LCD TV Repair Tutorial – TV Screen Solarization – Common T-Con & Main Board Symptoms & Solutions

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  1. I have a Samsung Curve 55 TV .it worked GREAT I just needed Sling app. a Guy came to update it and went to engineering mode and was updating everything when the tv got UNPLUGGED for power . now it WONT turn on r Anything the guy remove the back Tested fuse said its OK . it was updating icom now he says i will be back with computer to install program cause it lost everything but he NEVER came back !! I just want Sling for my Grand kids ! now I have NO TV ! Please HELP !! Model # UN55JU6700FXZA …Version THO1 . Thanks

  2. Hi Jimmy. My tv is a SANSUI
    The problem is it's got a rounded rainbow colour ,playing normal ,sound normal too. It does have normal colour picture at the sides of the circle. How do i fix it? What could be the cause ? Oh and I'm in Namibia.

  3. Hello my TV is a Vizio 55in and my Roku and Xbox and all of it is green except for the black loading screen I really need your help

  4. Hello, AOC LE32A1330 32-inch LED Television

    I could not find my TV program, The programmer put a new program But the program is another TV (changhon's) and this program have a colour problem and i need Set up my TV program… please help me, i hopfullI hope you will help me <3 (Thank you)

  5. Hi, I have LG-55LN5700 Led TV with 75% white and 25% dark red color on top of the screen what do you think the problem is?thank-U

  6. I have a 10yr old 42” JVC LCD TV model number LT-42E488

    The tv still works but the picture is distorted with warm colors. I can still watch tv however the colors are bright light yellows and oranges.
    Do you think this is repairable or not cost effective to replace.

  7. Hi, The picture on my Samsung led 55 ( 4 yr old TV) is Solarized but the menu for picture info is not solarized, the model # is UN55H7150AF. Thank you

  8. my panasonic camera display has also same problem, any help or suggestion for this will be much appreciated thank you,

  9. 1. Samsung tv UHD
    2. model:UE40MU6122K
    3. PROBLEM: Solarize (negativ) image when I go to web browser.
    Picture is good on others situacion.

  10. sir hi have videocon32^ DTH lcd tv, and i fitted new led board that display comes solarized picture how to set .
    that tv resolution 1920*1080

  11. I have a Samsung TV, un40h5003afxza, it got struck by lightning. I’ve replaced the main board (thx ShopJimmy for the help and part). I now have power where I had nothing (not even a rest light) beforehand.

    Now there’s a picture but it is solarized. The menu screen is also solarized. Thoughts???

  12. My Tv Name VU it's Image is inverted and negative colour effect ..mechanic said that it will cost 3000 to repair by replacin a mother board

  13. Hi,
    My TV has a problem in display.

    Symptoms: Right Half picture is showing abnormal color. Like in bad half, Odd pixel lines are not showing Red and Green color. Blue color is OK. Even pixel lines color is OK (with all R, G & B Color). Menu come with abnormal color too.

    TV Model : Toshiba 32L3300ZE

    T-Con Board Model : LG TCON BOARD 6870C-0442B . This board have single LVDS input ribbon Cable and single output ribbon cable to another PCB board (where the 2 COF ribbons are bonded).

    Please advise what will be the problem?

  14. Hello. I've got the same problem but with two black bars at the right and middle of the screen.
    I have a link here. If you could give me some advise …

    I have changed the T-board but I saw the same issue

  15. 1 Samsung
    2 LE32S86BD
    3 negative image
    the panel has been replaced with an almost identical one,

    from original T315XW02 V9 to Au Optronics T315XW02 V.F and for different connectors I used inverters and original tcon of samsung.

    I'm looking for a solution. example cable compatible with VF MB Samsung,

    or tcon compatible / editable

  16. I have that problem. Saw the vídeo and tried to replace the t-con but othing changed. So, it must be the screen?
    Do you have instructions on what to fix or should I just give up on that tv?

  17. I have a problem of my tv
    Videocon LED 32 INCH
    That problem that The colors are damage and many color on screen
    TV is bleed

  18. I have a Samsung UN55KS8500FXZA no longer in warranty and suddenly all I get are colored horizontal lines that are colored base on the source picture (or just blue in what I guess is a black screen/no source default). From what can find TCON most likely the issue? However trying to find parts or even just the part number for the TCON on this TV has been impossible for some reason – is there a standalone TCON with this TV or is it built into panel/main board or something? Anyone with a part number or any idea would be greatly appreciated, thanks all!

  19. Hello. I have a Vizio D43-F1. I have intermittent solarization that comes and goes. Sometimes the screen just becomes brighter than
    normal with a lot of contrast, then i get that solarization negative image effect. In addition, I notice a localized area on the bottom
    of the screen, which is very bright LED bleed. When the TV works normally, I cannot see LED bleed.
    My first thought was a T-con board, or possibly a ribbon cable connection problem. What are your thoughts?
    I will greatly appreciate your reply.-Thanks.

  20. I have a brand new Insignia TV model NS-50D510NA19 that appears to have the solarization issue. I hook everything up and it works fine for about 5-10 minutes, then the screen goes into the solarization mode, menu image is unaffected. Your thoughts?

  21. I noticed my TV started getting a solarized picture it’s a Vizio I’ll check what model and maybe you have the parts I need.

  22. Envision L32W698 starts fine than shows solarization as it warms up. Menu seems to be fine.
    Also, remote functions doesn’t work except numbers. No other buttons works.

  23. My tv is having the solar problem but when I first turn it on and for like 20 to 30 minutes it is blotchy with big boxes of striped lines all over where you cant see anything. Can you tell me what that means it is a 32 inch element

  24. I have Philips, Model 42PFL7432D/37. Same issue, solarized picture, how do I find out what part # I need to try and fix it? What are the odds that it could be the main panel?

  25. Toshiba 55L421U at first left upper went darker so I was looking for LED strips to replace but yesterday it stopped accepting signal from my antenna, did all the normal trouble shooting, and its the tv for sure, these 2 symptoms seem to indicate it needs a main board, or both leds and a new main board, am I right? tv is only 2 years old but i did have the leds all the way up for best picture, and did not think they would burn out at all let alone in 2 years. Is it worth repairing at all? If so I feel i can do it after watching youtube vids. thanks… david

  26. I have a Vizio M60-C3 I am experiencing what appears to be an image shift the image is solarized and faded and there is vertical line separating the last 3/4 and 1st 1/4 of the pictures is this a T-Con problem?

  27. Sony. XBR-65X930D
    No power dead set. Until I pull out the ribbon cable from the led driver to the dsp board then the backlights come on. I've replaced the led driver and the dsp board still getting the same problem. Can you please help. Shopjimmy

  28. My micromax LED tv shows solarized pictures on starting it and then autonatically gets to normal after 2-3 hours of leaving it on

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