Metro Tamil Full Movie

Who is he? Desire or body…
thought or light or darkness… Duty? Who will tell? Is dream happiness
or burden in life? Is shadow life
a breathless world? Relationships are superficial… Living dangerously
in the lap of death… Hey, who are you? What’s your name? Why? Pandi! What do you do? Taking things without owner’s consent
…I mean stealing. Why do you always target women? Women get frightened easily. When you brandish weapon,
you’ve to see how they shiver. How many you’ve killed till now?’ Who are you? I will tell! Killed 3! Planned to rob a house
in Velachery. Just a woman and her daughter
only lived in the house. Husband was out of station. I told her to remain silent,
I’ll just take things and leave. They raised alarm,
I didn’t know what to do. I slit the throats of
both the women. I know this man will not
go out alive from here. I don’t know how many more men! I don’t know if I’m searching
one man or how many more! But the day they get caught with me
would become their last day. Life, you gave a flower… You took it away when I’m asleep… You gave the place… Why did you give it? Help sir…help sir…
please save me, sir… Save me sir…save me…
he has tied and thrashing me, sir. Do I look like a saviour? You’re thief! I’ll ask you just one question. What were you doing last Saturday? They asked the same question
in police station also. Who are you guys? I’ll tell…I’ll tell… Gold is being smuggled
into India from Singapore, I went to airport to
download the consignment, Airport was too busy. The gold is still with me only. How do you sell gold in black market? Not that easy to sell… There are agents working
in black market for gold. If we handover the stock to them, they’ll complete the sale themselves. I want that gold. There’s a number in the
name of Rabbit face, call him…if I give the gold,
you’ll free me, right? I’ll leave you…talk coolly. Buddy, you went missing from yesterday. No phone also.
– Where are you now? I’m in our area only,
what’s the matter, buddy? Come to Parry’s with stock,
a man will come on my bike, give the stock to him. Why are you struggling to talk, buddy? Nothing, I’m having cold.
– Take tablet, buddy. I’ll be there in 30 minutes,
have you talked about payment? I’ve fixed the deal,
you come with the stock. Okay, I’ll come.
After this deal, let’s go to foreign. I want to sell the gold,
talk to your agent. Tell him I’m new client. If I tell him, will you free me? I’ll tell agent’s number, dial it. Wind, you called me in… Without touching me,
you went away… When you came and when you left…
tell me…tell me… He’s the guy we’re searching. What are we going to do with gold? Let’s see how gold travels
in black market. I’m sure we’ll get some clue. But what are we going
to do with him? I asked for ACP’s number,
did you get it? Sign it. Buy me drink, I’ll have it
but I’ll not sign it. Should I sign if someone else
steals some house? My lawyer told me not
to sign any paper. Would I get scared if you stare at me? You go, my lawyer is on the way. Did you see how I bravely faced him? Ice, sir? I want one cool drink, sir. Come…come I say… Sir…give me that paper… One is enough, sir?
Take few more signed papers, sir. Just sign it, man. You wait here, I’ll talk to him. Who is master here, sir?
– He’s exercising behind. Master, Pandi sent me. Purushoth, tell everyone to leave. Bye, master.
– Bye, master. Master, you didn’t teach
how to get packs here. Call me tonight, I’ll tell you. Okay, master. Sir, he’s Pandi, suspect in murder case
of mother and daughter in Velachery. Check the camera. How come, man? I’m in this profession for so long
but never got anything so big. First time…
I can’t understand anything. Any buyers?
– No buyers now like earlier days. This is not state matter
but central matter, if we get caught,
we’re gone forever. How about trying Shankar
and Ramesh in the market? He has tried everyone in the market. Among the two, one left this place
and one left this world. Who else is there? Can we trust them? You can discuss trusting them. Where are you?
– I’m in Chennai. My name is Aravind. Jewel or piece? Piece! But big deal, 6.5 kilograms. Don’t throw the SIM Card,
I’ll message address at 10 PM. He told me to come at 10 PM. Why are you indifferent? Very dangerous man. No problems, right boys? If there’s any problem,
he’ll kill everyone. Never expected life would
turn topsy-turvy like this. My name is Arivazhagan. I’m working as writer for
a small magazine ‘Parivu’. It was my dream job since my
childhood days, which I earned it now. My home is in St.Thomas Mount. Father is Giri, retired Head Constable. After his retirement,
news is his only time pass. Mother is Jaya. My mother and father are the
best couple in this world. My younger brother is Mathiazhagan,
he’s a fresher in DC Engineering College. No big money or big wishes! Middle class family but
with high class happiness. Coffee. Bloody news…boring like news reel. Get up, son! Your brother got up and
is ready to go. Mathi, take a day from
college this Friday. I’ve already taken leave.
– Why, brother? Why are you both taking leave? Mother! Have you forgotten? Your anniversary,
we must celebrate it grandly. What do you say?
– Let’s rock it, brother. He’ll waste his salary on it. Son, there are a lot of commitments. I’ve saved Rs.25000 separately for this. I’ve a special gift for mother, father. Gift for mother only?
No gift for me. Why do you need a gift? I’ll buy 5 kilos of newspaper,
read it for an entire month. Father, one minute. Tell me, boy. What happened to bike?
Did you ask your parents? I’ll ask. Do you know this? Divya’s boy friend has bought
a new KTM bike. Great to look at! She sent a photo in WhatsApp,
I’ll send you, would you like to see? No WhatsApp in your phone, right? They’re going out on weekends on bike,
she’s boasting about it. Please Mathi, plan something.
Aren’t you my darling? What man? Father, I want bike.
– Bike? Why do you need a bike? Brother drops you in college,
you come back home in bus. Father, they look at me
like a tribal in college. Students come on bikes and cars,
I’m the lone one to use bus. Your joining that college
is beyond our means. I said no but Arivu wanted you
to study in good college, he took loan to pay donation. He’s still repaying the loan. Wait for some more time,
let’s think and buy a bike. No way! I’ll not go to
college without bike. I’m telling you but…
– Hubby, please calm down. You want bike, right? Answer me, son.
– Yes. You said you’ve Rs.25000, right? Add another 10 or 15 thousand
and buy a good bike for him. Okay, mother. I want only KTM bike. Then, get him the bike he wants. Do you know the price of
that bike, mother? How much, son? KTM bike is the trend now, mom.
– I’m asking how much it costs. Showroom price, insurance,
fancy number price, all inclusive it comes
to Rs.1.8 lakhs, mom. Brother doesn’t have that much money. For now buy a ordinary simple bike. Please mom, if we book now,
we’ll get it in 2 days. He’s asking without knowing our status,
you both are supporting him. Father, please… You want a bike, right? We’ll plan it, I’ll get back
after consulting my office. Buddy, I’m in class,
I’ll call you later. Give your phone. Move! Buddy, give me your phone. Your phone is great!
– Great? How much?
– Rs.40000! If you buy in market,
it is Rs.20000 only. You want to buy? Don’t have that much of money? Can I pay monthly installments
of Rs.2000? Rs.2000? It’s very nice. No jokes, please.
Give the phone. Look at this, sir.
It’ll be very beautiful. May your eyes get burnt! Look at this, sir.
You will like it, sir. Look at this…how is it, sir?
Did you see it, sir? Are you a photographer? Arivu, couldn’t you find
someone with brain? Is he taking photos?
He’s taking my life. Do you know what photo is? If we see, it must tell a story,
it must have life. Got it?
– Got it, sir. What did you understand?
Always shaking head for everything. Sir, you said you’ll finalize third
page article, what happened to it? Are you busy?
– Come in. Me?
– Yes, you only. Come in…closer…you only… Wow! Super, sir!
– Super? Do you’ve sense?
What did you study? Is it nice? Cow likes it but
bull can’t understand it. You’re coming in without any manners
asking about third or fourth page. How can I run magazine
with people like you? I can only beg. Look at him Arivu, I’m shouting at him,
what he’s doing there? Sending message in WhatsApp…
– WhatsApp…shut up! You’re asking loan for bike now,
no loan, no bike, go and work. Yes, brother…
I’m waiting in the route only. I think he’s coming with family. We’ll finish him
I’ll call after finishing him. Let’s go. Father! Father! Just only one cigarette, father!
– Go, son. Father, give me just one. What’s this, father?
– Go, son. What’s happening there? You’re smoking on the
face of your father. Just only one a day
or smoke outside also? Give me bit cigarette like this,
I’ll have a pack a day in near future. Bit..? Said just for fun, dad. If you’ve too many loans,
you can’t sleep peacefully. Nobody must come to our home
and trouble us. When I was in service or after retirement,
I never took bribe from anyone. That’s why our family is happy. Having two pegs at home
with wife’s permission, having drinks in bar,
both are quite different. No need to have credit cards
or loans, it’s nothing but cheating us
after raking up desires in us. Let few days pass,
I’ve little money in fixed deposit, we can buy a good bike for Mathi. Don’t go for loan in haste, son. That’s not for us, son.
– Okay, father. You speak very well even under
influence of liquor, dad. Children of modern times are
making fun of parents. Father has promised
to buy bike in a month. In one month? Which story will you narrate
after a month? Please don’t repeat the same story. Learn to be happy
with what you have. With what you have? What’s there with you
that I can be happy! Moreover relationship too. I don’t know where it is
going to take us! I’m confused…
I’m going to class. Waiting for bus, buddy? Going home, right?
Come, I’ll drop you in home. No, thanks.
I’ll go in bus, buddy. I’m going that side,
I’ll drop you on the way. Hop on, buddy. Shall I go? Will your father buy anything you ask? My father?
He works with Corporation. How can he buy all this for me? Are you doing any part time job? Part time job..? You can say so. Find me a job, I’ll also do.
– Job? Your style is not good. Whether it is right or wrong I don’t mind,
I want a bike, that’s all. Bike, right? What’s this, buddy? Customs officers confiscated 5 kilos
of gold smuggled from Dubai. Officers have confiscated
200 kilos gold in a month. Economy of the country takes
a beating with smuggling. Police chief Sakthivel informs about forming
a special squad to nab smuggled gold. Moreover he says economy of a
country is decided by gold. Thousands of kilos of gold is
getting into black market. Come quickly. Buddy, everything is available in this
world, we just need to take what we want. Got it? You asked about part time, right?
This is my part time job. You saw my
mobile, right? We can buy two such
Apple phones with this. Got it? Let’s meet
tomorrow. Change dress and come,
let’s have dinner. Coming, mother. Why flower garland? Did we see your marriage, dad?
– For that? No, isn’t it? We’re
going to see now. After marriage,
straight to honeymoon. Honeymoon too? Look at his wish! Why do you need to use revolver
after retirement, daddy? I didn’t use my revolver
even when I was in duty! Tube light! I’ll hit you
with slippers. Put this dot on
mom’s forehead. Please bless
me, daddy. Why this, son? Here it is. Why gift for
us, son? No problem, all
I’ve is you, mummy. When did you buy this?
You never told me. That is Mathi
and this is me. What about me then?
– You’re the chain, dad. What’s this, son? You promised to buy bike for
him with that money, right? I didn’t get loan, father
said he’ll buy bike for him. Is it okay to you?
– Okay, brother. Where’s brother,
mother? He left early saying he has
urgent work in office. You catch a bus.
– What? Go in a bus? I can’t…how many times
do I’ve to tell you? Why are you talking too much?
What happened to you? What’s wrong if
you go by bus? I can’t travel in that
rusty junk bus, dad. That’s why I asked you
to get me new bike. If you go, you’ll go on only
Rs.1.5 lakhs bike, right? If you want I can buy a
like your brother’s bike. I can’t ride such
lousy bikes. I want the bike I’ve asked you,
will you buy it for me or not? How can we buy Rs.1.5
lakhs bike suddenly? Arivu bought you a chain, right?
Sell that to buy bike. What are you talking? Where did
you learn to talk like this? I’ll rip you apart.
– Hubby! Look, how he’s
talking to me! I’m going, mother. Hey son, have
breakfast and go. What’s this, hubby? Shall we buy the bike he wants?
– Don’t talk foolishly. Parents can fulfill children’s wishes
but not wishes beyond their means. It may take them
to wrong path. He’ll become mature enough to
understand after some time. What’s this? Iphone…Ipad..Radium watch…
Nike shoes…KTM bike. I want all this, will you come
with me or shall I go alone? There’s easier crime than
chain snatching, buddy. We must do it without
getting caught. Two things are very
important for it. One, the place we snatch,
two, the person we target, the place we commit the crime, know
the topography of the area very well. Look at the aunty, I’ve been
watching her for long time, Women we target mustn’t
let loose their hair. Either she must have plaited
hair or French bun style. Only then we can snatch
chain easily and quickly. After snatching the chain,
to avoid them chasing us, select women wearing
high heels, our target must have her entire
concentration on something else, only then we
snatch the chain. Hereafter this is your life.
Are you ready? How are you, Gans?
– Average, brother. Who is this prawn face?
– Prawn face? My friend, brother.
– Fresher? How much?
– About 10 to 12, brother. Look, its not fair to do
business individually. Whatever it is, deal
with brother Guna. What’s this, brother?
You do not trust me. Brother, I came
to meet Vavval. Another boy has
come with me. Nothing like that, brother. I
too would’ve company, brother. Good boy, brother. No problem, brother.
I’ll bring him, brother. Please tell
him, brother. Greetings, brother. New face, that’s why I
suspected, brother. Okay brother…okay
brother. That’s all,
matter is solved. Give that thing. How much you said?
– 10 to 12. No, it’ll be
7 or 8 only. Wait here, I’ll
come back. Who is he? It’s not easy to sell stolen
goods, you need agents for that. This group buys it. They take
between 30 to 40% commission. They’ll give rest
of it to us. Every stolen jewellary in
this city comes to them only. But I don’t know how
they convert it to cash. If we do this business,
we can mint money. Keep quiet… someone
may overhear you. What? Who is it?
– My friend, brother. Talk to Guna, strangers are
coming, it’s not good. Who is he? He controls this entire
business and this gang. How did you get to
know all these people? Through Guna. I’ll take you to him tomorrow,
you’ll see him then. It comes to about Rs.1 lakh after
commission and daily allowance cuts. Okay, give
me, brother. Bye, prawn face, meet
you next time, okay? Buddy, your first attempt
was perfect, take it. Take entire money, I’ll
take you to Guna tomorrow. Are you going to
buy KTM bike? For my younger
brother. Chain for mother,
bike for brother. What? Kumar told me
everything. What’s this? Did you invite me
for your parents’ anniversary? Did you ever take
me to your home? Kumar has no one. He
grew up along with me. He’s everything to me.
Can’t avoid him. Whatsoever it may be,
he’ll come to my home. Go…take photo
properly. Don’t think about past
in present, Arivazhagan. Think about
future also. What? To my home, right?
I’ll take you. What? Next week, will you
come to my home? Shall I stab or
shove into you? Would Guna like me? Are you both lovers to like each other?
Come. What’s it, brother? Drugs? Started it early morning. Come…come…this is our place. Who is he? Friend…new entrant, brother. New comer?
His face itself shows. Robber face! Who is he? He’s ‘Scar’ Mani!
Very famous for knife scars. He leaves a knife scar
on his victim as his trade mark. What happened to him now? He lost his health completely
due to drugs. He’s bed ridden now. Guna’s close friend, that’s why
he’s maintaining him like this. Stay here, I’ll meet Guna.
– Careful. I told you about my friend, right brother?
He’s here with me. Yesterday he came with me, brother.
He’s doing very well. I too missed couple of times
initially, brother. He was perfect in his very
first attempt, brother. I’m alone, right?
I too need company, right? That’s why I brought him here. If you see and okay him,
I’ll make him my partner. Trustworthy boy, brother. Seems you’re doing well…he told me. Just answer my questions correctly. Almost like an interview. What’s the difference
between thief and robber? If I speak in English, he can’t
understand even if he takes tuition. A man while talking over phone
in railway station. Suddenly his suitcase goes missing,
my suitcase is missing… Suitcase…suitcase…
police…police… One who steals without
your knowledge is thief. Oh…knife…no…knife…
no…I’ve little children… Don’t harm me…chain…
watch…take it, sir… One who steals under threat is robber. We’re in between both. Here come my boys! Vavval called me on phone. Last week 52, this week 48. Not enough, need to improve. Next week my target is 60, brother. He too is joining your gang. Give him training. Follow my rules correctly. Loose sari and jeans pant, avoid them. If caught by police,
they’ll use third degree in inquiry. I asked for Iphone, my parents refused,
that’s why I did this, tell lies. Without saying that, there’s a person known as Guna, he planned and robbed,
if you say anything like this, I can know without talking,
but you’ll get lynched. Cut your nails. When you snatch chains,
it may hurt the victim woman, it’s sin…women are like God. God who gives us! Even if we commit crime,
we must do it cleanly. Do you like Hitler or Gandhi? I like Mahatma Gandhi. Why? Currency notes have his face. Did you hear him, Scar?
– Heard him. Money…only money is important. This world is slave
to the man with money. Would you want to be a slave
or have slaves? Nobody owns this earth… God is not our relative… Man is just life…
who is responsible for it? Let bygones be bygones,
go, find a new life yourself… If you make mistake,
kneel down… Marry and have children… Snatch in lonely places… Drink to your health…
Forget worries… Snap unwanted relationships… Life is high speed… Try to match it… If you fail the world will
make fun of you… People buy jewel without
paying for wastage… Crooks steal without
leaving any evidence… Evil spirits will make the
drum stick tree its home… Evil money will penetrate
to the centre of earth… Spending millions on happiness,
man sleeps in graves… Eat, drink, shell out money
and time for happiness… Enjoy whatever you get… Never ever joke…
Never ever promise… Boneless tongue will wag
as it likes… Heard lullaby in mother’s lap… He’ll sleep into a six feet
grave on his own… Live like a lion in
your own forest… Never get caught alone
in that route… Don’t come after me,
I hate to see your face. Nauseating to see your face…
– What about your father? I’ll hit you with slipper
if you talk about my father. How about you mother?
– Two slippers would get worn out. You’re doing too much. I told you not to follow me,
why are you coming after me? Are you asking me that? I’m your security in this area. Not you, my father is my security. I’ll hit your father with slippers. Nobody in this area likes you
because nobody likes your face. Mine is better than yours. Did anyone dare touch you in this area? Did I allow anyone to touch you? My chain! My father bought it,
go fast…go fast…run… I’ll catch them. Why are you running away?
Stop boys! Fight me and then leave this place. You’re finished, I’m coming. Which area boys are you?
Chain snatching? I’m watching here. Bloody fool, return my lover’s chain. Mary’s chain is gone. What happened?
What happened? Where’s my chain?
What did you do with my chain? 200 CC…Excellent pick up! He sped away.
– Where’s my chain? I spanked him on his back. I asked about my chain…
where’s my chain? Gold plated chain, right? Why are you shouting?
Did you dirty father got you gold chain? Come, let’s go.
– Hands off me. We don’t have chain snatchers
in Mumbai like in Chennai. They get caught easily. ‘Bandra’ Yusuf is the main dealer. If you say okay,
I’ll pay Rs.50000 as advance. Why are you pondering? Just like transfer order. Expert robbers! Every month in different state. You wanted to talk to me, right? Don’t play, Guna. Are you my friend or lover to play? Very good deal, brother. Planning silently and
everything is going on smoothly. Thief mustn’t get avarice. Though percentage of profit is less,
safe and easy crime. Tell me if there’s any local work, go now. What’s this, Guna?
Scar! Both have become so weak. Are you so scared? You were like men,
you’ve become like eunuchs. Did you’ve any sex change operation
in Mumbai before coming here? There’s a variety of frog in Columbia. This has been taken from its body. Just 5 ml for intoxication. 10 ml will make you sleep for a week. 20 ml will make you
go around like a mad man. If you take entire thing,
you’ll be searching for your life. Will you go now or
want to search your life? Are you talking about confidence? Confidence is not in asking for more. It is in saying no strongly. I’m telling you,
I don’t want your deal. What? You want Iphone 6? Last month I got you a tab, right? Don’t pester me, I’ll try. I’m telling you to remember your first phone. Okay, what is your girl saying? Girl’s wishes are never ending. Love has become too expensive. Even chain snatching is
not enough for them. No money in hand. Can’t go on a round
without Guna’s permission. How many chains did we steal this month? 42 chains, 130 sovereigns. How much ever we may steal,
everything is waste. Why?
– What else then? But we give entire booty to him. He plans everything, right?
– But we steal, right? Can’t we do these ourselves? How hard we worked to steal
130 sovereigns of gold! You said Vavval gives Rs.20000
for a sovereign. How much for 130 sovereigns? How can I answer if you me suddenly? Rs.26 lakhs! How much we got? Just Rs.10 lakhs only. Guna is taking Rs.16 lakhs. How can one live in this
city without Rs.25 lakhs? What are you trying to say? We work hard to steal,
it must be useful to us only. I feel we can do this without Guna. What are you saying?
No need of Guna? We can’t do anything without Guna. You know how well he plans.
You’re new but talking too much. Ganesh, this world is slave to money. Decide yourself to be slave
or make others your slaves! Stop…stop…pull over this side… Blow! Blow properly. Blow properly, man. Drunken driving, sir. Switch off the bike.
– Getting late, please leave us, sir. Tell me, buddy. You said we can’t do
anything without Guna. Just now I and Rohit snatched a chain. What are you saying? It’ll be worth at least Rs.2 lakhs. Big aunty…big chain. Buddy, if Guna come to know,
you’re finished. How can Guna know about this? Buddy, you’re doing unnecessary things. If we do like this every month,
we can save about Rs.15 lakhs every month. How long can we ride on bikes?
Shouldn’t we go around in cars? Okay, come to the spot.
– Okay, I’ll be there. Okay. Am I right, buddy? Case?
– No sir. Blow, man. Stop….pull over…
take out your license. Who is the officer, sir?
– Take out insurance, remove helmet. Sir, crime report. Chain snatch from Pudupet street,
two boys in Duke bike, both are wearing helmets, green T-shirt and brown shirt, no registration number for bike. Sir, crime report. No number plate for bike. Catch them…come fast…
come fast… Suspects are escaping. SI is chasing them. Who is available in Kadasandur? Patrol SI, come into the line. Accused are escaping, take a turn. We’re chasing the accused. Go…go…go, sir. Check who is on patrol in T.Nagar.
Ask them to come into the line. Looks like last night had
a good chase, boys! Yes, brother.
We made fun of police too. AC’s chain! I’m sure it’ll be
10 sovereigns, brother. Super! Do you consider yourself as big hero? Don’t you know you mustn’t go around in
city for 10 minutes after snatching chain? You got AC’s chain also. Never incite police,
they’ll pursue like hell. If anyone of you involves in
chain snatching without my permission… You’re taking half of the booty. You give us just crumbs like to dogs,
how can we manage with it? Hey! Indeed you all are dogs. If I’m not here,
you’d be dead on streets. He won’t do it again,
please forgive him. Poor kid! You weren’t caught till now
because of me! It was always my plan!
You went and did a job individually. What happened? The child died in hospital getting
hurt in chain snatching incident. Do you know how much
pressure I had for it? Tell him clearly,
discipline is very important. If anyone of you dares to do
a job individually, I’ll crush you. If anyone of you dares to do
a job individually, I’ll crush you. Indeed you all are dogs. If I’m not here,
you’d be dead on streets. If you round it like this,
the knot will be correct. Come son, she’s Ramya. She works in Arivu’s office. He’s little shy type. He doesn’t move much with girls.
That’s why! Near a residential complex
in Chennai suburb Semmancherry, a girl known as Priya,
while talking to her friend, a mysterious young man with
masked face on bike snatched her chain, luckily Priya escaped with
small scars on neck. 2 days earlier she had posted
a picture of her chain in Facebook. It shows a dollar of butterfly shaped
diamond worth Rs.5 lakhs. Police have registered the case
and are investigating. Off later girls are unable
to walk on streets. Watching this news really scares me. You too must be very careful, dear. Aunty, it’s already 8.30 PM.
I’ll go. Wait. How will you go?
– I’ll catch a bus, aunty. Just now you watched the news, right? Wait, drop her at home, Arivu. No…bye aunty.
– Take care, dear. My boys are not involved
in that girl’s matter, sir. It’s job by some greenhorn, sir. I promised I’ll never do it again, sir. Okay, sir. Were you involved in that girl’s matter? When did I do anything
without your knowledge, brother? Where were you yesterday?
– I went out with my girl friend, brother. Where were you yesterday? Where were you yesterday? He was with me, brother.
We were playing video games in my room. I never met Sukumar after retirement, I meet him and
come back along with Arivu. Okay…bring Sukumar with you.
He hasn’t visited for long time with family. Okay. What are you doing?
– Cleaning. Look, there’s cobweb there! Look this side. Look down. You’re no more useful,
I’ve to engage a young maid. Go out silently, retired man! Both of you come home quickly
without roaming outside. What should we do now, brother? We stole and spent lavishly enjoying it. Unnecessarily you created a problem. Are you feeling bad?
– Me? I went solo and snatched
two chains with two hands. Am I feeling bad? There mustn’t be any evidence,
I’m worried about it. There’s no evidence. Listen to me, let’s tell Guna,
he’ll take care of everything. Problem will get solved silently. Why does he always talk about Guna?
Are we his slaves? If we tell him,
we’ll get only half value. Did I do it wantonly? At times there’s a miss. Did you watch the news, buddy? I didn’t just steal the chain. I’ve stolen a butterfly shaped
diamond too. We’ll get Rs.5 lakhs for it. Do one thing, talk to Vavval.
We’ll finish the deal. I can’t do this deal.
Let’s inform Guna… Deal with Vavval yourself. Guna is no more in this game. How dirty his room is! Has he locked it? Don’t know where he has kept the key? What?
– Why are you not answering that number? How many times I’ve told you not
to call the number, call this number only? What are you doing now?
– I’m busy now, I’ll talk to you later. Where are you now?
– Cut it, I’ll call you later. She’s always pain in neck. Whose phone is it? I’ve talked to Vavval, initially refused
but agreed to do business with us. Just only one thing, he wants us
to keep this secret from Guna. Where’s the chain?
– In my house, I’ll get it. What have you done, son?
What have you done, son? What have you done, son?
Bloody sinner! – Mother! Mother!
– What have you done, son? That day they showed it on TV,
isn’t it that same chain? Tell me, isn’t this that same chain? Did you do it?
– Mother, I did it without knowing. Mother…mother… Mother…mother…
– Don’t you dare touch me. Don’t touch me, go away…go away…
– Mother! Brother…father…call them on phone.
– Mother! Get out! Brother… Why do you always say brother
and father only, mom? What have they done for you, mom? Arivu works somewhere
and gives you Rs.30000. Father gives his pension
money Rs.10000. What can you do with it, mom? How much you want, just ask me, mom?
1 lakh or 4 lakhs, I’ll give you, mom. I’ll look after you like a queen,
try to understand me, mom. I like this life only,
why did you raise me like this, mom? Bloody rogue!
How much you’ve changed? You….wait…
– Mother! Won’t you listen if I tell, mom? Mother!
– Leave me! Where did she go away without
locking the door? Father! Jaya…get up…Jaya… Mother! Call ambulance, son. Look at your mother, son! Mother! A pearl I delivered… You’re the fruit of my penance… I raised you with love,
why did you kill the roots? You were born with cries and tears,
you grew up in my heart… You chose the wrong the path… I gave you my milk
to put you to sleep… You handed me death as gratitude… Where will these sins accrue? Only death can level it… Don’t feel bad, buddy!
Did you do it intentionally? It’ll look like someone did
for jewels, don’t worry. We’re with you. Greetings sir,
I’m SI Amritharaj from Mount. Yes sir…a woman, she was clubbed
to death on the spot. Yes, sir. They say about 15 sovereigns
of gold is missing. Okay sir…okay sir… I’ll report after sending the
body for post mortem, sir. Thank you, sir. Some bloody rascal will kill our mother,
do you want me to spare him easily? You tell me, bro!
Let’s kill him. Post mortem report is here. If you sign here…
– What the post mortem report says? Please no need to know, sir. No problem, tell me. We mustn’t spare these guys
who did this for money. Skull was broken and heavy blood loss. She died after enduring
15 minutes of heavy pain. Sir, we want the fingerprints of
all the members in the murder spot. So, we want you and
your family members’ fingerprints, sir. Had your mother called anyone,
all of us would’ve been caught! What to do?
There’s no other option. There’s no evidence. It’s being investigated as
outsider’s job. Everything will be normal in few days. I sent Krishna for the chain, he says
we’ll get only Rs.2 lakhs not Rs.3.5 lakhs. Total will come to 30 or 40 including
that was stolen from Mathi’s house. Okay? – Yes, okay. We suspect three people,
Pandi, Ramesh and Shankar. Inspector is inquiring Pandi inside.
Other two guys are missing. Two days have passed, sir.
– What can I do? Can we give police protection
to every home in Tamil Nadu? Look at that man, his daughter was standing
outside the house talking to her friend. She was wearing Rs.4.5 lakhs worth chain,
someone snatched it. Did you arrest the criminal? Why to wear such costly jewels
and go out on street? What’s this, sir? If they wear
gold chain, thieves will snatch it. If not they’ll rape them, what can poor girls do, sir? Greetings, sir. He’s a known criminal. I know he has killed two people. Breaking into house to steal
is his profession. No evidence, he’s roaming freely. Are the dead women so great? Why are you torturing me with inquiry? Why are you torturing me
for silly matter, sir? Don’t discuss holding me here, bye, sir. I want that gold. Talk to you agent. Will you free me if I tell you? Let’s track the movement
of gold in black market. No problem, right? He called us at 10 PM. Hey girl, I’ll be there in 2 hours. I’ll come with happy news, baby….
cut the call now. Cut it. Excuse me, sir!
Did they promise to come here only? Still there’s 5 minutes more, people in
this business are very punctual. What’s the time now?
– 10! How can such people understand English?
Time is now 10 PM, go away. 3 people! Aravind?
– It’s me, sir. Only you can come. Can’t give the stock trusting anyone. We’ll also come.
We must be assured he’s right man. Understand please, the stock is theirs. Did anyone else come for me?
– No. Come. While going out,
please take care of me, man. Did you see that old man? Very dangerous people!
They’re doing it silently. Nobody outside knows about it. If we deal with correctly,
we can make money easily. Hey dirty face!
You’re Sokkalingam, right? They said Aravind. How can we use correct
name in our profession? What’s their doubt? This is fox face. Don’t know what that face is! I’ll only one, come. We’re the only ones to
do business perfectly. You’ll get your money correctly. That guy outside, that dirty face
takes too much of commission. It’s not good for this business. While leaving, take number. He’s useless. Whatever it is, deal directly. This is our factory, Fox. City’s 80% stolen gold comes here. We melt it and turn it into
biscuits for sale. Making jewels from it,
jewellers sell it again in shops. We’ll not get into any trouble
because of this. You can do this business confidently. Hey box face! Take this bag. Check and make a phone call. Darling! You wanted to go to Singapore, right?
I’m on the job of arranging that trip. We can leave in 2 days. Would I tell this to wife? Have to cook up some tale to adjust. How many women would’ve
died because of you? What? How many women would’ve
died because of you? Hey agent! Look at this fox face. He’s talking about women sentiment. Women are here for two things only. One to have children and
two for sex…. Hey box face, did you check it? Who gave you this? This one?
Guna’s boys brought it 2 days ago. It was very nice, so I cut it from chain
to use it in my chain. Hey…what? Mother! Do you know who Guna is?
Where is he? I don’t know, ask those boys. Boy, you leave the place. How many kilos?
– 23 kilos. Catch him…catch him…
snatched my chain…. Don’t hit me, madam. If your hands shake,
will you snatch chains from women? Hey, stretch and hold his hand tightly. Sir…sir…please leave me…
she’s like mother to me… Mother? Will you snatch chain
from your mother also? Senseless! Look at his face! Tell me.
– Buddy, police caught Krishna and Unni. It was Guna’s plan. Both have been got thrashed
in police station. Asked Guna but he says forget it. They’re our boys,
how can we leave them? Buddy, you were right.
Guna used us very well. He’s calling now for another job. We must do something with him, buddy. You come immediately with boys.
I’ll come there directly. Okay. Besant Nagar 4th street is the spot. A man bought 30 sovereign chain
for his wife. She goes on walking at 10 pm
along with her child. Husband is not in town. Even if a bomb goes off in next house,
nobody will come out to help. The woman mustn’t get hurt. You must steal without
using knife or shedding blood. Who will like to go?
– I’ll go. You needn’t go. First learn what discipline is. No brother, let him go. We’re not asking can we do,
we’re telling, we’re going to do it. Isn’t it great to say no
than to ask, right? We don’t want you. We’ll carry on ourselves. Have you joined to form gang? We must have it in little doses. Going away! Come to me. Look, he’s coming with a boy! Let’s do the Besant Nagar plan. Life has started for us… We’re fearless…don’t care… We’re the terror Metro gangsters… Starting price is Rs.100. Rs.300! Congratulations,
get the next item quickly. Rs.200. Hello dear! Did you’ve food, dear? Okay, dear…okay, dear… Father is here for work,
an uncle is here to meet me. I’ll finish discussion
and come quickly. Who are the two guys
who came with you? I don’t know anything, brother.
I came there to sell gold, brother. I tried to stop them but
they escaped after hitting me. You were the first to escape. Govt. has confiscated
23 kilos of my gold. Which route those two came from?
I want those two guys. Guna, please don’t… I’m old man…weak man. You were a proud man!
You mustn’t do like this. I’ll put scars on your face, leave me. Dog! Why don’t you listen to me? I’ll make a scar on your face. Who is Guna? He’s Guna. Come here, boys! Lift me up! I asked to lift me, he’s pushing me. No…no…I’m an old man, please. How many chain snatchers work for you? Tell me. Tell me, I’ll break your mouth. Then tell me, you bald man! Don’t hit, Guna….please don’t him… He’s well respected man. Don’t harm him, boys.
I’ll tell you. They’re totally 6 boys. We’re just planners.
They do the chain snatching jobs. Suddenly a new recruit came,
they changed listening to him. Guna didn’t like it. They gave him a dose of drugs. I told you everything, right? Make a call and give the phone to me. Emergency call. Take it…take it… I’ll not feel pain is you hit me.
– Is it? Then, I’ll rap on head. I’ll tell you.
– Tell me. Tell me I say! I’ll tell. They’ve gone to 4th street Besant Nagar to
snatch a chain from a woman at 10.30 PM. If you go there, you can catch them. I told you, right? Give me the phone or
else I’ll make scar on your face. Bloody man is punching on mouth! Besant Nagar…4th street… 10.30 PM. Don’t look at him like that. Don’t irritate them, Guna. Don’t shake head…don’t lick… I’ll put scar marks on your faces. Come closer,
I’ll put scar mark on your face. Hey emergency! What’s this?
Is it so powerful? Yes. Highest point in intoxication!
You can be on ninth moon. Then, you too have it! It’s in working condition, man! They should’ve come back by now. They’re coming too late now. Okay, let’s check. Buddy! Look there! Come, man! Buddy, hold him. Get lost, man! Who are you? Brother! Why did you do like this, brother? Brother, I know…
I know I made a mistake. But I like doing this, brother. That tin bus, junk bike, college,
studies, I never liked that, brother Please leave me, brother. I’ll go away from here. I’ll never face you
again in life, brother. Leave me, brother. Brother…brother… Brother! Brother! Brother…brother… Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! We make rules and then break it… Though our search ends,
we keep on carrying it… We get lost! O heart! Do you’ve any colour? Is there place for honesty? Is there place for discipline? You swallow us in every day… We celebrate every day… We’re lamps that don’t need light… We’re a curse…

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