My Prism got an Upgrade! Mind-boggling in camera effects with Prism Lens FX

– Hey, guys, my name is Matt Johnson. And one of the weirder pieces of gear that I bring when filming
a wedding is a prism. I use this prism for so many things. Creative transitions, blocking out unwanted things in my shots, preventing shots from being over-exposed. I actually made a video all about how I used
this prism at a wedding. I’ll link it up in the corner and down in the video description, next to the link to this
video’s sponsor, Musicbed. The main benefit of this prism is that it lets you get
funky shots for cheap. For about $15-ish you can add
some pizzazz to your videos. I love it. But is it possible to
improve on this prism? There’s a small company
called Prism Lens FX that’s trying to do that. And what they’re making
is pretty interesting. This company was started by Jakob Owens. He also runs TheBuffNerds YouTube channel. But more importantly, he has a great beard. Much like people that
own motorcycles or Jeeps, I felt a connection to him
through our shared beards. So I reached out to him
asked if it’d be possible to try some of his prisms
lens filters at a wedding. And he graciously said yes. Starting off, let’s compare my current prism
to the Prism Lens FX prism. It’s slightly smaller, but otherwise the only real difference between these two prisms is that the Prism Lens FX prism has a screw adapter built
into the bottom of it. You can pair this prism
with their cushy foam handle and suddenly you have
a little light saber. And it’s definitely easier
to hold than a regular prism. Is this an improvement
over my older prism? It’s small but I would say yes. But here’s the bummer. The price for this Prism Lens
FX prism is currently $65. You could purchase four
of my current prisms for the same price as this one. So I don’t think it’s worth
buying if you only want a prism. But hold on. We need to talk about
the other prism accessory that Prism Lens FX sells, because that may completely
change your perspective on whether purchasing
their prism is worth it. I would say your biggest struggle when using a prism while filming is that you don’t have enough hands. You use your right hand
to hold your camera. You use your left hand to hold the prism pressed up against the edge of the lens. Because the prism is going to mess with your camera’s auto focus though, you really need a third hand that can adjust the focus
of your camera manually. Because I don’t have a third hand, and I doubt many of you do either, I have to set my focus manually and then make sure that I don’t get closer or further away from my
subject while I’m filming so that way they stay in focus. As I though at the start, Prism Lens FX set out to improve prisms. Enter the articulating
arm mount accessory. Screw your prism into one end of the arm, screw the other end of the arm into the bottom of your camera, and voila, you have a third hand holding your prism while you are filming. The first time I use this I fell in love. It makes it entirely possible
to use a prism while filming yet still adjust my focus. A kit with a prism handle and articulating arm mount accessory is going to set you back $140. So this definitely in
the impulse buy territory of a regular prism at $15. That said, if you buy a prism and
you run into the issue of not being able to adjust
your focus like I did, this set up may help you with that and I think it could be worth it. Now, because I use the
Manfrotto quick release plate on the bottom of all my cameras and I need to be able to
film as fast as possible, it doesn’t make sense for me to unscrew my quick release plate every time I want to use this arm mount. To make using my prism
as fast as possible, I picked up a Manfrotto-compatible quick release plate adapter
on Amazon for around $20. And it lets me quickly attach/remove the prism arm to my camera while still keeping it compatible with all my other camera gear. I will link to the quick release adapter as well as all of the other gear that I’m talking about in this video down in the description
next to the like button. Let’s talk about what else you
can attach to this arm mount. Prism Lens FX also sells an orb prism and a color cube prism. I haven’t had the chance
to try these out yet, but these are prisms that
are oddly shaped enough that hand holding them
doesn’t really make sense. You need a handle like
the one that they sell. Now prisms are only half of
what Prism Lens FX sells. They also sell lens filters that you can put on the
front of your camera lens. First you you have the
kaleidoscope filter, which does exactly what the name says. It basically turns your camera
lens into a kaleidoscope. I think it looks cool, but it’s a bit too
abstract to spend $85 on it for a wedding film in my opinion. It’s difficult to see what’s going on and it may be jarring for your audience if you cut from a standard
shot to a kaleidoscope shot. But if you have a segment of
your film that’s more abstract, maybe experimental shots of the couple or a crazy dance floor edit, I think this filter could work. I would just make sure you have something in mind
for it before purchasing. Lastly, we have my favorite filter by far the chromatic flair filter. For $65, this filter mimics
the anamorphic flairs look that you can normally only
get from very expensive, multi-thousand dollar anamorphic lenses. Pair this lens filter with a band or DJ’s lights at a reception and it is going to add some crazy light streaks
and flairs to your footage that look really cool. I’m planning on bring this filter to every wedding that
I have going forward. And if the mood and dance
floor are crazy enough, I will definitely be whipping it out. And that is a look at prisms and filters available from Prism Lens FX. In conclusion, do these prisms and filters
improve upon my basic prism? I wholeheartedly say yes. These improvements do
come at a price though. So if you are just dipping
your toes into prisms and you haven’t tried one out yet, I would recommend going to Amazon and spending about $15 on a basic prism and seeing how you like it. Then, if you find yourself
using the prism a lot but you feel the shortcomings
of not being to hold it while holding your camera and
focusing at the same time, at that point I would
considering investing in the Prism Lens FX arm
amount and prism set up. Or maybe you want more in camera FX than just a prism can give you. That’s the point where
I would begin looking at the lens filters Prism Lens FX makes. Having one of these in
your bag on a wedding day, especially at a wedding reception where you want to make the
dancing look super crazy, this is gonna help bring
your films to the next level. Speaking of bringing your
films to the next level, we need to talk about this
video’s sponsor, Musicbed. If you are creating films
you need music for them. And in my opinion, Musicbed is one of the best
places to license music from real bands for your films. They have so many good musicians. My new favorite band to
license from them is Warcub. ♪ Yeah, I go wild over you ♪ ♪ I go wild over you ♪ – They have creative heavy weights like Tim Halperin with his oh-so-goo side
project Boundary Run. ♪ I was searching for an open door ♪ – There’s CHPTRS. I don’t know how a band that doesn’t have any vowels in their name can be so good, but they are. ♪ Days and the nights spent ♪ – There’s just so much good
music that isn’t hard to find. And they’re constantly
updating their curated playlist so it’s really easy to find new songs that not everyone else has used yet. Let’s talk about money though. You can license from them
per song if you want, but in 2018 they came out with a wedding filmmaker subscription option, which gives you unlimited music
from hundreds of musicians for one flat yearly rate. Which for wedding filmmakers like us, that is a major win. Because we have to use so
many songs in our films. Oh, and they created
a system called SyncID which automatically removes
YouTube copyright claims for any music that you
license through them using your subscription. You and your couples won’t have to deal with
copyright claims on YouTube. That is amazing. Sound cool? Okay, use the link down in
the description to sign up and use the coupon code MATTJOHNSON, all one word, all caps, very difficult to misspell, and you will either get your first month of a
wedding subscription for free where you can download unlimited music or 20% off a single song license if a subscription isn’t your style. Either way, you’re winning. With that, thank you so much for watching. Do you want to see more videos about prisms, about cameras, about beards, anything else like that? It would be a huge help to me if you would consider liking
this video and subscribing if you want to see more
videos like it in the future. Thanks so much for watching
and have a great day. ♪ Yeah I go wild over you ♪ ♪ I go wild over you ♪ ♪ I go wild over you ♪ ♪ I go wild ♪

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33 thoughts on “My Prism got an Upgrade! Mind-boggling in camera effects with Prism Lens FX

  1. Hey you! Happy Beardmas! That's Beard Christmas in case you didn't know. Prisms make great stocking stuffers by the way! 😜

  2. try the new product of lensbaby, it's called lensbaby omni filter. it makes my life easier and the cool thing with it, it is a screw-on filter, you can use it while using a gimbal

  3. or buy a hole on the bottom of the 15 USD prism, and put a screw mount to one side, an mount in on a mount you already have.

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  7. Amazon sells one with the 1/8 thread on it also for 18.00. You can get a cheap arm for 25.00 enough said. Buffnerds is asking way too much for theirs. I will wait for a Chinese knock off of the prism filter.

  8. You can always glue a 1/4 inch female mount (cost a couple of bucks) and add a simple small arm that cost 20bucks. Diy rule in this case

  9. Does anybody else get really uncomfortable with the body language of wedding guests when they know they're on camera? Do newlyweds really want to preserve these awkward moments?

  10. You can now pre order the SIRUI 50mm Anamorphic Lens for 700 USD. Reviews and price for this lens look very positive. Good video btw, thanks!

  11. Hmmmmmm… I would try a small magic arm, like the ones smallrig have for a monitor, with a clamp at the end to hold the prism. The magic arm can screw straight into a socket on the side of an L plate on the camera, if there is an L plate for your head. Or if you have a cage, it would screw into that. If magic arm doesn't work maybe heavy duty flexible arm like Manfrotto's. Little clamps are your friend, you can add a lot of stuff in front of a lens, including other types of glass, or a whole damned chandelier!

  12. "… and if the mood and dance floor are crazy enough, I'll definitely be whipping it out." Matt, be careful what you say these days…

  13. Amazing video!!!!! Remember your previous prism vid and I fell in love with it. One of topic question: still on A7S2 or have you switched to A7m3?

  14. I don't use prisms, decided that a long time ago. If you do the shot, then you can never use it as a clean shot. I find the lens flare from post effects are better. But every cameraman has their own style etc. which I respect. I'm glad we're not all the same.. that would be boring πŸ™‚

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  16. Very impressed. I just started two months ago and am a little bit intimidated by how well you have put together your channel. How long did it take for you to get recognized? Thanks for all the advise and great content! I am tweeting and building my channel slowly. 150 subs seems like nothing. I can't imagine 208,000 subs. Any tips of support would be appreciated. Cheers.

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