NEW tiny camera that DOES THIS!!! Insta360 GO Review!

– Hey guys, it’s Justine,
and today we are checking out the Insta360 Go. Look at this thing, it is is so tiny. I love Insta360 and I love their products, I love their cameras,
I love their software. So, I’m so excited to check this out. I haven’t even opened it
yet and I’m so excited. Like, this guy’s got it
clipped on his shirt. I love portability. I love small, compact cameras. Anything that makes my traveling lighter is something that I’m in to. You just plug it right into your phone. Let’s hope that Apple
doesn’t change to USBC. I mean, I hope that they do,
but that’s gonna pose a problem for a lot of accessories. Oh, stickers! Oh, more accessories. These just look like
different types of mounts. There’s so much stuff
crammed in this little box. This looks like a little sticky mount, and it also says on the back to keep it so you can reapply it. There’s another little mount. And this one is really cool, it looks like you can
just move this around it just has a little tripod attachment so you can attach that to here. And these are all just magnetic. And here is the camera, let’s open it up. Look how small this is. I can’t believe it. This is just so crazy. It just magnetically
attaches to like everything, this is so great. Are you seeing this? This is gonna be so much fun. I cannot wait. So then I wanna attach it to my shirt. Look how cool I am. I can’t wait to go out and use this. (upbeat music) So I have the app all downloaded. So, you just plug it in
and it will automatically start importing all of your
photos and videos for you. So, this is the action button right here. So when the camera is off,
it is set to do a little quick capture so I have
it set to do videos. If I press it, this is
right now recording a video and it will record for 30 seconds, And this is me recording the video. This is so crazy this is a camera. So inside the app, you can set this action button to do multiple things, and it’s great because you
can edit all of these settings inside of the app or you can
also connect to Bluetooth. And let’s see my picture that I took. I mean can you say profile pic? Yeah, for sure. So, you go into the settings, here’s the camera button settings. So this will show you
when the camera is off, and you click quick
capture, this will shoot standard video so you can
change it if you want. 15 seconds or 30 seconds of length. So, that’s the Insta360 Go. I am so excited about this camera, mostly just because I
think it’s gonna be great for getting shots that
you normally wouldn’t ever be able to get. Because this camera is
so small and compact that you can put it in mounted places that you never could before. And now, let’s take this
out and get some cool shots with it. ♪ Three thousand miles from home ♪ ♪ Trying to say that I
will get there soon ♪ ♪ 30 days I walked down this way ♪ ♪ Singing my madness to the moon ♪ ♪ I met a cat on a tree
and it talked to me ♪ ♪ About things we don’t see ♪ ♪ I asked it how do I know
which is the right way to go ♪ – And just like that, my
sister and I are in Hawaii. I’m so excited to test
this thing out here. I’ve been using this
the past couple of days, and the first thing that
I’ve noticed is this is unlike any other camera
that I’ve ever tested. Because it shoots in 15
to 30 second increments, you have to be thinking
completely differently when you’re filming. I’m just gonna go ahead and
say that one of my highlights, though, was I dropped this
off the side of a mountain and this hike was extremely
dangerous so having this was great because I was
completely hands free unless I knew that I
was comfortable enough to be able to use it. But it was great because I could just attached it here, shoot for 30 seconds, get really cool hyperlapses. But it was always right
here and easily accessible. It’s just like this. My only fear is it’s a
pretty tight connection, but like what if we’re climbing up rocks and it slips off and falls? (dramatic music) (grass rustling) – [Jenna] Oh no! – [Justine] What? – [Jenna] Your camera. – [Justine] Oh my God. That was my biggest fear. – [Jenna] I can get it. – [Justine] Are you sure? – [Jenna] Yeah, challenge accepted. (slow motion noises) – [Jenna] Oh no! – [Justine] What? – [Jenna] Your camera. – [Justine] Oh my God. That was my biggest fear. – [Jenna] Challenge accepted, woman. Oh my God. I told you to.. – [Justine] I know, but
hold on I’m not ready. That I was gonna drop the
Insta360 camera, and guess what? I did. Now Jenna’s on a rescue
mission to save it. Be careful. – Not all heroes wear capes. – [Justine] No, they wear
Go-Pros on their head. Oh my gosh. – I’m gonna put it in my pocket. I’m gonna come up a little bit because I’m kinda of stuck here. – Oh, this is incredible. I can’t believe what just happened. But I do believe it. I’m sweating so much. So I was in hyperlapsing? – [Jenna] I saw it, I saw it tumble. – The one thing that has
taken a little bit getting used to is the fact that
you get haptic feedback and that’s how you know what’s happening because there’s no screens on here. There was tiny little light, so that will also give you some indication of what’s happening. When it’s flashing faster,
that’s shooting a hyperlapse. When it’s flashing consistently slower, that’s shooting a video. But this thing, it’s
kind of a novelty camera. Obviously, it’s not something that you can consistently vlog on. It’s really easy to import the footage, and I love that it’ll
automatically import all of the footage. So, unlike the Insta360
One where you have to go in and select the different
clips that you want to import, this will automatically import everything. It will also delete all the
footage right from the camera. So, there’s no SD cards, there’s nothing, it’s all internal memory,
and once you get past the small learning curve
of how this actually works, it’s pretty freaking awesome. It’s also water resistant
which is great because on this hike that we did,
I was sweating profusely. We’ve also had it here at the beach, we’ve had it around the pool at the house that we’re staying at. It’s just a fun little camera. What I’m most excited about is the future iterations of this. If this is where we’re at right now, I can only imagine the things
that they’re working on in the future. One of the good things
is that this camera is water resistant so it makes it
great for going to the beach, going to the pool. (water rushing) – [Jenna] Turtle! – Huh, there’s a turtle? Where? Some of the footage that
you’ll shoot on it is better than other footage, but I love this little AI editing that they have. You can create automated little stories. And using AI, it tries
to determine which scenes are the best to use out of each clip. It will automatically make
you little tiny stories, and it was really fun to
try out because I’ve shot so much stuff on this already that it just automatically took
everything that I filmed and made it this. (slow music) That’s a quick first
look at the Insta360 Go. Thank you guys so much for watching. I look forward to sharing
some of this on social, so if you guys are following me on Twitter or Instagram, make sure
you go check it out there because I’m posting some
of the things that I didn’t post here on this after I
already edited and posted this video. ♪ Too many days in the darkness ♪ ♪ Without a glimpse of the light ♪ ♪ Running tired and broken
and scared but I swear ♪ – Jenna yelled at me for
climbing up this tree, but now I’m curious. What will it look like
if I climb up it with the Insta360 Go? (birds chirping) Ready? Okay, so we did that. And we did that. Jenna hates it. – [Jenna] Well, look how
close this tree branch is to falling. – [Justine] It’s pretty close. (upbeat music)

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