(speaking czech) Chill. Why was this women attacking us? Well because we discovered that she was a scam artist and we filmed her on camera. What she was doing is she was pretending to be deaf and mute and she was collecting money to raise for handicap people which was a complete lie. She’s a scam artist and she does this all around Prague. So watch how we filmed her But, but, you don’t wanna go to that [inaudible], you wanna go to the first floor to the coffee place. *laughs* Jihlava (Czech Republic) If you’re more interested about scams in Prague in Czech Republic, watch our other videos. We tried to uncover them for you so you don’t fall into the traps. Otherwise, do not worry. Prague is a beautiful, beautiful city that will welcome you with open hands, and you can watch the Honest Guide show so you don’t get lost. So thanks for watching, hit the subscribe button if you wanna see more epic stuff from Prague, and, i’m going to Czech National Gallery now. If you wanna know more about that way I actually covered that in a video. Cya. 😉 And as every episode at the end I teach you a Czech word. This time it’s “Podpis”. Which is a signature. Podpis. That’s what the women wanted from us 😉

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