Old Pentax Lenses on New Pentax Cameras

This video shows you how to use older Pentax lenses that are manual with newer Pentax cameras like the K-30, K-5 II and K-5 IIs. The camera in this demonstration is a K-5 IIs, but the menu and the procedure is the same for the K-30. First you want to make sure that your camera is in manual mode. When you turn on your camera go to the menu and go to the custom setting menu number 4. Go down to option number 27 “Using Aperture Ring”. Instead of “Prohibited”, click option number 2, “Permitted”. Once you’re done with that, head to the camera options number 5, and go down to “E-Dial Programming”. You’ll want to go down to the manual setting and hit the right button. Then you want to go down to the green button custom setting and hit the right button again. In this case you want to change it from “P Line” to “Tv Shift”. The reason why you’re doing this is because pressing the green button will allow you to take a light reading with the manual lens on the camera. Go ahead and turn your camera off, attach the old lens, and then turn the camera back on. When you turn the camera back on the camera is going to ask for the focal length of the lens that you just put on. go ahead and select it and press “Ok”. Now in order for you to take a picture you want to go ahead and adjust the aperture ring on the lens and then when you’re done with that hit the green button and the camera will stop down the aperture in the lens, take a light reading, and then decide the proper shutter speed for a correct exposure.

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