Love letters to women – Peter Lindbergh, Minimalism & Fashion photography – Nikon D810

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER] My first professional photo
was with a Nikomat and I’ve used a Nikon ever since. Thanks to them
I can work with a 35mm because the quality
of the latest model… they’re just incredible. When this camera came out
with so many pixels it was a joy for me because beforehand
whenever it was advertising, huge billboards in Los Angeles
that was medium format. And now never again. For me it’s like a renaissance. With the larger formats
it’s very different. Locations require too much set-up and when everything’s ready
you shoot, right? And with the 35mm
I think Nikon are different, you start shooting,
that’s how it’s done, by shooting the images. It’s much more effective
and much more open too. There’s lots of room for chance. I don’t use Photoshop at all so the work is done
all at the same time. That’s the skill, isn’t it? When digital began I was used to my little 36 speed. You took four photos, five photos and then had to wait.
It was terrible. It was like…
you couldn’t breathe, right? With the D810
that’s unthinkable now. You have the quality
and you have the speed. I rely on accidents a great deal. And on continuity too. Because each time you stop, people lose focus. Shooting with medium format film
people appear different. It’s just too serious. With Nikon cameras
I can hold the camera in my hand, and take the shots, but we can talk at the same time.
That’s fantastic. You could also say
that someone who shoots too much doesn’t know what he’s doing,
and after – with a bit of luck something OK will always come out.

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