MMS175 Cinematography and Videography Difference

Hello everyone, this is my take on the difference between cinematography and videography according to lexico cinematography is defined as the art of photography and camerawork and filmmaking While the videography is defined as the process or art of making video films To make it simpler cinematography is the planning on how should the video creation takes place and videography creates a video According to Frank Romano a cinematographer or also known as the director of photography is part of a large crew and is responsible for artistic and technical decisions regarding the photography of motion picture in accordance to the director’s vision They do not operate the camera in the production phase. Therefore they focuses more on the pre-production phase Meanwhile a videographer is a camera operator that usually works on their own or Sometimes is a part of a small crew Since they are mostly a soloist, they cater the pre-production production and post-production of a video Basically a Cinematographers job is more specific While a videographers does everything in filmmaking

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