Lawn & Gardening Tips : How to Solarize Soil

I’m Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let’s
talk about solarizing the ground. Solarization is used to get rid of the vegetation in an
area where you want to dig up and plant some other things. This could be either on a lawn
or in an area such as we have here to get rid of any vegetative growth. The most important
thing you will need is some good black plastic. This particular plastic here is 6 ml., 6 ml.
or more is great. If you can’t get 6 then maybe you can double your plastic. What you
want to do with that is cover the surface that you want to solarize and either use some
clips or pins to pin it to the ground or some rocks and weight to hold the plastic down
and in place. You want to keep it where no light or air can get in under it. Also this
will work the best for you in an area that gets full sun. The sun hitting that plastic
and the lack of light and moisture will definitely solarize that soil for you. You want to leave
that plastic out depending on the weather and the type of heat that you are having a
good 10 to 15 days to make sure that the area is clean. Check it occasionally but make sure
that when you check it you put it back and everything is nice and tight. After about
15 days you should have complete control of the vegetative growth.

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