National Surveillance Camera Day – Close Circuit Television CCTV

So CCTV and closed-circuit television and see in our everyday lives so behind we’ve got TV wall, which is something we use in our public service center So our police control room which is also shared now with with the fire brigade. What we’ve got is a number of different screens from different parts of South Wales CCTV is a really useful and valuable tool for police whilst all these cameras might not be Monitored at every one time they are recording and CCTV provides such valuable evidence And information to the police and the services So for arguments sake, we’ve got some cameras which shows the city centre of Cardiff and This can be really useful particular for dealing with athe nighttime economy or large-scale public events If somebody does ring any report an incident, we can see exactly what’s going on before officers get there So it might be a case of somebody will ring in and say there’s disturbance or they could ring in and say there’s a lost child But by looking at the CCTV we can then determine what response is needed to any particular incident

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