Man of Medan The Dark Pictures Gameplay Part 3 Escape (PS4)

braaap guys so welcome back to my
channel of joseph gamer4life my name’s Joseph so welcome back guys to
another gameplay man medine alright guys so this is where wherever that off it’s
all we are copies stuck because we’re on the weapon we need think some plant tell
how we got here so I’ll work on a plan I really got here
we Nick um thinking some plan how we go damn they’re not good at all
it’s not okay so I already take this on I’m still talk to them see what they say just living our lives Conrad whatever is
left of them I found a letter by the way some guy was writing to his little lady
back home about all the ghosts and crap on the ship
ghosts um yeah yeah I mean homeboy was probably just going a little nuts being
away from his girl for so long PAC that’d make me start seeing things
too yeah okay we got one guy complaining about
another guy pretending to be sick so he could get out of guarding one of the
holes and I guess he was kind of a repeat offender
it sounds like nobody liked it very much down there so I guess the moral of the
story is stay the fuck away from the haunted cargo holds haunted maybe they
just didn’t like working there yeah or maybe there are super ghosts
that’s what ghosts but like 16-minute yeah I don’t know what you’re saying
super ghosts right we just need to stay calm and focus on getting out of here
that’s true I just resent me what the fisherman on Planet um oh this one look
those meatballs are probably just looking for some get-rich-quick men
cheering gold which may not even exist I mean what if they don’t find anything
was try being optimistic for once you don’t see me trying to make everyone
feel bad all the time to you smiles I put smiles on people’s faces try it
sometime so what do we do um go this song we wanted an adventure
right so let’s adventure the shit out of this popsicle stand
oh okay really you you think I’m not up to her I don’t really care I just want
to get this disintegrative cab for the Duke so if you all wouldn’t mind growing
up and helping me out then maybe we can finally get back to whatever’s left of
our godforsaken beers – that’s it what do you think okay well we’re not gonna
do anything from in here we need to keep looking around and try to find a way out
all right cool catch you later all right so we need go this way to
check to see all there anything oh they’re still talking all right I think
I have plan hell yeah I think guys I think well we got here Hey look what I found over here I hope anyway yeah I hope so alright see what this is before I figure
what happened damn nothing 47 Wow you can’t open it now let me check this
one can okay so when you get out of here fast
fast we can any luck you can get it open Hey maybe we can bend it open and get out of
here we don’t know we’re a bit like this were
gone can’t be worse remember to just smash
her this wall oh yeah sure big man on campus
someone should create a distraction this is gonna be loud wait wait maybe we
should try barricading the door instead true I like an idea barricade and you know so I help me out thank you there we go got it oh boy push go go go go go okay damn it’s too fast I tried my best hope should be okay no fuck that we have to go back for Flis
I’m the reason she got smacked no way no heroics we got to get as far
away from you as we can right you write about that I no I need check through here damn I where’d it go guys damn look at this oh so we’re Wow then there’s the mystery the smelly
I’m tracked down here shit freakin rat damn man all right so I need go
what do you are where’d he go oh they probably went through here because all
that what the hell I went through the wall of the door I saw a nurse but there
was he just came down I said it’s all a nurse oh man Oh now no to him check too freaky
no was this okay all right so many fine Alice I so Brett
it’s okay ain’t got capture but felici not my fault okay she be okay I hope so very hope so true very true oh this is nice maybe everyone’s hiding
in the hold for a big surprise party probably what the hell is this and those are all realm rat-head huh
I don’t know guys Wow see Friday the 13 hell no no no man okay so
we need y’all have any get up funny way out here so damn so creepy was this you
know oh man somebody got get kill Alice on by a creeper oh they look like
creeper but it’s a saying do the leader so so I’m going this way or his sister yeah you down there but son okay that was close we gotta be careful yeah I can yeah yeah it’s it’s not really such a
good idea huh yeah man I worth it now so he’s looking for some time okay Kogi kill
that is so I don’t want pasta thank you she was up well sorta sorta all right we
saw a be careful about this guy so why be careful okay so hat buddy Alice no
all right so might be all extra careful because we
don’t know waiting here uh I heard athlete I heard something
it’s very creepy sooo this way creepy like until till
dawn so damn damn creepy go man hey according to
this today’s beef casserole hmm I’m beat it says if everything just ground to a
halt on this one day the whole ship just stopped functioning yeah because um something kill him yeah something killed him so what is
this what the fuck as if you know your way around the kitchen please messing
around mm-hmm master al huh mister well I know
they stop ma’am so I’m thinking we got to go through
here yeah they saw big ship get lost easy cheney chill pill yeah I think so
too not my scene you know um it’s creepy
you’re right it’s gross and it’s crappy you gotta get out of here too sweet and
we got to find Flis okay so can we just get the fuck out then I totally agree
when you get fuck I hear fast though I being here they say was this twin head hell deal
with this place leave now leave lately okay okay okay okay got some serious
locks in these caskets why would they be chained and locked well that’s one way
to end a relationship well Charl look at this one look for a
kid or something I don’t want to know let’s get out of here yes maybe that’s a
little baby Dracula right there and those are his parents and they’re lying
in the dirt from their native country and they all jump on Conrad and eat off
his face the end okay okay she started um freaked me out what behind this curtain Oh what seriously
are you trying to freak me out what the heck
I saw ahead I just saw salt on oh my gosh that’s it’s all something yeah
there is oh gosh we’re free cougar world my cell spick-and-span oh damn uh-uh this is no time to be
fucking around I’m serious I can’t take it
never oh fuck that
hell no no no were crazy where’s Connie Shh I can show if I want where the hell
did he go Oh No oh fuck they’re not good they’re not
good all guys shit damn rat where are you taking me that’s why would
they tell you okay I don’t know where he taking her up
in nothing something good what is this hey take off leave that alone
damn I’m probably use it about way to crack his skull now we in a boiler room
I don’t know guys Oh right I’m going that don’t go this way I don’t know where I going I don’t know
guys I don’t know no no damnit these fucking places crust
you think research should I be here look at this all right you guys hear that
heard somebody screaming oh now I feel like well circle oh Christ
oh Christ that guy that guy’s probably still right here with us I mean you die
on a ship your post stays on this ship if no idea what you’re talking about uh in the same where did all your friends go I don’t
know what the fuck this is all about but we’ve got to keep moving and find Olson
I thought agree Michael agree guys sit dark creepy yeah very creepy what the fuck is that these
guys saw that I saw something jeezum Matt let me look like the picture alright it’s across a portal what what the fuck okay he gone Grim Reaper is a green Ripper or
something although guys I don’t know we didn’t get all fuck I hear slaw down then you get fuck I hear dark creepy go back this way okay I floss and go this way okay no I don’t try gay area – all right wait man oh my gosh damn hell no help the fuck No oh no that can’t be a good sign
No yeah Nauticus i all what I’ve been down here damn shit loads yeah the fuck no all right all right
let’s go motherfucker come on come on but happy boy
beat up do don’t go in there nah man you fucking
idiot I use a take a boat and leave leave your friend leave your brother but
no ya go find him do really really Wow oh man hello
it was there this can’t be good alright so when you go this way goddamnit this is truly as
they were here okay they were here that goes I nope
okay slaw okay when you find the way how we get them out of here they track this door okay
don’t open they are okay so um the check through here
oh these fuck man I go near dead body shit all right so you can get a fine job by a brother and his friend in captain
oh man they’re not good great I’m not good at all oh shit Oh Oh what’s it thought that I would be running and get
the fuck out of there I don’t know fuck that shit I think it fuck I hear all
right Sitara creepy okay when you go this way Vegeta turn strange maybe they’re through here
yeah let’s check it need something to help me get up there oh no any shoes yeah misses this one yeah real all right cool i reaiiy go this way Alex Julia hello
alright I don’t see not important in here the
picture somebody I’ll rescue us Oh all guys they go this way talk creepy hell no at least nobody
didn’t die yeah except one person was that who’s there get away
I don’t heard something her something screaming they are creepy all right so we going no no I’m not
hearing this I’ll be running and get the fuck out there Alex Julia what the fuck oh man holy shit damn okay I didn’t get a fuck I hear only pop
guy saw that hell no Holly is going on here
oh no we need get the fuck out here now we need to do get the fuck I here lollipop to gather early fall hobbies oh man all he saw what the hell is this
is shiny fuck that all right guys so I’m gonna stop right
here so thank you for watching up oh my god game so creepy man up leading I
really appreciate don’t forget click the light scry caught my share thanks for
check out my channel just got my fly

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