Michael Jackson Photographer Admits Plan To Suppress And Destroy Intimate Jordan Chandler Photos

The whole ’93 scandal broke,
in the middle of the tour, so you being a percipient witness to
the whole thing, so I mean, what was, what was going on there? HARRISON FUNK:
I was in Neverland, shooting something, and Jordan Chandler was there, and I have a picture
somewhere, of Michael, patting Jordan’s head. Jordan’s wearing a baseball cap, in this picture.
You know, and the scandal breaks, three weeks later, and I’m thinking to myself,
you know, what a horrible situation, you know. JAMON BULL:
Just thinking about when the news broke,
around those allegations, with Jordan Chandler, a much lesser man would have, would have sold that image of Michael patting
Jordan Chandler on the head. Imagine how much that would have
been worth, at that moment. HARRISON FUNK:
That image by the way, is kept under lock and key,
so that in case anything happens to me, it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, even today,
and I mean that sincerely. There are people who have seen it. I had conversations at the time,
with some of Michael’s people, about what we want to do, to kill and suppress
those images. We did. We suppressed all sorts of, you know, there was a photo shoot,
that I did of Jordan, that Michael paid for. We killed it. It’s gone. Doesn’t exist.

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