first love is abiding, My first and distant love ls beckoning, protecting me. Valya, what happened? l need to talk to you. Get in.
As if we couldn’t talk at home. At home everyone butts in with advice. Come on, Valya… All right, let’s go. – Get in, let’s go.
– How can you? How’s Grandma Manya? She’s okay, sends you all her love
and some presents. – And how’s Granddad Anton?
– He sends his love, too. ls that why you’re hitchhiking?
lf you wanted to talk, say it. Yes, l’ll say it.
But you’d better slow down. Sure, we’re going
to jam the traffic for you. Come on, say it. l shall say. l’m getting married. l said you’d better stop. Why stop? Don’t say ”stop”, say ”Speed up to the registry office,
l don’t want to study, l want to marry.” Wait, Kirill. Wait for what?
We waited and we got it. Do you love him? Yes, l do. lt’s good that you love him.
But you don’t have to shout. Who is he? Seryozha Klyuyev from our class. Holy mother!
Seryozha Klyuyev from her class. Wait, Kirill, wait. That’s him, isn’t it? How do you know? Just guessed. Kirill, pull over, please. Go and bring him here. What are you going
to talk to him about? Getting married at 16! l met you when
l was 16, too. Don’t even compare.
You and l were on our own. And l’m a year older than you.
Besides, we met at 16, not married. Look, l don’t understand you.
You mean you approve? No, l don’t approve, but it’s not
the way to do it. Hello. l wonder how can you
get married at 16? l’m one year older than Valya. Why are you together
in the 9th grade, then? l’m repeating a year. lt’s not because of his performance,
it’s his behavior. Don’t explain it for me,
l can do it myself. No, let me do it. He’s repeating
a year for ideological reasons. What? His ideas. He doesn’t want to shave
his moustache, but they force him to… Why are you explaining for me?
l can do it myself. That’s it, enough. You don’t have to explain anything. We know about moustaches.
And beards, too. But getting married… lt’s too late, dad. Too late. l gave Seryozha my word. Don’t you worry. We got
everything decided about sex. – About what?
– About sex. We decided to wait until
we’re fully matured physically. Ah, thank you very much for that. All right.
We’ll live at our place. lf you object,
we can rent a room. No, why?
We’ve got five rooms. Seryozha, do your parents know? Oh, mom, don’t even ask, he and his
parents are absolutely incompatible. ldeological differences. Exactly, ideological.
You see… Why are you speaking for me
all the time? Then speak for yourself.
Who stops you? You’re delivering lots of text,
but no information. All right, explain everything
to them yourself. l’m not going to explain anything. lf they understand, all right,
if not, that’s their problem. lf they don’t understand,
we won’t have anything. All right, we won’t. ls it so? Then go your way! All right, l’ll go.
No big deal. Seryozha! Mom, he’s gone. Mom! Mom! Stop it, Valya. Now, now, Valya. Everything
will be all right, you’ll see. You want to get married, silly. And no marriage
can escape fights and tears. But it’s so wonderful
when you make up afterwards! l don’t need anybody but you!
Nobody understands me! Why nobody?
We understand. We understand that you’re in love.
lt’s your first love. Girls! Valya is getting married! Oh, my dear little bride! ln a lilac-colored dusk White snowflakes are flying, All people’s hurt and troubles They bury underneath. And my so long-lasting love Will always be the only one, My first and distant love ls beckoning, protecting me. Thank you. Thank you. This is our Tolya Renkov. Tolya, l’m going
to ask you only one question. What did you get a military
decoration for in peacetime? For carrying out a very
important state mission. Oh, it’s so interesting.
And where’s Tolya-2 now? You enrolled
in a military school together. Tolya-1 and Tolya-2.
But he’s not here. Nadya, Tolya Tsvetov
died last year. l didn’t know. How did it happen? While carrying out
a very important state mission. l didn’t know. We didn’t have time to tell you, Nadya. Perhaps we’d better not talk about it? Yes, we should, Tolya, we should. lt is our life. Our twenty years. Company, forward! Sasha, be careful! Grandpa Anton, come here!
Come, l’ll tell you something! – Bend down.
– All right, l did. Wait! Sasha, wait! Give back my cap!
l’ve already given you one. Why do you need another? We need it!
We’re at war! Here.
But to be honest, it won’t play. lt will. lt will. – You’ll see.
– All right, give it a try. Yes! Hurray!
Follow me! Frontier guards would rather
die than surrender! Don’t throw stones!
Sasha, drop that thing! Masha, you’re screwing
the wrong resistor. The right one. – No, not this one.
– And l say this one. This one. Hit him!
Throw a grenade! Aunt Nadya! What do you want? Sasha’s been killed over there. Sonny. My dear. What is it, Sasha? Sasha, what’s wrong? Come on, mom.
l’m alive. Alive!
He’s alive! Oh, Sasha… Hell’s bells, he’s alive.
Good. lt’s good hell’s bells. Come on, what’s the matter with you? Grandpa, dad, it was the make-believe
of dying, but we must play for real. What’s this?
Take it away now. The boy came back alive from
the war, you should be happy. And you’re weeping here. Controls, we’re recording Nadya
Kruglova. You know her, right? Thank you. And now, my friends… l’m giving the floor and l’ll be frank with you,
to the girl we all love, our former form perfect, the unofficial, so to speak,
leader of our class, Nadya Kruglova, who had
vanished somewhere for 20 years. What? Already? Report to us what summits
you have taken. What summits are you talking about… l’m at a loss,
l don’t know how to answer. Don’t be at a loss,
say itjust in two words. Well, if only in two words… – l’m a mother.
– And l’m a father. As l told you, it’s our boisterous
and mischievous 10 ‘A’ class. No, it’s true, l’m a mother.
Do you understand? We understand that you’re a mother.
But what do you do? Where do you work? l work at home. l work as a mother. – Well, it happens.
– What do you mean, ”happens”? Not ”happens”, but it’s very good that Nadya has a responsible
occupation of a homemaker who is bringing up children. ln one of my studies,
l’m insisting categorically on showing every respect
for this role model function, in which no one can
replace the woman. – l wanted to say something else.
– Formulate it, and then tell us. However, as astronomer Lena
Amosova has proved to us, besides this most
ancient function, today’s women come to the forefront
in every sphere of life. l think that this can be
corroborated by aviator Mila Kutuzova, who will tell us about the most
interesting thing she is doing. Please. Masha, check the pie. What is this for?
We decided we’d have tea. We’re having guests after all.
lt calls for something stronger. You just have no idea of
the level of our delegation. Perhaps l’m not up to
the level of your delegation, then dismiss me,
but it’s somewhat… Don’t say that. No. lf we agreed
for tea, then let it be tea. All right, so it will be tea. Why are you so long?
Let me give you a hand. lt is room girls. Please. And this… lt is… …room boys. – They speak French.
– Just French? Too bad. And l managed to master
only English in school. And this is a dining room. lt’s just delicious,
he likes it. Help yourself, please,
to whatever you like. How do you manage to do all this?
You alone, with ten children. l would have never managed it alone,
if l didn’t have ten helpers. – You’ve got a great sense of humor.
– Oh no, l’m serious. Our association is worried
about the falling birth rate in some European countries. What do you think should be
done for more children to be born? Hell’s bells, what do people
usually do for children to be born? Shall l translate this, too? Tell them
it’s an international problem. l don’t know how to answer. You know, it’s interesting…
The state does help us. But l guess each family has to decide this
question for themselves. l don’t know, but l think we have
to forget for a while about ourselves and think all the time
only about them. And by all means we should remember
that it’s not going to be easy. And not only physically, it won’t be
easy money-wise, because… For three years, Kirill and l
lived only on one salary. The children were little,
and l got pregnant every year. lt was hard, but we managed. You translate, please. Actually, it’s like this. The main thing is
to distribute duties. Me and my eldest daughters, we all knit together. l made this myself.
We knit for the whole family. And we sew some clothes, too.
You understand, right? lt’s very good. And Kirill here, he’s just great.
He makes everything with his hands. He knocked up this table himself. And everything in this room, too,
all those shelves, he made himself. No, why he alone?
The elder boys helped him. Of course, it’s much
easier for us now. Yura brought his first paycheck.
Now he’s serving in the army. Natasha gets her stipend. l mean, our eldest daughter
began to receive a stipend. But sure, it was hard before. You know, sometimes we felt desperate,
with not enough hands for everything. May we present to you
this lndian deity. lt seems to symbolize
a mother with many children. These hands for taking care of
the children, these – for tending home, these – for looking after yourself, and these – for looking after
your husband. And this is for the husband. May your life be
as light as this wine. Thank you. l told you
we needed something stronger. What are you saying? Goodbye! Nadya. Why did you run away? Did l hurt you in any way? No, they’re supposed to pick me up,
so l’m looking for them. Look, Nadezhda. Why are you stuck at home? Come to work in my company. l’ve got enough work at home. Wait, don’t be embarrassed. lt can happen to anyone.
You got wrapped up in your family. l myself have three kids. Yes, you can’t even imagine
how complicated this is. And so what? Two go to a kindergarten, the third
one is in extended-day school. And my wife goes to work. That’s a solution to the problem. – A solution to the problem?
– Sure. You used to be
the smartest one in our class. lt’s not too late.
You’ll get a profession. You’re still young. Thank you, Valera. Well, actually, you said it right:
l’m a mother. Whom have you got? A boy or a girl? You know, l’m not
telling about it. Why not? Because Yulik says we have to recall the most
important thing in our life. But as l try to recall, everything
seems to be the most important. Great!
So tell us about it. Then it will be a different program, not about our class,
but about the Kruglov family. Dad, Sveta got
a brand-new tape recorder. All right, but don’t be long. Come on, go. Dad, l’m off to the library,
and l’ll take lrishka to the pool. lrishka, wipe yourself
dry after swimming. – And where’re you going?
– To the movies. What about your home work? Our physics, chemistry and
history teachers got sick. Yeah… Just like that… Just like that what? One day our kids will
run away from us just like that. And you and l will be left alone. Not alone. Two of us together. There’s a difference, hell’s bells! Sure there’s a difference. Nadya, darling. l love you so much! Yes, you love me. – Of course you do.
– Come on, l’m serious. Want me to make
a declaration of love? Yes, l do. Want it in verse? Yes, l do. Want me to stand on my knees? Yes, l want it very much. All right. Just a sec. l’m writing you this declaration – What more can l in candour say? These are women’s verses. Yes, women’s. Tatyana’s writing to Onegin. All right, without verses then,
in my own words. Nadya, darling… l love you so much,
l just can’t live without you. Yes. l don’t know how l could
wake up in the morning without you. You’re the sweetest one. You’re my most beloved.
You’re the best in the world. My one and only Nadya. Why have you never said this
to me before? Because you’ve never asked me to. You silly. Women never ask,
but they wait for it all their life. Nadya, my dear. We’ve been together for so long,
we’re so happy together. You know what words it would take to express it? Holy words. And where shall one get them? Don’t say it then. l won’t. Come on, why are you keeping silent? You know… l want you to know… that l keep silent because
l don’t know how to tell you that l love you, that l miss you so much
whenever we partjust for a day. For a whole day. Stop it, or l’m going to cry. Yes. And l know that l’m most difficult child of yours,
because of my character. You heard it?
He said ‘papa’. No, ‘mama’. Papa! Kirill! Come on, say ‘papa’. Kirill, he said ‘mama’,
l heard it myself. Come on, Mitya, say ‘mama’. He’s saying ‘mama’! Some son l’ve got! Never mind, the daughter
will say ‘papa”. What daughter, Kirill? And now, my friends,
after you told us about what you’ve achieved in life, here’s our program’s
second question: What more are you expecting in life? What’s going on?
Stop! Guys, first l couldn’t get you
going, now l can’t stop you. Are you back in your school childhood
again? Okay, let’s have a laugh. Hello. How did they get here? How did you get here?
Get out of here now! Go, quick!
Go away! Controls! Tanya, why are the outsiders
in the frame? Get out now!
You hear me? You’re a grownup man.
Take the kids away! Wait, Nadya.
Sit down, we’ll talk to him ourselves. Don’t get angry,
l’ll take care of them. Kirill, why did you brought them
here? Even the little Mitya? Mom, we have a question. Wait. Are they all yours? Leave me alone, l don’t
need any prompting. Yura, take the little ones
and go down from here. Are they yours? Are they your kids? Yes. What? All of them? All of them. Where’s the mike? Why have you been so long?
What did you bring it for? – Put it on.
– No, l won’t. What’s the matter? lt’s draughty here. Why? Stop it. l’m not putting it on.
Please. Come on, l’m begging you. She’ll put it on. – What is all this for?
– lt’s okay. lt’s draughty here. And now we’re really giving
the floor to Nadya Kruglova. Yulik, l don’t know
what more l can say. Say just one thing. What more are you expecting in life? What am l expecting in life? l’m expecting a baby. Mother and father Kruglov: Natalya GUNDAREVA
Viktor PROSKURlN Their children: Marina YAKOVLEVA
Zhenya SELlVANOV Alyosha AKMALDlNOV The End

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