Old Fashion Bun Basket with a New Twist

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. Have you ever wondered how Grandma used to make these little bread baskets that were so cute on the table and Sunday meal? Well, they’re very easy to make and I’ve put a new twist on it. Let me show you how simple they are. You’re going to need six fat quarters. I’m also going to use Floriani embroidery thread because I’m going to be doing a pattern on it. And, of course, needles to go with the thread. You’re also going to need a pattern. I’m going to put the pattern in the description for you. In order to keep those little pockets warmer so the buns stay warm, I’m going to use this product from Fairfield. It looks like aluminum with a little bit of felt on the back. That is going to make those pockets hold the heat. I’ve layered my fabrics together, wrong sides touching, and I’ve put the Solarize in-between. I want both good sides showing. Now I’m going to take the template and I’m going to trace around the template at least ½” all the way around because I’m going to trim it down later. You do not have to be fussy because you’re going to retrace this after. Then I’m going to put the lines that cross over into the edges. Then I’m going to be able to take this off and actually draw that line. It sort of looks like a star in the center. Make sure you use something that will either wash off or steam off. I cut off all the extra just so it’s not going to get in my way. The next thing I’m going to do is set up my machine with my embroidery thread. I’m going to use one of the decorative stitches so that I can stitch down, following the line, coming right off of the pattern. The three rows of decorative stitching have been done. On my Bernina it was stitch 102. This also gives you an opportunity to do actual embroidery if you want to do flowers or whatever. You can do lots of embroidery on this. When you have finished all of your embroidery, press it. Then you are going to do one more row of stitching before you cut it out. You’re going to be able to take your pattern and lay it down and you’ll be able to see where the cross lines are going to match the little topstitching line. Even if you decided just to do a straight stitch, you’ll be able to follow the lines. You have lots of room to play with. So line it up and then, again using something that will wash out, trace the pattern all the way around. After it’s been traced, take the tracing line and just do a straight stitch following that line/ After the line has been stitched you need to cut out a couple of threads past the line so the stitching is going to stay into the center. That stitching is going to hold those layers together. The next thing you need to do either a decorative stitch or a satin stitch, all the way around to close the edge. When you have the one two-sided circle done, you need to get a second done/ Both right sides are out and the Solarize is inside. The third one, which is going to be the top, is going to start the same way: You’re going to put your three layers together with both the right-sides outside, trace around, put your marks, and do your stitching in the center. After the stitching has been done and you have traced the template, then on three of the ends you need to put a little loop of ribbon and about 12″ of ribbon. When these are drawn together, this ribbon is going to be looped through each of these little loops, so you only need a small section here. Have the loops come inside and the ribbon come inside because you are going to stitch all the way around as before, trim off, and do your satin stitch all the way around. That is going to secure the ends. The next area we are going to sew is in the center of these lines. We’ll sew the top one onto the middle one first. They don’t line up as you’d cut them. You need to turn them so the center stitching line will be in the middle of the bottom one. You will stitch right over top of that seam only for 2″, over top of each one of these lines, sewing right on to that bottom piece. To add the bottom one on, we’re going to end up stitching again in the area that did not get the original stitching/ You’ll match it up with the top one. Pin it right on top of the original stitching. What you’re going to do is hold back the first layer. You need to stitch the bottom and the center together, so by holding this back you will be able to just stitch right here on each of these edges, and you’re going to be able to follow that original stitching line you did all the way around. You can just do what you’re able to get under the machine which should be about 1″ to 2″. You don’t need more than that Now it’s done. You’re just going to pass your ribbon through the loops. When you pull them up and tie a bow, all of the buns will fit in these little pockets. They’ll stay a little extra warm because of that Solarize you put in there. When you need to put it away, you just undo it and fold it down. These can be made in two different ways. You have the ribbon and then you can have the loops on two ends, or you have a loop on every end plus one ribbon. Tie a bow and it gives you another look. It’s that simple to make the bread basket. They could be made in any color for any occasion. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

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51 thoughts on “Old Fashion Bun Basket with a New Twist

  1. I also have one of these from my grandmother. Now I have a pattern so I can make one for my daughter. thank you so much! God bless

  2. I also have one of these from my grandmother. Now I have a pattern so I can make one for my daughter. thank you so much!

  3. I also have one of these from my grandmother. Now I have a pattern so I can make one for my daughter. thank you so much!

  4. This is the cutest,  I can't wait to try this.  I need to make one for Easter,  Thanksgiving, Christmas and Sunday dinners, too lol     all things will  look so  much better in this adorble basket!!!!   Thanks so much Laura:)

  5. Nowww THAT'S a Twist!! Lol. I never seen one either :o/ but I Luv the concept of filling each little pocket. I can Just see myself going thru All My Stash matching colors and putting them to good use. Laura these will make GR8 Gifts. specially for next Holiday. I better get started right away cause 11 month Go Sewww FAST when you are having Fun! ;O) TFS Again.

  6. I remember seeing these long ago! I have almost finished four of your hug pillows for Valentine's Day. I sent one to a high school classmate who got hers just this week the day before her mastectomy and she loves it. This will be my next sewing project. I'll be making them for my daughters and one for me! Thanks so much!!!

  7. This is not something I would use or make but I watched your tutorial anyway, just in case, haha – thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. really glad I found your videos not only are they good patterns, but you give very clear instructions, your backgrounds are nice, you have an even speaking voice and are a pretty lady with awesome hair. I don't have my mom to sew with anymore and your videos are a great sewing partner replacement. Thanks for starting a channel and sharing your talents and teachings, it is appreciated.

  9. Laura, I love this! Great gift ideas for all my quilting friends. Thank you so much..looking forward to more from you!

  10. Oi adoro os seus projetos , você é linda ,nas suas explicações, vou fazer , alguns dos seus projetos lindos,

  11. love it …I enjoy Sunday breakfast with my mum when she coming visit I preprint breakfast for her like this basket crispy bread and lace or embroidered cloth flowers and buns butter jam and coffee juice ham and milk all set like on 5 stars hotel strait to bed …. she deserve be pampered .Thanks for keeping traditional items on your tutorials I watching them again and again…show also them to my friends daughters …They watch them before lunch after coming from school and bringing me ideas to make or discuss do i can make for them things for school projects or bedrooms ….or just we have fun making fun project and drew in them.

  12. Very good tutorial once again your presentation is excellent! If it needs to be cleaned what is your recommendation?

  13. I love this bun warmer, but I also think it would be so cute as a centerpiece at Easter time with the plastic colored eggs in each pocket.

  14. I have a vintage pink one that was my Grandmother's, probably from the 1940s or 1950s. Have thought many times about making a newer one, but after seeing this video, I KNOW I will be making a few for family gifts! TY

  15. please can someone tell me where to purchase solarize in the uk or the equivalent Many thank Ijust love your videos.

  16. Laura. I love your energy and expertise. I just got a sewing machine and I’m so excited to try some decorative stitches. This is a wonderful twist to a bun basket.

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