Misadventures in Photography and Travel

what’s going on guys it is part two of
the Mongolia series we’re headed to the far west of the country today! let’s go!
ah back on Mongolia is bumpy roads well if you can even call the Merlin’s at
first they leave you beaming for the chance to dig deeper into the remote
countryside then after eight hours of bruising and smashing along you’ll want
to cry of course weeks after your journey’s done you’ll be editing the
footage thinking about how amazing Mongolia looks and be begging for the
bruises that come along with a UAV-452 journey here today’s video is about the
struggles and misadventures of adventure travel photography and about how well
they often flat out kind of suck well you’re in the moment they’re almost
always worth it for the images and the stories that come out of it
so I was a really really really long drive to get out here but we are in the
Far West of Mongolia our guide says that just on the other side of these
mountains it’s actually China in fact there’s like a border outpost just there
and to be in this area as a tourist you need special permission so we had
brought like a special permit from the buns are with us we just checked in and
now we’re allowed to be here it’s already nighttime it’s just poured rain
so I think we’re just going to take it easy this evening and then head out
exploring in the morning after what kind of felt like a wasted
day driving yesterday we caught some sleep and gone after some images in the
morning the location was okay and though I wouldn’t call anything I made here a
banger it was productive this is Mongolia trips obviously about
adventure but adventures obviously about what you make it and this morning and it
seems kind of funky we got up this morning went to go take pictures it was
so-so and then one of the vans broke down so we’ve been sitting here for like
three hours but instead of being bored we like tick one of the tripods made it
into a monopod and play baseball with it oh there we go and then after as we were
just hanging out here a camel caravan like an actual one not a tourist when an
actual camel camel caravan came cruising through here so even though we’ve been stuck it’s
just been an awesome morning and I think you’re really on adventure trips you
really have to just make the best of whatever is happening and a lot of times
the absolute most fun happens when things go wrong so things have been
going right this morning but it’s been so much fun so we packed up the vans and hit the
road for what we were told was going to be a pretty simple four-hour journey
easy right no the day’s kind of going a bit the
same we’re having more car trouble it’s the same van it just looks like the fans
not working so we’re overheating a lot but as usual we’re making the most of it
and what a spot to break down we’re in like this Canyon along the river it’s
sunny it’s warm the Argentinian on the trip is allowed to be on the trip
because he brought Monta yeah that’s the only reason he lets me stay around him
and so life is good even when cars are broken down
sweet sweet Monte eventually all jacked up on Monta we
pushed on our guy – go let us know that it was only a fairly pain-free two and a
half more hours easy peasy got in like 15 minutes more down the road and it’s
broken down again it’s the same van it sounds like they’re having some sort of
fuel pump or fuel filter issue but every time we try to climb a hill it just
doesn’t make it and look at where we’re stopped it’s like a cliff right here
down to the river it’s kind of a good thing there’s not a whole lot of traffic
or else this would be a sketchy pass this was the last breakdown of the days
at least from a non-emotional standpoint other than a flat tire which I didn’t
film we pushed on sure we were five hours late but with
views like this who cares and as the Sun set we crested a hill with an epic view
towards the Russian border so excited to have made it to sunset alive we hopped
out of the vans before the wheels could even stop spinning and snapped off an
image or two then we bumped along another two hours to our final
destination right it’s we’ve arrived in our camp it’s at least seven hours late
we’re seven hours late so yeah we’re gonna get some sleep
crash here and I’ll see you in the morning it is morning yeah we didn’t get up for
sunrise I at least I didn’t get up for sunrise I know Greg did get up for
sunrise and shot some footage said it was an amazing morning in this beautiful
morning but man I was wiped last night after the drive
so yeah slept in and we’re here at our ger camp right here the girls are all
over the place and funny story last night or actually this morning at
sunrise I did get up I got up to use the toilet right here I went to the bathroom
too much information I know but as I was here there was like five hundred goats
like this guy who’s probably gonna smash me come here buddy come say hi to the
camera wanna say hi the camera oh you like head
scratches anyway as I was out here doing my business there was at least two he’s
a jealous one there was at least 200 of these goats just staring at me from
doing my business it was like it was like having an audience it was like
having an audience it’s okay bud now all the ships are coming over because they
think they’re getting head scratches and I don’t want to start a fight hey bud
you unhand scratches do you want hen scratches doings head
scratches who wants head scratches head scratches
for everyone it scratches for the goats head injuries for us the wildness of the road that took us up
to our next destination would leave us with at least a couple new bumps on the
top of our heads from being occasionally tossed into the roofs of the vans our
guide tells us that we’re headed up to see a couple glaciers and a peak called
friendship mountain because it borders on both China and Russia it’s just a day
trip we’re told we’ll return to the go covered ger camp tonight that was without a shadow of a tell the
bumpiest ride ever and I actually feel like I’ve done full exercise today but
check this out these mountains behind us are unreal we’re in the lead car though
and we kind of want to film the others coming up the hill so oh yeah I might
actually take my long lens out and see if we can get some shots of these guys
coming up because it was gnarly we made it to the top we made it to the
top we made it to the top and it is it is epic I said before we were just gonna
come up for the day but we packed sleeping bags and there is no way
they’re dragging me off of this before sunset and sunrise so we’re gonna talk
to the guide and we’re definitely gonna find a place up here to camp for the
night because look at that it’s just massive glacier coming down here with
these incredible Peaks it’s just an insane Vista there’s also some buddhist
prayer flags up that way there were some touristy camels and stuff that way as
well there’s Greg doing some b-roll over
here and what do you think Greg pretty average this is very average you know
average yeah something better yeah might make a nice panorama though yeah yeah we
should just go home one of the things I love most about Mongolia is the freedom
we want to camp here so we do and what a place to relax catch some moments of
peace and stare out at this so we’re all sitting up here or three to
a tent and it’s been really nice all day we’ve just been sitting up you’re
enjoying it but it looks like some weather is about to come in we got about
three hours until sunset so hopefully this weather blows through yeah and then
we get sunset or blows through and we get stars or blows through and we get
sunrise basically what I’m trying to say is I hope that this weather blows
through and I hope it doesn’t blow us off this mountain okay the rain passed the storm passed
probably only lasts about 30 minutes and the sun’s actually setting right on top
of the glacier what looks awesome I’ll show you the kind of time-lapse II thing
we got going on up there of that and yeah since the Sun setting directly
behind the glacier it doesn’t really mean there’s gonna be a lot of light on
it so what we’re doing now is we’re hiking down probably to the toe ish of
the glacier to to try to figure out a shot for tomorrow morning for sunrise
because it’s sunrise the light should come from back that way if the
conditions are good and like light up all these peaks so yeah location
scouting but man that looks so awesome right now come down to the bottom pretty close to
the lateral moraine where you get a straight-on view of both the glaciers
and it was really kind of the obvious thing to shoot straight into this light
but I don’t think the composition is that great there but over on the glacier
to the left which had no light on it there’s a perfect s-curve that kind of
leads straight through and into these peaks at the top and right now it’s not
great because there’s no light hitting it but I think for the morning that’s
the composition I want so I’m going to show you the image right now with it
backlit and I think this will come out cool in the morning if we get light so I
might snap off a couple more long lens compositions here and then I’ll see you
sunrise in the end the images came out way better than I hoped the backlight
kind of reflected off the clouds to softly bring out the details of the
glacial ice in the mountains there’s drama here without it being in your face
I’m not just okay with these images there’s some of my favorite thus far in
2019 fellows how much sleep did you get last
night oh don’t like an hour maybe so the
camping adventure was I would call it a fail just we just got hammered by
thunder showers and hail all night but it was still fun and looking back yet
you know the past couple days the video is kind of about how this adventure has
been a misadventure and maybe a little bit of a disaster but I was just kind of
thinking about the photos that were made over the past two days and I actually
think there was a lot there was a lot of photos considering everything that went
wrong so we’re having fun even if we got absolutely demolished by weather last
night and yeah I guess we’re onto the next step in this adventure so part
three of the Mongolian Western Mongolian adventure or slash misadventure series
coming up we’ll see you later peace you

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47 thoughts on “Misadventures in Photography and Travel

  1. Huge announcement coming right after the video's done. Check back here (or on my mailing list) to see what's going down!

  2. The light in those images at 14:00 was epic. Great episode BvS and Greg is totally knocking it out the park with the b-roll 👍

  3. Amazing video Brendan! We just started as travel vloggers and could use some help, what is your 1 biggest tip when it comes to producing content while traveling?

  4. I LOVE how the perceived negatives can always turnout to be the most spectacular. We often forget that and are somewhat programmed to think otherwise.

  5. Brendan – the master of goats and sheep. Sorry! I couldn't resist. 😀 But your photos were breathtaking. I think Thomas Heaton is definately jelous.

  6. Breathtaking! absolute breathtaking! I know its not good comparing places as each has its own beauty, but this place will blow up similar places of Switzerland, Patagonia, Georgia or Alps out of the water.

  7. When one thinks of Mongolia’s countryside, this is the classic scenery. Truly wide open spaces, mountains way off in the distance. So much space and so few people, amazing indeed. Thanks for sharing again Brendan.

  8. Great imagery and story telling. I love Mongolia and especially the people having spent 2 years living and working there.
    Travel across Mongolia is always an adventure and it's best to relax and enjoy the ride.
    You mentioned being "late" a few times. Mongolian drivers see their job as getting you to where you want to go safely. Time has little meaning when the roads are so harsh and the vehicles so old. They will get you there 😊 but there is no late

  9. hahaha, Can i have a head scratch?? You know if you do a meet up people are gonna want head scratches.

  10. Such a couple of Cannucks…… " yeah, … average vista…" if you guys have another good humour moment like that, call an ice cream truck !

  11. Excellent video, content and scenery! But I can't imagine how playing baseball could be more fun than sitting down and being bored.

  12. This is the best Brendan video I have ever seen. Seriously an epic adventure with incredible storytelling. Such high production value!

  13. That footage was amazing! It felt like I was actually there! Sure, there was some bumps in the road (no pun intended, haha), but you can't spell misadventure without adventure! Looking forward to meeting you in Bali in a couple days!

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