Lawn Care & Design : How to Replace the End Fitting on a Garden Hose

I’m Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let’s
discuss how to replace the end fitting on a garden hose. You have a bad end and you
need to replace that. Tools that you might need. Utility knife, pair of vice grips, screwdriver,
regular pair of pliers, maybe a pair of wire cutters. A lot of this is determined by what
you’re going to need to cut the hose. And oh yes, the trust pocket knife. So first thing
is to get rid of the old end and you would need to cut it. Once you remove that, get
your new fitting. This particular fitting will slide into the hose and then clamp down around the edges. Some
fittings will slide in just like this, but have a clamp on the outside that you can tighten
with screws. You might need to use a hammer depending again on the type of fitting that
you’re using. Once that’s in and secure, your hose has been fixed and you’re ready to get
back to work.

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4 thoughts on “Lawn Care & Design : How to Replace the End Fitting on a Garden Hose

  1. Over a minute listing materials! Only used hammer, 10 seconds was all this video needed to be. Good 10 seconds but the rest could be deleted. Shorten your next one!

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