Lightroom Quick Tips – Why You Should Use Virtual Copies

Hi! In this video, I’m going to give you
an Adobe Lightroom quick tip. Hi I’m Adam and welcome to First Man Photography,
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Okay, let’s get into this. On this channel before, I’ve talked about
having workflow that’s nondestructive and Adobe Lightroom provides that very well because
you can make changes to your image and it won’t affect the original image file. Sometimes
though you may want to have a different version of the same image. You might want to have
a black and white version, a colour version or may come back to that image a few weeks
down the line and think I’d like to do something a little bit different with that but you don’t
want to lose the original edits. Lightroom provides a nice easy facility for us to create
virtual copies of our pictures that we can then edit differently. So let’s get in to
the computer and I’ll show you very quickly how we can do that.
Okay, so we go straight into Adobe Lightroom and this is the image I’m going to be using.
A picture of a sheep I took recently. I’ve already used this image. I like it, I’m
happy with the colour but think I also want a black and white version because I think
it’s really going to work well in black and white. So all you need to do is go to
the Grid here and right click and then we go to Create Virtual Copy. So just click that.
It has this little thing here which denotes that it’s a copy and then you can go ahead
and edit that differently. So I’m just going to open that up into the Develop Module and
convert it to black and white. Now when I convert to black and white, I like to add
more contrast and then increase the exposure a little bit and I think, as you can see,
that’s a pretty good image in black and white as well as the original colour version.
Now another way I use the virtual copy is, I might want to edit it in a different way
and come back to that image later and I thought about it differently. So again, to do that
I will go right click and go to virtual copy. It does the same thing again but this time
I’ll just go down to the Develop settings and then just reset and you back to the original
RAW file image. It’s a nice little feature of a Adobe Lightroom that I use very regularly
and I find it really useful within my workflow. If you haven’t got Adobe Lightroom yet, you
can head down to the description below. I’ll put a link there where it will take you over
to the Adobe website and you’ll get a free trial. So that is the virtual copy feature
of Adobe Lightroom. I hope you enjoyed that Adobe Lightroom quick
tip. There’ll be lots more coming so please subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you
on another video very soon. I’m Adam. This is First Man Photography……… Out!!!!

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