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Welcome my name is noe I’m a photographer living in Seoul, South Korea and as you may have guessed this channel is about Photography I Consider myself more of an artist so I’m not here to do gear reviews I’m not here to try and sell your gear through affiliate links I’m not here to try to offer you my presets I’m here to teach photography and to show you how I shoot Photography and it’s real pet peeve of mine, when I log into YouTube and half of the youtubers are doing gear reviews over the same camera or lens and then they try to sell it to you so I’m not here for that I’m here to show you how I shoot photography I’m here to share with you my knowledge of photography I’ve been a photographer since 2012 so I think I am pretty qualified Now I primarily like shooting at night so I’m a nighttime street photographer Especially it rains or snows if it rains you can be sure I’ll be out there shooting During the daytime I like to shoot infrared photos and I also like to do landscapes although just put it out there Professionally I sell time lapses to TV stations and movies I’ve even been featured on National Geographic so I Would like talking about the things that I am strong at I’m not going to try and do tutorials on things that I am not good at like other photography youtubers I want to do photography tutorials on things that I know and that I know how to do very well so if you guys think If this interests you then please go ahead and subscribe I would really appreciate it I would even more appreciate if you. Share this channel with someone else learning photography or someone who just likes photography videos in general So thank you very much and hopefully. I’ll see you guys in the comments

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