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Joe Cornish is one of the uk’s most respected landscape photographers originally studied Fine Art University then moved to washington DC in 1980 we’re here 52 commercial photographer for two years always drawn to the countryside in 1986 he was commissioned to produce about the founders of the National Trust spent the following decades you can travel in landscape commission also which he decided to commit the large-format photography which marked a new phase in his landscape work he hopes to inspire a lot of nature and awareness of the importance of conservation in others and also see the natural world is a fundamental part of our items human i met up with him to discuss three of his landscape images why don’t I over it’s always good to see you and get the opportunity to talk about some of your pictures and we’ve got three here today that I think have quite different stories behind each one the first one i believe was shot in tourism and which was originally on fire for transparency but i understand you revisited it recently to get something about a reinterpretation yes about the first day although it’s not a radical one of the original hows Yusei shot on on training film on 3g provia and as you can see it’s fairly extreme into the light the big challenging subject actually for for transparency film because of the the high contrast material and it is challenging in other ways on the day because it’s a five-mile hike in me carrying 20 kilos or so and it’s in the middle of the summer was over the middle of the summer I mean around June twenty-first and with transparency film obviously you’re restricted by the the range 10 because I’m a trained to feel myself and then you’ve got the dynamic range of the paper as well when you’re making the print so tell us about that sure that’s a good point because the dynamic range of the light in a situation like fish if you look at the bright highlights here which in classical change might well be easy for 18 under deep shadows and the program that probably about easy six or seven yeah so at least a range of 11 12 13 stops of light which for a transparency film which might have a maximum apparent range of about six stops is a big technical challenge a modern digital sensor I could possibly just about bridge that gap but the quality of the signal be very very poor i use the filter for this guy to restart hard which helps to cut the range and yeah but that had come down to roughly disappointed higher you’re absolutely right in the transition to if you think about it it’s always difficult to be sure exactly but you can look at the tops of the mountains down to about there and it’s forgiving machine because was enough hey for like to diffuse and scatter yeah and you talked about the 5-mile hike to get to this point how important is that aspect of photography to you talk about those engaging with the land thing in that way that will pass through the process for using it well without something to hippyish I think you do feel the lamb for your feet as well as through your eyes and that and I’m sure your body and it’s a very kind of holistic experience so I i mean i can get out of the car and like laid by and still enjoy my photography by I get more out of it when I when I kind of put it put in the physical effort to do it as a balance to be struck and you overdo it you know you’re going to be absolutely interested yeah but yes i’m going to experience like she is one of the things that makes life worthwhile for me and so a hike like that is that with this endpoint in mind is this something you see along the way you distracted a little the way by other possibilities so you specifically example of one more actually came to figure out something else really the triple doctors which was a hundred eighty degrees in the opposite direction to to this angle that you see here and I mean too don’t it make some pictures of it but for me this is a composition and the moment totally unexpected that that was the most successful and for meaningful mission so with this next picture almost the iconic Yosemite seeing so what kind of pressure is there when you stand in front of the thing like this to make it your own mm well I had that’s a good question but it is literally anything being photographed 450 years tunnel view the car park about a hundred feet below one standing and your conscious of the fact that lots of people that it not just in every other everyday is luis thousands of pictures made from it i think that in retrospect you don’t value what you’ve done unless you feel there is something that is your own personal take on my machine I remember standing at Channel View and looking at this magnificent prospects and Yosemite Valley disappointed and yeah and it was purely because Ansel Adams is clearing winter storm is like the shadow in my brain that you know come to internal semi-autonomous entities services are clear or large to actual atoms and I and in many ways that’s why I i love this picture because it does reference clearing with distilled water though this is a gathering storm rolls in a clearing line and it’s gotten way too much more breathing picture which suggested financials I’m very happy with the fact that I’ve got that you could just get his clenched of half-time in the far distance which by the way is not their presidents interfering with the students always it really got one level further bagged an actual managed him his but now I mean it’s sure it’s mostly about that be enough we have been slow of a cloud Valley cloud and the mood in the emotion of them for me of the moment the very very minimal color and the actual unique moment in line and in terms of controlling that light and did you have to use the grad this image yes yes inevitably and three stops of indian grad from from memory the right one and with something like this where you say the light was building the storm with gathering became the you would have taken a number of shots and how then do you go about choosing which one is the shot that you’re going to then making for print I was surprised to find it was somewhere actually felt that their that the cloud the valley cloud might have been a bit more interesting but it’s a balance of of all the elements from the fact that here was only about three of mine 15-20 exposures that showed halftone and to me that was a very important detail get it akosha the cathedral peaks here that combination is element it was at its best in this strange so that’s why changes if it had been children film I probably because of the sheer cost of shooting you have had few opportunities to just try it and yeah from the beauties of traditional yeah you find that almost freeview up tunic tank i think so and and I don’t same time it so it can be a trap because you you can become dependent on it so it’s really important to try to preserve that that sense of that every moment matters so that this last image i think you’ve got quite an interesting story because we tend to think of landscape photography is something quite slow and contemplative and you’ve got plenty of time to wait for the image to come together but i gather that this was a slightly different story well again it would be nice to say that you know it’s a great stress reliever doing instead photography but sometimes it can really grandpa stress levels and I think this is a good example of that because I i heard it come to this very quiet beach in the Outer Hebrides one evening with it within with a hope of making out with a colorful sunset picture it as you can see not a dramatic place in terms of the actual landscape low-lying genes in the distance and the flat Beach beautifully clean and nobody around me about 45 minutes later nothing much was happening in the Sun was going into the cloud and the color that had been out was kind of dying often i was pretty despondent and just started packing down and I just spotted ish clouded starting to serve build moving from west to east and then this extraordinary echoing shape started to build and at that point bear in mind that the large-format camera once he put the dark side you can’t see the composition you use visualized it upside down on the ground my screen you have to closer the flange got the shutter and you can make your expression and she doesn’t talk like they’re going to pull the dark side and each time i was thinking i need to be composing take the dogs like out openly clear exactly the shutter and it’s all moving pretty quickly so i actually managed to make five exposures like that this is the final 150 exposure and I’ve had to move to the camera around to the right which one you can see that it you know extension and like I wasn’t absolutely convinced that i hadn’t clicked a bit of the cloud until I show the film back from the loud and it’s not like shooting digitally when you you know when you got it if I’d shot this picture with you know with a DSLR and it was just as good I’d be just as happy with it but you can’t help getting away from the fact that when you made it that way it sort of embedded self-review brain slightly differently in your memory I mean probably more importantly though it is i think that the article i mentioned and shown it between the the Texas Energy says that the cloud and immediately and the beach and the pool and the challenge on and it feels like a kind of I mean sometimes you get lucky Michelle Gary Player saying isn’t there you know the more practice you look here I get and I think that the i I’ve been very lucky agitated working photographer for my life making pictures not every day but day in day out on assignment for years and years and years so you are equipped to cope with with challenging times when they arrived and that should be so so even though i was using equipment was completely unsuited for this like photography in retrospect i was i was lucky to get it

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12 thoughts on “LEE Filters Masters of Photography – Joe Cornish

  1. Great video! I recently bought a set of Lee filters and I was going to regret about the choice, but watching these videos I realised it's all about practice and creativity.

  2. I've been using the Super Stopper and get silky smooth water and love it. I need to get more filters!!

  3. An amazing photographer, stunning images I can only dream of taking. His eye, mastery of light and equipment is second to none and he still primarily concentrates on British landscapes. I nearly picked up where Joe stated that the walk was part of landscape photography, then he changed it to the effort put in. For me to get out of a car, get my kit on my mobility scooter, go 100 yards, put my tripod etc up is equal to a 5 mile hike to an able bodied person,

  4. Love how she interviewed him. She is a really nice person i bet. Joe is a well known photographer and I love his work

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