Neo Noir Lighting – Single Light Cinematography for “Pickings”

My name is Louis Obioha and I am the cinematographer for the movie “Pickings” So as you can see here One of our antagonists is pretty beaten up in a dungeon-esq scene mainly lit with one light For the opening sequence of the scene. We have a 1.2 HMI shooting in through the back window and And… Our fill light Essentially, it’s just bounce That we bounced back onto the actors Pretty simple lighting setup, that we shot during the day to make look like it was nighttime So you can see what we could accomplish here With just one light, and a little bit of fill. On the other side of the door behind the camera there was a Ellipsoidal 750 watt light that you may see Coming in on the on our actors right shoulder But that comes up later in the film We did shoot this scene on the red epic MX with the zeiss super speed CP2’s My name is Louis Obioha The Cinematographer for “Pickings” And I hope to see you in theaters when the movie releases, March 2nd. Thank you and have a great day Get Pickings on Demand at

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