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‘If we have to introduce the current
generation to the Indian culture..’ ‘..then there is nothing
else more engaging..’ ‘..and entertaining than
the epic of Mahabharata.’ ‘Our motive behind telling
this great epic is to present it..’ ‘ a simple and exciting manner
for the children without hurting..’ ‘..any religion or community.’ Brother, have one more. Let it go! – That’s mine! Let it go! – No! It’s mine! I am a messenger. A messenger? – That’s right. What message do you have for us? Do tell us about it. Who is it for? This message is for all mankind.. ..and for all the living
beings in the universe. What is your message?
– Let me tell you. Are you brothers? – Yes. Is there unity among you? – Yes. So, why were you fighting now? Because both of you had
become greedy and jealous. Why? For a gold coin? That’s my message. Let me tell you a story about
a past era to explain it better. You will understand better
when you hear the story about.. ..that era and the valorous men. A story? – A story? Yes. I have a message for you, but all
you want is to listen to the story. Very well. Listen carefully. “Listen to an ancient story.” “My grandma would narrate it to
me describing the eras gone by.” – No. That is so boring. So, how do I narrate it? Just live it up, man! Pump it up! Pump it up! “All the party animals out there.” “Hit the floors and jive.” “Move the body.
Move it, shake it, baby.” “Listen to an ancient story.” “Listen to an ancient story.” “My grandma would narrate it
to me describing the eras gone by.” “There were people on this
earth who had great powers.” “They could go anywhere
they wanted and return.” “They were patient,
powerful and devoted.” ?? ?? ?? ?? “They were very powerful.
They were always peaceful.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “They were very powerful.
They were always peaceful.” “Saints, scholars and
Kings were charitable.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” What kind of a story is that?
It doesn’t feature a king or a queen. Yo, man! What kind of story is this? No prince, no princess? “There was a princess named Kunti.” “She had wonderful dreams.” “Sage Durwas paid
her a visit one day.” “The princess served him well.” “In return, he gifted her five boons.” “These five unique boons..” “..would help her
obtain sons from Gods.” “Without giving much thought,
Kunti asked Sun God for a child.” “She became an unwed mother
and attracted ridicule.” “Karan was the son of Sun God.” “Kunti left him to
the mercy of River Ganges.” “She married Pandu and got Arjun,
Bheema and Yudhishthir.” “She gave the mantra to Madri,
who had twin sons.” Madri was Pandu’s second wife.
– Very good. “They were named Nakul and Sahadev.
They were excellent swordsmen.” “Pandu had five Pandavas.
Dritharashtra had 100 Kauravas.” Wait! Stop! I don’t get it. There’s so much confusion.
– Silly, you are so naive. Let me explain. There was a King Pandu
and he had two wives. Kunti and Madri. Kunti had three sons.
Yudhishthir, Bheema and Arjun. Madri had two sons. Nakul and Sahadev. Is that clear? Pandu’s blind brother Dritharashtra.. ..had a wife named Gandhari. They had 100 sons called Kauravas. Duryodhan was the
eldest of the Kauravas. Is that clear?
I hope there is no confusion. “Pandu had five Pandavas.
Dritharashtra had 100 Kauravas.” “The princes grew up together.” “Later, they became disciples
of Sage Dronacharya.” “There was animosity between them.
The brothers fought each other.” “The epic of Mahabharata
is full of stories of bloodshed.” “This is the epic of Mahabharata.” “This is the epic of Mahabharata.” ?? ?? ?? ?? Hail King Dritharashtra! Hail King Dritharashtra! Hail Hastinapur! Hail King Dritharashtra! Hail Hastinapur! Hail King Dritharashtra! Hail Hastinapur! Hail King Dritharashtra! Attention please! The pride and honor of
the Kauravas and Pandavas.. ..respected Grandsire
Bheeshma is on his way. Long live Grandsire Bheeshma! Long live Grandsire Bheeshma! Long live Grandsire Bheeshma! Long live Grandsire Bheeshma! Friends, it is an honor.. ..that Kauravas and Pandavas
have become skilful warriors. Today, with permission
from their teacher Dronacharya.. ..they will exhibit
their weapon skills. Firstly, we will have mace duel. Prince Duryodhan will
represent the Kauravas. Prince Bheemsen will
represent the Pandavas. Kunti, who is winning? Your Highness,
Bheema is dealing heavy blows. What about Duryodhan? He is not weak.
Now, he has overpowered Bheema. I feel like watching Duryodhan
fight with my own eyes. But I feel like closing my eyes. I’m afraid I might
bring bad luck to Bheema. Bheemsen! Duryodhan! Stop! Grandsire, stop them. Duryodhan! Bheemsen! It’s impossible to judge
between Duryodhan and Bheemsen. Now I invite Arjun. Greetings. – Have a long life. I swear to God.. ..Arjun is the best
archer in the world. You are wrong. Pardon me, teacher. You are swearing wrongly. I ask for an opportunity
to display my skill. Uncle.. ..he seems as good as Arjun. Everything else is just an illusion. You’re right, Dushasan. Duryodhan. – Yes, uncle? I have this gut feeling that.. ..God has sent this pawn for you. I understand what you mean, uncle. Do you claim to be
a better archer than Arjun? First tell us who you are. I am Karan. – What is your identity? He’s the son of Adhirath,
the charioteer. ‘Adhirath’s son?’ I won’t fight the son of a charioteer. ‘Karan isn’t a charioteer’s son.
He’s my eldest son.’ A son of a charioteer.
You seem to have big dreams. The son of a royal servant
is challenging a prince. Only kings and princes can participate
in this challenge. You can’t. Then take your words back, teacher. That Arjun is the best
archer in the three worlds. There is no proof.. ..that you are a better
archer than Arjun. You are not permitted
to take part in this challenge. This is injustice. He is my friend. He’s no less than a prince. Making him your friend.. ..won’t make him a prince. The one whose family is not known..’s an insult for a
prince to fight such a person. Grandsire, Karan’s mother must
have belonged to the warrior class. Arjun. – Yes? You refuse to fight him just
because he isn’t a prince? – Yes. Very well. I declare Karan
the king of Ang from this very moment. Duryodhan,
that won’t change his identity. You might make him a king, but he
will remain the son of a charioteer. Grandsire,
I have changed Karan’s fate. Kings should always
hold their heads high. Now, nobody can stop you.. ..from taking part in this challenge.
– My friend. I would lay down my life
in return for the honor..’ve bestowed on me. I will kill Arjun for insulting me. But today you don’t have to kill him,
you’ll have to just crush his arrogance. Do you have any other questions?
– Arjun. Seems like this duel
will go on without any result. Therefore, I declare Arjun
and Karan as equally skillful. Grandsire. Friends, everyone knows
the history of Hastinapur. The eldest son Dritharashtra had
a right to the throne of Hastinapur. But he is blind. So, his younger brother
Pandu was made the king. Yudhishthir, the eldest son
of late King Pandu and of the family.. capable enough
to rule the kingdom. Therefore, we should
declare him the crown prince. I have always respected
Uncle Bheeshma’s opinion. Vidhur, declare Yudhishthir
as the crown prince on my behalf. The tables have been turned. On behalf of the secular and
upholder of law King Dritharashtra.. ..declare Yudhishthir
the crown prince. Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live King Dritharashtra! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Yudhishthir has denied me my rights. First, Uncle Pandu took
away the throne from my father. Now, his son has snatched it from me. We could do nothing in the
presence of Grandsire and Vidhur.. ..who are Pandu’s supporters. Why not? I feel like burning
down the kingdom to ashes. You better burn the Pandavas to ashes. Uncle, think of a plan.. ..which would get rid of them
and the suspicion won’t fall on us. My dear nephew. I have a great plan to
burn the Pandavas to ashes. Do you get me? Set the palace on fire and leave. Bheema? – Did you really think you
could get away by burning this palace? But who told you? We knew about Duryodhan
and Shakuni’s plans. All of you are part
of their evil plans. Now, pay for your sins. Death! What is happening? – Let’s go, mother. Brother! Brother! Nakul, hurry up! Sahadev, follow me. Watch out! Be careful. This is not possible! Impossible! But it has happened. The five Pandavas and
Kunti were burnt alive. You’re right, mother.
I have seen their burnt corpses. Thank God, Gandhari and I can’t see. We couldn’t have summed
up the courage to see them. They paid the price for
taking away Duryodhan’s rights. Shakuni! – Brother! Uncle is right, father. As you sow, so shall you reap. Why haven’t the Pandavas come out yet? It’s not easy to travel through
the tunnel among smoke and darkness. Greetings! – Brother. Thank God, you are safe. Thanks to you,
we knew about Duryodhan’s conspiracy. My spies keep an eye on Duryodhan. And you also dug up this tunnel. Uncle, you are great. Please come. The boat is ready. This will take you
across the River Ganges. I want to go to Hastinapur,
not across the Ganges. Duryodhan and the Kauravas
must be celebrating our deaths. Use your mind. Duryodhan thinks.. ..that you are dead.
You should take advantage of that. Go undercover for a while. Increase
your strength and your supporters. Thank God that if Uncle
Shakuni is with the Kauravas.. ..then Uncle Vidhur is with us. Lord Krishna is with you. He will guide you when
the time is appropriate. This is a safe place to
spend the night. Right, brother? It looks fine.
But it is wrought with dangers. Why, brother? There are no animals in this forest. Neither tiger, nor a jackal.
– Then it’s a safe place, right? No. I’m sure there
are demons in this forest. The animals have left
the forest fearing them. All of you take some rest. I’ll
see what demon dares to come here. I smell a human. I smell a human. I wish I can have this human. Lady, come before me.
Else, I’ll bring down this tree. Who are you? Are you an angel from heaven? I am Hidimba. Who are you? I am Bheemsen, the son of Pandu. My family is resting over there. I smell a human. He is mine. My brother is coming this way.
All of you better leave this place. Why? – He is a demon. He devours humans.
Go! Go! – Are you also a demoness? Yes. – You can also devour us. I can’t after meeting you. Now, I have no one in this world. Don’t worry. We’re all there. I am not related to you. You tried to save our lives. We will give you anything in return. I would like to serve him. I have fallen in love with him. Why not? What do you think, Bheema? But she’s a demoness. She may be a demoness physically. But emotionally she is human. Bheema, love is what makes us human. Today, love has transformed
a demon into a human. If you don’t return her favor.. would be as bad as a demon. Mother, it’s my duty to obey you. A marriage made in heaven. I had to pay a heavy
price for your favor. Friend, I had told you.. ..not to deal a blow to my armor. I wanted to see the miracle
of your divine armor performs. I had only heard about it.
Now, I’ve seen for myself. Your armor and earrings won’t let
you lose to the greatest of warriors. Greetings to Prince Duryodhan
and Karan, the king of Ang. Your Majesty,
bless these gold ornaments. Then I will distribute
them among the poor. You give away 46 kg of
gold in charity every day. At this rate,
Ang’s treasury will become empty. You had given away the kingdom
of Ang in charity, Duryodhan. You are the real charitable person.
I am no match for you. That wasn’t charity, my friend.
I helped you in the time of calamity. You’re my best friend. Wonderful! Friendship
should be like this. Fantastic! Uncle, when did you arrive? I had been taking a good
look at your friendship. But someone who can divide
you will be here soon. What do you mean? – The King
of Panchal has invited both of you.. participate in his daughter
Draupadi’s groom-choosing ceremony. Draupadi? – Yes Princess Draupadi. Her eyes are wide and
deep blue like a sapphire. Her lips are as soft as rose petals. The way she walks creates a riot. “Playful and carefree.” “You look very different.” “Playful and carefree.” “You are beautiful and dandy.” “Playful and carefree.” “You look very different.
You are beautiful and dandy.” “The way you smile.
The way you shy away.” “The way you smile.
The way you shy away.” “You waver away lost in thought.” “You waver away.” “You walk away excited.” “You look very different.” “Playful and carefree.” “You look very different.
You are beautiful and dandy.” “I will use the earth as paper.
And the seven seas as ink.” “I will use all the jungles as a pen.” “I vouch for you, dear.” “I vouch for you.” “Cannot describe your beauty.” “Cannot describe your beauty.” “Playful and carefree.” “Playful and carefree.” “Playful and carefree.” I, Dhrishtadyumn, with permission
from my sister Princess Draupadi.. ..and King Draupad’s order, announce.. ..that any valorous person who looks
at the fish image in this oil tank.. ..and hits the fish
eye with an arrow.. ..will get married
to Princess Draupadi. There he goes.
– Let’s see what he does. Looks like he’ll be the groom. Yes, you are right. God, protect me. Prince Duryodhan. He built the Lakshgraha.
He got the Pandavas killed. Life and death are in
the hands of the Almighty. God, protect me. Karan, the king of Ang. Brother, tell him he cannot
participate in this ceremony. He’s the son of a charioteer. He is a very charitable person.
Nobody can match up to him. What kind of charitable person
accepts a kingdom in charity? He is neither charitable,
nor a prince. Princess, you have a sharp tongue. Let’s go, Karan. If you permit me, may I give it a try? Brahman, this task is meant
for the warrior class, not you. A Brahman will do what
people of warrior class couldn’t. Your Majesty,
do I have your permission? What do you think, Draupadi? I have no objection. That is not acceptable!
You are insulting the warrior class. What are you looking at? Get Draupadi! I want to teach her a lesson. That’s right.
We won’t let that happen. Lord Krishna. You are a relative,
yet you help an unknown Brahman. Whom you consider a Brahman..
He is not a Brahman. He is not a Brahman? – That’s right. He’s a warrior dressed as a Brahman. I hope you know Arjun,
son of Pandu. – Arjun? But they had died in
a fire five years back. Nobody can kill the
one whose time hasn’t come. Not even you. The other Pandavas are over there. ‘The Pandavas will
claim the throne again.’ I had asked Arjun to participate
in the groom-choosing ceremony. Arjun will definitely win. Mother, look what
I have brought for you. Why do you want me to see it?
Share it among yourselves, as usual. Mother! – Who is it? Why did you give that order? This is Draupadi,
your daughter-in-law. Arjun got her in a
groom-choosing ceremony. Oh, god! I gave a strange order
to my sons without much thought. It is our duty to obey you. No, that is impossible. Sons, I take back my words. That is not needed, aunt. You have said something
already predicted in the Vedas. In the Vedas? – Yes. Draupadi has Lord Shiva’s blessings. It has come true through you. What kind of blessings are these? In your previous life,
you had prayed to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva had appeared
and had asked.. What boon do you want? A husband. A husband.
A husband. A husband. A husband. You had said it five times. Lord Shiva granted your wish. He said that you had asked
for a husband five times. In your next life,
you will have five husbands. But how is this possible? It has to happen. Lord Shiva’s blessing
and fate can’t be changed. Draupadi is the wife
of all five Pandavas. Mother, rest assured. It was meant to happen. Yudhishthir. – Yes, Lord Krishna? Draupadi left her palace for you. It is the duty of you all
to take her back to a palace. In these years,
you have obtained divine weapons. You have powerful kings as friends. It is time to go to Hastinapur
and demand your rights. As you wish, Lord. Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Bheema! Long live Prince Arjun! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Bheema! Long live Prince Arjun! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Bheema! Long live Prince Arjun! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Bheema! Long live Prince Arjun! Long live Prince Yudhishthir! Long live Prince Yudhishthir!
– Have a long life. Greetings, Grandsire. Long live Prince Arjun! Long live Prince Bheema! I do not want the brothers to fight.. ..over the throne. Your Majesty, I suggest you
give half the kingdom to Yudhishthir. I accept Grandsire’s suggestion. We also accept half of the kingdom. The new kingdom needs a new capital. I think Pandavas should
make Khandavprasth their capital. Because Khandavprasth
is a heaven in Hastinapur. Brother, this is Khandavprasth,
heaven in Hastinapur. Do we have to live among
snakes and scorpions once again? We lived in a forest for five years.
They have sent us back to a forest. We’ll have to make
this forest into a capital. Calm down, Bheema. We will definitely transform
this forest into heaven. Arjun, you have Lord
Indra’s blessings. You better pray to him. – As you wish. Hail Lord Indra. Hail Lord Indra. Hail Lord Indra. Arjun. – Lord Indra. I accept your prayer. Greetings. Vishwakarma.
– What are your orders, Lord? Transform Khandavprasth into heaven.
– As you wish, Lord. Hail Lord Brahma. Wonderful, Lord. You’ve completely
transformed this place. We will name this place Indraprasth. Have a long life. ‘After the formation of Indraprasth,
Yudhishthir was made the king.’ ‘He instituted the
rule of justice and duty.’ ‘In the neighborhood,
King Jarasandh..’ ‘..took 100 other kings captive
and decided to sacrifice them.’ ‘Bheema defeated him in a duel..’ ‘..and freed all the kings.’ ‘These kings sided with the Pandavas.’ ‘Soon, Dharmaraj became an emperor.’ ‘That means,
all the kings came under him.’ ‘Duryodhan became jealous of
Pandavas’ progress and popularity.’ ‘He was consumed by rage.’ ‘His anger knew no bounds..’ ‘..when Arjun got married
to Subhadra who was..’ ‘..Krishna and Balram’s sister and his
love interest against Balram’s wishes.’ ‘Balram wanted to marry
Subhadra to Duryodhan.’ ‘Subhadra gave birth to Abhimanyu.’ ‘That added another name
in Kaurava’s enemy list.’ Darling, you are so beautiful.
You don’t need decking up. If I don’t deck up.. ..the maids in this palace of illusions
will look more beautiful than me. Impossible! – Duryodhan will
be coming to our palace of illusions. I want him to forget everything
he sees in this palace.. ..and remember only me. Oh, God! This side of you is scaring me. Wonder what would happen to others. Draupadi, what are you doing? – Go on. ‘I will give Duryodhan
such a welcome..’ ‘..that people will
remember it for centuries.’ Khandavprasth has
really become heaven. Uncle, you had said that
Khandavprasth is heaven on Earth. We have made your words come true. I was wondering that if
their palace is so beautiful.. would this
palace of illusions be? It is beautiful and strange. Uncle, the door is closed.
You are elder to us. You should be the one to enter first. Please lead the way. Guards, we want to enter. Please open the door. Welcome. Duryodhan, I hope they aren’t
taking revenge for burning the palace. Uncle, this isn’t that palace.
This is a palace of illusions. Uncle, do you see that? What is this, Arjun? This is a magical mirror. It shows a person his real side. Am I a snake? Snake? Where? This is a strange mirror.
Real strange mirror. What’s this? Is that what I am? This mirror shows
a person his real self. That is obvious. Animals will appear as animals. Someone who snatches other
people’s rights looks like a wolf. Do you also see all these? No. I don’t need a
mirror to judge someone. Please come this way.
– Is there anything more to see? The lady of the house. I mean,
won’t you meet your sister-in-law? You mean, Panchali? Let’s go. Greetings, brother-in-law.
Greetings, uncle. Five Draupadis? Who is the real Draupadi among these? Here I am, Duryodhan. Panchali,
your beauty can attract anyone. A blind son of a blind father. Panchali! Panchali, you made a
big mistake by insulting me. I will definitely take revenge
for this in front of everyone. Uncle, let’s go. – Duryodhan. Uncle! Uncle! What happened to Duryodhan? Draupadi insulted Duryodhan.
He left angrily. I was born due to a fire ritual. Duryodhan had insulted me.
I took my revenge today. The fire of my revenge
is satiated now. Panchali, you made a big mistake. The enmity between Kauravas
and Pandavas was over. You have reignited that enmity. I wonder how far
this enmity will spread. Such arrogance? Such ego? She has insulted me today.
It’s like poison. And it has hurt me deeply. I know a way to get back at her,
Duryodhan. I will snatch her out of
the clutches of the Pandavas. She has five husbands.
I will be her sixth husband. I will kidnap her tomorrow. No, nephew, no.. force won’t work
here. We need to act intelligently. Take advantage of
your enemy’s weaknesses. What weakness? – There is only one. Yudhishthir has the
bad habit of gambling. Emperor Yudhishthir. Uncle is very impatient
to play against you. Dharmaraj. Pardon me,
Emperor Dharmaraj, place a bigger bet. It is just an illusion. Nephew, he didn’t come
so far to place a small bet. I never place a small bet.
– Wonderful! Big people always do big things. Maybe he will bet his kingdom as well. Right, Dharmaraj? – Do you doubt it? I bet my wealth and kingdom. I wager both. – What is going on? How can you wager your kingdom? He has placed the bet, Grandsire. Dharmaraj is not lying. Am I right? That’s right. Throw the dice. I need six. Well done, uncle. We won. All five of you have become my slaves. Dharmaraj, take off your crown. Take off your ornaments as well. If we play another round,
I would wager both the kingdoms. We have nothing to wager. You have the most valuable gem
in your possession.. ..and you say, you have nothing to lose. What are you talking about?
– Panchali. Draupadi. Duryodhan! Utter her
name again at your own peril! Bheemsen,
both the kingdoms are up for grabs. Won’t you let Dharmaraj
be emperor again? Let him wager Panchali.
– I wager Panchali now. Throw the dice. I need six again. Well done, uncle. We won Panchali as well. Now we stop the game. There is one final game. The one who loses this
time will be exiled for 13 years. And would be in disguise
in the final year. If the winner sees or finds
the loser in the 13th year.. ..he will again be exiled for
12 years and one year in disguise. What do you think? Is it all right? I accept. Throw the dice. There you are. – Six again? Duryodhan, I told you so. We won again. Dushasana! – Yes, brother? Drag that arrogant Draupadi here.
She’s no more a queen. She’s my maid. As you wish, brother.
I’ll do as you please. Come on! – Dushasana, let me go! Guards! Anybody! Let go of me! How dare you, Dushasana? – Come on! Let me go!
Let go! Get your hands off me! Let me go, you devil! Sinner! Draupadi, this is the result
of calling me a blind man’s son. What is going on, brother-in-law?
– Well, I am your master now. You are my maid. I won you from Dharmaraj
in a game of dice. Dharmaraj,
you had no right to wager me. What happened to your pride?
– They are my slaves and you too. Obey me. Undress and sit on my lap. You are insulting a married woman,
Duryodhan. You would insult others all the time.
Now, you complain about being insulted. Grandsire, how can you tolerate
your daughter-in-law being insulted? Teacher, are your arrows meant
only for innocent birds and fish? Aren’t they meant for
those who abuse a woman? Your Majesty! That’s enough. Dushasana, undress
Draupadi and make her sit on my lap. Duryodhan, I take a vow!
You want Draupadi to sit on your lap. I will break your thighs and kill you. I also vow that I will tie my hair
after I wet them with Dushasan’s blood. You are down, but not out. Dushasan! No! – This is your fate. Nobody can save you. My savior will definitely
come for my help. – Let us see. The one who had saved Sita from Ravan. The one who had defeated Kans. That butter thief? What can he do? The savior of the universe
will also save me. It’s your fate! – Oh, Lord. Lord Krishna, help me. What is this? Your Majesty, an invisible
divine power is helping the Pandavas. Divine power? It must be Krishna. I will have to atone
for the sins of my sons. Grandsire, I return whatever
the Pandavas have lost in gambling. I return their kingdom. Draupadi
is no more a slave. She’s a queen. But Dharmaraj has promised
to go in exile. What about that? We belong to the warrior class.
We will keep our word. Anyway, Draupadi was
insulted because of me. So, we have to go in
exile to atone for my sins. I will also go in exile. My unkempt
hair will remind them of my insult. “Nobody can predict the future,
except the Almighty.” “Why is the world wavering?
Why is there darkness?” “Nobody can predict the future,
except the Almighty.” “Why is the world wavering?
Why is there darkness?” “All relations have broken
because of this rift.” “Destiny will take its own course.” “Duty and action
are not easy to follow.” “If you stray away from the truth,
you’ll never be able to come back.” “This fire of war between
brothers will never be resolved.” “This fire of war between
brothers will never be resolved.” “Nobody can predict the future,
except the Almighty.” “Why is the world wavering?
Why is there darkness?” “There are no more palaces.
There is only exile.” “They have to atone for their sins.” “There is uneasiness
in this wilderness.” “The power of devotion is infinite.” “Lord Hanuman’s power
has been realized.” “Bheema’s arrogance was shattered.” “This new dawn has kindled a fire.” “He was blessed with the
strength of hundred elephants.” “That’s the Almighty’s blessings.” “Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
imparted knowledge to Arjun.” “They presented a powerful
bow to honor his devotion.” “Destiny will take its own course.” “Nobody can predict the future,
except the Almighty.” “Why is the world wavering?
Why is there darkness?” “Nobody can predict the future,
except the Almighty.” “Why is the world wavering?
Why is there darkness?” “Time played games with them.” “They had to live in disguise.” “Life is sometimes easy.” “Sometimes it is tough.” “Destiny will take its own course.” Greetings to King Dritharashtra, the
king of kings and the head of Kauravas. Lord Krishna, the king of Dwarka,
is on his way here. You could have said the
shepherd from Gokul is here. What does he want from us? It’s an honor that
Lord Krishna is here. Bless you. I have come as a messenger
of peace on behalf of the Pandavas. You know that the
Pandavas have fulfilled.. ..the conditions of exile
and one year in disguise. As per your promise, you should return
half the kingdom to Yudhishthir. If he wanted to beg,
he should have come himself. The Pandavas are
demanding their rights. What if I refuse?
– There will be war between brothers. A bloody war. Are you here for peace
talks or to threaten us with war? I am not threatening you. I am warning about the
dire consequences of war. Reconcile with the Pandavas. When two brothers meet,
Lord Vishnu’s divine wheel.. ..Goddess Kali’s mighty mace.. ..Lord Brahma’s divine weapon,
and Lord Shiva’s bow.. ..will not harm your unity. Duryodhan,
accept Lord Krishna’s proposal. This union will make you more
powerful. – I don’t need such a union. Duryodhan, such arrogance is not good. Arrogance is the pride of Emperors.
I can’t let it go. That means you won’t
give away half the kingdom. If they have the strength,
they can make war and get it. In order to avoid open war.. should give five villages to the
five Pandavas, if not half the kingdom. Forget five villages,
I won’t give them an inch of land. Then you better remember, Duryodhan. In these 13 years.. ..the Pandavas have obtained
weapons and boons from the Gods. The Pandavas can destroy
the Kauravas with them. All of you will perish. Before that, we will destroy you. Come on. Kill him! Move ahead! Duryodhan, if I had not taken a vow.. ..of not taking up
arms against the Kauravas.. ..I would have beheaded
all of you with my divine wheel. But you won’t be spared anyway. You will get killed at the hands
of the Pandavas on the battlefield. He came as a messenger of
peace and threatened us with war. That is good. Now, there will be war. Dronacharya, Dushasan, Uncle
Shakuni and Karan, prepare for war. Grandsire, you will be the commander.
– That was obvious. Because I had vowed to
protect the king of Hastinapur. But I feel sad that
because of your arrogance.. ..I have to pick up arms
against Arjun and the Pandavas. Only the warrior class
will take part in the war. If Karan joins the war, I won’t fight. But.. – Grandsire, you may accept the
post of commander without hesitation. We won’t take any decision
against your wishes. No. – What is wrong, Parth? Arjun, why are you so hesitant? What is going on through your mind? I can’t fight this war. What are you saying? Why can’t you? I would have to point
my arrows at my dear ones. So, how can I shoot the arrows? This is not a temple.
This is a battlefield. Grandsire and Drona
could be good people. But they were bound by vow and duty.
That’s why they support the bad people. You will have to kill them. I can’t have the blood of
my dear ones on my hand. I can’t. If you don’t kill them,
they will kill you. If you don’t support righteousness,
the evil people will rule. The evil Kauravas,
who had tried to undress Draupadi.. ..would undress mothers
and sisters in public. That’s why you must make war. Taking up arms in self-defense,
fighting for your rights.. ..making war for justice
and righteousness is not violence.. ..but courage. Arjun, don’t feel
sad when someone dies. Listen, Arjun. The soul neither dies,
nor can it kill anyone. Fire can’t burn it,
water can’t drown it. Just as human removes old clothes,
and puts on new ones.. the same way the soul leaves
the old body to enter a new one. The body is destructible.
The soul is immortal. But I had always thought
of the soul as destructible. Let me explain.
Have a look at my real self. You worry about death. Look, I am the one who
brings about everyone’s death. And I am the one who creates life. So, are you wiser now? That is enough, Lord. I can’t
endure your brilliance anymore. In my ignorance, I thought
of you as a mere flute player. But you are the greatest God of all. You are the creator
and destroyer of life. All right then.
Let go of all your doubts. Take my refuge and do as I tell you. Open your eyes, Arjun.
– You already did that. I will be killing Bheeshma,
Dronacharya, Kripacharya and others. You will be just
a cause of their deaths. Get up. Don’t be a coward. Take up your bow
and shoot those arrows. As you wish, Lord. Blow your conch.
I am ready for battle. Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! ?? Audio not clear. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? “In the hope of victory,
where have I come?” “Blood has spread in all directions.” ?? ?? ?? ?? As long as Grandsire is fighting,
our win is impossible. What can we do? He has been granted a boon
that he can’t die unless he wishes it. Yes, but we can hit him with
countless arrows and incapacitate him. Impossible!
– We must act intelligently. Intelligently or cunningly? You won’t understand. Arjun and I will
take care of Grandsire. Tomorrow, he will be
forced to lay down his bow. What’s this? A woman is acting
as a shield of the Pandavas. Grandsire, shoot the arrow. Take me away from here. Lord Krishna,
I’m sure this is your move. What kind of trick are
you playing on the battlefield? Arjun, remember what I told you?
Shikandi is a man. But Grandsire thinks he’s a woman.
So he won’t target him. I belong to the warrior class. I can’t target this
woman in a man’s body. I can’t even see her face. Get me out of here.
– Arjun, shoot the arrow. But Vasudev..
– Shoot the arrow, Arjun. Arjun, shoot the arrow.
You won’t get a better opportunity. Okay. Forgive me, Grandsire. Oh, Krishna! Grandsire!
Grandsire! How did this happen? Mother. Ganga. Mother Ganga. Mother.. Arjun. Dear, Arjun. Arjun. – “Favorite son of Ganga.” “Laying thirsty on a bed
of arrows.” – I want water. “When thirsty eyes call out,
Arjun quenches his thirst.” “Strange are these relations.
They go through the grind.” Uncle. – What is it, Abhimanyu? Where did father go so early? Arjun went to battle in the morning.
He has to fight from the south. Why? – Brother,
the Kauravas are organizing.. ..a labyrinth on
the battlefield today. Labyrinth? – It’s a maze of death. Once a soldier gets trapped in it,
he can’t come out alive. This is serious. Arjun isn’t here. And nobody
else can break the labyrinth. I know that, uncle. Abhimanyu, when did you learn it? In the womb? – What? Once, mother was not able to sleep.
So, father started narrating to her.. ..the technique to break open
the seven doors of the labyrinth. I heard it too and memorized it. Abhimanyu,
we will make you commander today. Right, Yudhishthir? – No, Bheemsen. Abhimanyu is still a kid. How would I face Arjun if
something untoward happened to him? Arjun didn’t say a word
when you wagered me in the game. So, why would he object.. ..if you allow him to display
his bravery on the battlefield? If he were my son,
I would have given permission. Brother, give him your
permission without any fear. Very well. I declare this
sixth Pandav our commander. But there is a problem. – What is it? When father finished narrating
the technique of breaking six doors.. ..mother fell asleep. And you couldn’t learn the technique
to break the seventh door. Right? Yes. – So what? I will break open the seventh door. I have the strength of 400 elephants. Dronacharya’s labyrinth will
definitely be destroyed today. ‘God, protect him.’ ‘I hope this brave kid doesn’t
get martyred in this war.’ “Kurukshetra is the place of Dharma.” “Kurukshetra is the place of Dharma.” “This war witnessed
the pinnacle of enmity.” “Dharma wagered everything
in this gamble.” “With his strength
and a flag in his hand..” “..he moved forward wielding
weapons in the battlefield.” “Nobody could avoid his blows.” “Abhimanyu refused to give
up fighting in the labyrinth.” This kid will destroy us. I think I’ll have
to do something about it. Well done, son. You will make the Pandavas proud.
I am proud of you. “The scared enemies
conspired against him.” “Only cowards stab
the brave in the back.” “Together they killed a child.” “There were rivers
of blood everywhere.” “Kurukshetra is the place of Dharma.” “Kurukshetra is the place of Dharma.” “Mothers lost their apple of
their eyes. Fathers lost their sons.” “The earth and the sky are crying.” “Strange are their promises and vows.” “The army is injured,
soldiers have been massacred.” “There is smoke rising
up from these burning pyres.” “The battlefield has
become a bottomless well.” “Everyone is out to kill each other.
How did it ever come to this?” Who is it? Queen Kunti? Don’t call me a queen.
I’m here to ask something from you. What can a son of a
charioteer give a queen? Mercy. The lives of my
five sons are in your hands. So, you know that after
Grandsire and Dronacharya.. ..Duryodhan has made me the commander. The lives of the Pandavas
are dependent on my skill of archery. Do me this favor. Do not kill them.
They aren’t your enemies. The Pandavas are your brothers. Didn’t Krishna tell you about this? He told me that you gave birth to me. But you set me off
in a basket in a river. Tell me honestly,
are mothers like that? You have five sons,
but you aren’t an ideal mother. Mothers should be like Radha.
She didn’t give birth to me. But she raised me lovingly. Don’t hurt a mother
with such sharp criticism. Do you know how deeply I’ve been hurt? In the stadium, when people ridiculed
me for being a son of a charioteer.. ..why did you remain quiet?
– I was helpless. How could an unwed
woman become a mother? You have no idea how
much I’ve pined for you. After all, I am your mother. Try to understand the
compulsions of a woman, Karan. You aren’t here to
shower your love on me. You’re here to save
the lives of your sons. My sons are your brothers. I have no brothers, except Duryodhan. Because of you,
I became the son of a charioteer. Duryodhan made me the king of Ang. Duryodhan gave you
a small kingdom of Ang. The Pandavas will make
you the king of Hastinapur. Forget Hastinapur, if I am
made the king of the three worlds.. ..I would refuse it
due to Duryodhan’s favor. Meaning,
a mother will go empty-handed.. ..from the house of
the most charitable person. You had abandoned me. But I won’t let you go empty-handed. I had given something
to the father a while ago. The father? – Yes. Arjun’s father Lord Indra. He asked for my armor
and earrings to protect Arjun. He thinks if I don’t have
those things Arjun can kill me. My son. What is this? I didn’t send him back disappointed.
So I will not send you too. Ask whatever you want. You couldn’t be a mother. Let me fulfill
the responsibilities of being your son. I ask for the lives of my five sons. You want your five sons to live. Rest assured.
Your five sons will live. I won’t kill any other Pandav,
except Arjun. If Arjun dies,
you will have five sons including me. If I die, you will have
five sons including Arjun. Karan! What is wrong with you?
– Karan! It seems you’ve forgotten to fight.
– Why do you say that? Nakul, Sahadev, Yudhishthir and
even Bheema have been in your range. But you couldn’t kill them.
Tell me, what’s the reason? What is the problem, Karan? ‘I ask for the lives of my five sons.’ Karan, you are not focusing. I am focusing only on Arjun. If he dies,
the others would be easy to kill. If Arjun doesn’t die today,
we will be defeated. I will definitely kill Arjun today. Arjun, shoot the arrow. What are you doing, Arjun?
Shoot the arrow. This is no time for hesitation. But he is unarmed. – So was Grandsire. No, I can’t trick him and kill him. He had tricked your
son and then killed him. Shoot the arrow. – Forgive me. I am breaking the rules
of the warrior class.. ..and going to kill
Abhimanyu’s killer. ‘The lives of my five
sons is in your hands.’ Mother! Mother, look. I sacrificed myself
to make your happy. Karan, my friend. Friend, forgive me. I didn’t get lucky this time. Dushasan, where will you run? Draupadi has to wash
her hair with your blood. They need to be purified. Brother, please. It is all about fate. Don’t break my arms.
Because I don’t have arms. It’s all about fate.
If I don’t have arms, why do you.. Duryodhan! Duryodhan is hiding in this pond. ‘Give me strength,
Lord.’ I will build an army again.’ ‘Hastinapur is mine.’ Duryodhan, you wanted Draupadi
to sit on your lap, right? Hastinapur is mine. No sinner or immoral person is alive. But we have lost this
war even after winning it. We have lost our dear ones. The rule of the
Pandavas across India.. ..will resemble the rule of Lord Rama. I call upon the eldest son of Pandu. Wait. Stop. Before the coronation,
I want to clear the stigma.. ..associated with my eldest son. Stigma? With me? Not you. I’m meant Karan. The world calls him
the son of a charioteer. He wasn’t the son of a charioteer.
Karan was the eldest Pandav. He was your elder brother. But how is that possible?
– Let me explain. Sun God blessed Kunti with
Karan before she got married. Karan belonged to the royal family. But he was insulted time and again. Aunt Kunti endured it all. When Karan found out the truth,
he promised not to kill you all. He spared you all to fulfill
the promise made to his mother. But he sacrificed his life. If Karan were alive today.. ..he would have a
right to this throne. If Karan had returned.. ..I would’ve placed his sandals
on the throne and ruled on his behalf. Had he not sided
with the evil people.. ..I would have showered my
love on him instead of killing him. As per Karan’s tradition.. ..I will give away 46 kg of gold
on his behalf from the royal treasury. The stigma against
my son has been erased. You may proceed with the coronation. Long live King Yudhishthir.
– Long live King Yudhishthir! Long live King Yudhishthir! Long live King Yudhishthir! Long live King Yudhishthir! Long live King Yudhishthir! “There will be a new dawn.
Beauty will set in again.” “There will be light again.
Darkness will be banished.” “Birds will sing new songs.” “Time will throw out new gems.” “Festivals will be
celebrated in this country.” “Hope will float in every household.” “Kurukshetra is a place of Dharma.” “Kurukshetra is a place of Dharma.” Time went by.
The Pandavas ruled for many years. Happiness, responsibility,
justice and knowledge was everywhere. But today, mankind has forgotten
the lesson, the knowledge.. ..and the message of harmony
that this story and time has given us. I hope you will remember it. Live in harmony. Respect your elders.
Never forsake justice and truth. Promise me,
you will remind others of this lesson. Yes, we promise. – Very good. “Kurukshetra is a place of Dharma.” “Kurukshetra is a place of Dharma.” “Nobody can predict the future,
except the Almighty.” “Why is the world wavering?
Why is there darkness?” “You look very different.
You are beautiful and dandy.”

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