Keep things SIMPLE to IMPROVE your photography | Fuji XT2 challenge

just doesn’t get any better than this so this week come back in the late
district and I’m quite excited about this really I’ve got a challenge that I
set up with a photographer Steven Hanna you’ve probably seen his YouTube channel
and his photos on the Irish coastline are really amazing and I think he’s just
recently published a book as well so we’ve come up with a challenge we both
got Fuji XT2s which just an amazing camera and we’ve decided that we’re
going to try and do something with these cameras in our 35 millimeter lenses so
we’ve got our X t2 35 millimeter lens which is a sort of equivalent to a 50
millimeter on a full frame and we’re allowed just 24 that’s 5 24 exposures
and the subjects got to be trees so I’ve come to home fell in the Lake District
and there’s trees everywhere now think from communication with Steve
that he’s struggling because there’s not a lot of trees where he is we should
have been unfair I think but I’m looking to try and get some amazing photos of
the trees round home fell and the autumn colors hopefully all the Hurricanes
we’ve had all the other storms that we’ve had recently weren’t a-brewin that
blown the leaves off just with restricting myself just to a 35
millimeter lens and just 24 exposures it’s gonna be interesting I’m gonna have
to really think about my shot and really go back to to what it was like in film
days really and I think that should help me get better compositions so I’m really
looking forward to it ok let’s go okay so found my first exposure the Sun
has finally come out and you can see the dark clouds that just everything just
look spectacular at the moment but I found this tree here just on the side of
the lake and there’s two more trees on the other side of the lake that are
reflecting really well so I’ve set a track my camera op just over here I’ve
set my camera up here if you can just see down here what I’ve got is the trunk
of this silver birch here and then these two other trees over there and it looks
fantastic now there’s songs you’ve got to stay out
I’m just going to grab this exposure really quickly here we go
fantastic okay on to the next one now I’m going to do some that are on the
tripod but actually because I’m in the middle of the day I can handhold them so
I’m going to do some handheld as well what a gorgeous place okay final exposure number three so it’s
a tree with just a few leaves just at the top of it and then there’s the
gorgeous silver birch silver bark that’s just reflecting the sunlight that’s
going to come through any minute now it’s just looks absolutely fantastic
over here so you can see the light on the fells in the background and it’s
really great so what you can see on my camera is I’ve got it in vertical
portrait mode and we’re on F 5.6 in fact all my shots are probably gonna be
around F 5.6 thirty five-millimeter to let lens on my xt 2 so all I’m gonna do
now is wait for the Sun to come on this tree and grab my third exposure still
waiting to come in you can see it it’s coming this way
definitely coming this way so windy today dude there’s going to be any wind
okay here it comes just looks absolutely fantastic and just slightly under
exposing it by just one or two stock now I’m going to take two of this and use
two exposures up to that’s number four exposure before and the sun’s gone okay just taking the exposure number
five I took it quickly cuz I thought the Sun
might go in so I’m looking back at this little lake here I think it’s created
from the quarry but there’s a tree here now ideally I’d be right up there to try
and get the the tree in the lake so trying to compose it in the lake ok this
is number nine and it’s the same tree that I had when I was over there but
I’ve just come to the side the sun’s on it I’m just gonna do it handheld and
have a vertical composition it looks absolutely amazing now the other thing
to remember when you take in shots like this is you know we don’t want to get
the blue sky in that you can see right up there you know it’s all about drama
this because the clouds are going past really fast it just looks absolutely
amazing so I want to try and get a composition where I get a quite a lot of
foreground and this amazing brown Bracken and then I’ve got to the left of
it some different colored autumn trees and that creates such a nice vertical
composition so one thing that you need to be really
careful about when you’re taking fewer photos is you’ve got to really think
about that composition rather than just snap snap snap and that and that really
concentrates the mind because if you think about it if you just go and you
see something nice and car the sun’s come out I’m going to take it really
quickly then you might get a good shot but you may end up taking ten shots and
not think okay we’re gonna get this shot in a minute but I’m not going to take it
now I’m going to wait for maybe the next 30 minutes here until the Sun comes
again and once the sun’s gone away and in those 30 minutes I’m going to compose
it so that when I do get that good Sun I’m gonna get an amazing shot okay I’ve been searching quite a lot now
to try and get something that’s just not just a tree but some foreground interest
as well and I found this is it a ton I’m gonna call it a tard it’s a tiny puddle
time and you can see that the trees just lit up in fact I’ve been waiting for
this light for a long time so this I’ve taken three shots already this is
exposure number 13 so I’ve got one tree just on top there that just looks really
good and then I’ve got a bunch of trees just to the left of it a little bit
lower down and that one tree on the top is reflected in the tar down here now
what I’m doing is I’m focusing on the tree trees in the background then I’ve
got it on f11 to try and get everything in focus net but just go a bit closer
you can just see that these Reed’s these Reed’s are moving quite a lot so I’ve
got to be really careful with these Reed’s but I’m not bothered about that
because if they are out if they’ll blurred from the wind then that creates
it sort of reflects some of the mood of today really and the clouds are good in
the background you know I’ve got some some decent clouds if I’m really honest
I think I need to that the lights getting you know it’s midday now and the
lights getting a little bit too harsh but in the winter you can get away with
that a little bit you can get away more shooting throughout the day but with
some really nice side light I think this would be a really stunning scene okay so again I can just hand hold this
one so I’m trying to get these three trees that you can see here just at the
base and then Harrison Stickle is in the distance and Pavey art you can see as
well from the Lang dales and I think the 35 millimeter lens is perfect for this
so I’m gonna handheld it hold it again it’s on ISO 200 which is completely fine
it’s all about the position of these three trees here so he’s going to try
and get those perfectly positioned and just need to move around a little bit
here and there’s my next exposure so maybe this is something that you can
try you know just stick I have to stick to one lens on your camera 35 millimeter
on it mirrorless camera crop camera is good because it’s about the sort of
nifty 50 size and then you’re just restricting the amount of creativity
that that gives you but what you’ll find is that because you’re restricted in all
the settings that you can change don’t you do away with those filters just just
go a little bit more simple and you’ll create some amazing shots and when
you’re out on a day like this with views like this it just doesn’t get any better
I mean it being outside in the open air is just such a great way of feeling
amazing I I just love it so much it’s just it’s just brilliant well the sun’s come out now it’s pretty
much out all the time the the clouds are clearing I had a great time taking these
shots on home fell thanks ever so much for watching if you like this video give
it a thumbs up comment below I read all the comments and if you’re not
subscribed then please subscribe and thanks ever so much for all the
subscribers and now it’s six and a half thousand subscribers which is fantastic
my son is trying to make me laugh behind the camera not working Thomas so bye so No

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93 thoughts on “Keep things SIMPLE to IMPROVE your photography | Fuji XT2 challenge

  1. What a great idea Nigel. It would have been nice to have had a three way challenge with Simon Baxter. Lovely images and congrats on the subscriptions, well deserved.

  2. I like to do the same but with a long lens, as I usually don't look for those tight-cropped compositions when I've got my kit lens on, even if I've got a long lens in my bag! Great video as ever, such a good way to start my Sundays ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Excellent video. I was in the Lake District a week ago. I shall try to visit Holme Fell next time I visit. Some excellent tree shots.

  4. Great images and excellent vid, self and mate did similar last year as an idea for our camera club, called it 50/50 NTA, which was 50mm lens only and No Tripods Allowed.

  5. Wow, wow and wow again. Love this video, outstanding images of an outstanding place. A vlog to watch again and again.

  6. Another excellent vlog Nigel but I donโ€™t think you stuck to the challenge. Most of your images were landscape with trees and not images of trees as Steven tried! Donโ€™t get me wrong, you made some stunning images but, if I were Steven, I would feel a little cheated!๐Ÿค”
    Please donโ€™t take my comments as a criticism because itโ€™s not intended as such but I do think you missed the point of the challenge this time.
    Take care.๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ‘Œ

  7. Fabulous stuff Nigel. What a great idea you and Steven came up with. I've been thinking a lot lately about how we had to be more selective and choose compositions much more carefully in the old 35mm film days, so your video is very much where my photography mindset is currently. I love image number 8 and have now added Holme Fell to my 2018 locations list ! Many thanks for sharing.

  8. Absolutely brilliant. Beautiful, stunning images Nigel. I personally think the Silver Birch is the best model in the tree group, but then again, what do I know? Tony

  9. Great collaboration Nigel, love the limitations you placed on yourselves. Iโ€™m also using the XT-2 for landscapes and should have vlog about that out soon. You managed to get some great shots, the colours over there at this time of the year are amazing. Thanks for sharing mate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Looks like you had a blast Nigel. I can confirm there are plenty of trees in Ireland ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Great Images as always Nigel!! I may need to give a challenge such as this a go in one of my videos in the future. Very inspirational and motivating video. Cant wait for the next one!!

  12. Great images both in quality of composition and editing, which looked superb. I only ever use my 75mm on my Bronica which I think equates to about 42mm on a full frame. Thereโ€™s something about wider frame thatโ€™s magical. As always a brilliant video, entertaining, informing and beautiful. I think you should both do the nearest coastline to where you took the images of the trees for your next challenge.

  13. Nigel, that was really great! If I could make one suggestion and that is to let the people know in the beginning that the 35 on the Fuji is a 50mm on a full frame and that is what you are shooting with. The Fuji shooters will know like I did, but the others may not. It's a small tweak, you did an awesome job.

  14. Great video and great pictures. I thought that one roll of film has 36 frames. You may come up with a video to show the landscape through 23 mm (35 in ff) and 35 mm (50 in ff):-)

  15. Some great images Nigel & you definitely won the challenge! Good to see you using the X-T2 as Iโ€™m hoping Santa will bring me one for Christmas. Canโ€™t wait to get my hands on it!

  16. Wonderful video! I'm wondering, how do you decide when to take a tripod and what to hand hold? Because from the video, I couldn't really make out any differences between the first shots on the tripod and those that followed. Neither needed a long exposure or grad filters or the like.

  17. Fantastic video Nigel. Wonderful location and what a great idea you and Steven had for a colloboration. I thought you captured some lovely images. I can't wait to visit the Lakes next weekend!

  18. It has inspired me to do something similar at a fixed focal length. It also has made me think about moving from Nikon to Fuji. The quality of those images was stunning and I assume with very little editing in lightroom. You are an inspiration to us all Nigel. I feel for Steven in Ireland he did not have the joyous Lake District vista to play in.
    Thanks Nigel for all your work.

  19. Nice work, enjoyed it a lot. Reminded me of back in the day shooting 35mm film with my retina IV. It seemed like we had to put a greater value on our time and resources then. But as you have so aptly pointed out, we can still do it and should be doing it. Thanks for the reminder.

  20. Hi Nigel, beautiful location and shots! Now i'm off to watch Steven's video. I liked the limitations you imposed to yourselves. I don't know if I would be particularly happy shooting at 35mm coz I do tend to shoot a bit wider, but it was very interesting to watch.

  21. Lovely video Nigel..great sound track and drone shots…you gave the game away how difficult it can be to do these videos when we saw the second camera on the thats two cameras on tripods, AND one handheld vlogging camera, full audio stuff AND the drone AND trying to concentrate on the content…doing mine increased my gear about 75% !! least you had your son and dog to help…I was staying in Buttermere for 3 nights from the weekend before you arrived and alas weather/light was rubbishbut we did at least get sonme very soggy walks in (climbing Haystacks in 45mph gusts and driving rain is NOT to be recommended to the sane !!)…so wish I lived nearer the Lakes…keep up the great content

  22. you did all the photos in " with border" was there a reason not to do them "borderless".
    is there any time to choose one way over another.
    since used a film camera to restrict shots you had to use all film rolls.
    you could use digital and tell yourself to only take a number of shots

  23. Great video & very insightful. As someone that has a been a 35mm & 120 film camera user until mid 2016, when I switched to a Fujifilm X-Pro2, the discipline still carries on with me. Superb images too.

  24. brilliant video nigel you made it look far easier than steve but then again you were in the lake district cracking images.

  25. Great video. Love the idea of limiting how many exposures you take, did you decide on 24 because that is how many you could take on a film roll? The Lake District is one of my favourite places, so beautiful, you are lucky to live nearby. I loved the video of the cow using the rock to scratch against. Loved the silver birch trees, they stand out so well.

  26. Great video Nigel. Do you prefer that de-saturated look to your images. Most of the shots look less saturated than the video footage or are the shots more representative of the actual colours on the day?

  27. Many thanks, Nigel. I totally agree that restricting oneself to a single fixed lens (and a limited number of exposures) stimulates enhanced thinking about composition. With our digital cameras we tend to fire away and hope we get something good. Your analogy to the film days is an excellent one; we took our time and produced some great images like the ones you took. Cheers, Bob.

  28. i like watching your video, it is insperational both the pictues, and the video itself.
    Can you tell me the names or referenes of the background music?

  29. Great challenge and great pictures Nigel.
    I mostly take out the XT2 for my landscapes too these days instead of my Canon 5D Mark III. I didn't miss it at all during my last trip to Iceland.
    Looking forward to your next videos.

  30. Great video, a refreshing outlook on landscape work (at which I am crap lol). The EOS M is going to be dragged out of retirement lol.

  31. Im really glad i found your youtube channel.
    Love your work and photos.

    The landscape over there looks a lot like here in Sweden ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have you done any video on how you edit your photos in Lightroom ?

    Have a great day Nigel.
    Morgan Stoltz, Sweden

  32. Great little video Nigel. I like the concept of one lens and 24 shots. I still shoot in film sometimes with the same constraints. Only issue is, you don't know what you're getting until you develop them.

  33. I noticed that youโ€™re editing RAF files straight in LR without using Irridient X-transformer or other raf converters. How happy are you with how LR handles Xtrans raf files?

  34. Thanks for sharing your experiences with your camera. Here is my site. ( I donโ€™t specialize in any specific area of photography but just shoot what looks good to me. Now Iโ€™m trying to learn how to be a better drone photographer. I also look for inspiration and find your sight a good place to get motivation to go out and shoot again. Thanks!

  35. Hi Nigel, nice video & tips!

    The track in the beginning is also nice, would you mind telling me the title & artist?

    Thanks a bunch!

  36. I love your eye for composition, beautiful shots, so when is your book coming out simply entitled 'Trees I Have Known' by Nigel Danson ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Wow! What great photos. You chose a perfect time as far as lighting. Watched this again after watching your 3 lens video as you recommended it. Composition was grand as I have come to expect — given your "eye". Some of my favorites were the ones where you isolated the trees. I personally love that "close-in, subject isolating" look. Got even more out of my second look than the first. Thanks for your videos.

  38. This is a good idea. I'm going to go out tomorrow and limit myself to a number of exposures, im sure it will help me think of composition and lighting more. Really love your channel, I've watched a lot of your videos but have never commented before but i just want to thank you for being an inspiration

  39. Great video, thanks learnt a lot out of this. And by the way, if you dont mind to say whats that Background music in the starting??

  40. You have a gorgeous god gifted mate. The photographic composition knowledge merged together with nature is superb. Job well done!

  41. I want to buy this lens for my X-T20 and I am a landscape photographer also but wondered where itโ€™s sweet spot is to get everything pin sharp? F/5.6 to F/8?

  42. "Now at six and a half thousand subscribers.." Looks like you've come a long way on your channel. Love all the content.

  43. Not a challenge, but a blessing. I mostly use my zeiss 32mm lens lately. If it's not wide enough i make a pano. It's just a brilliant lens. TAK sharp and light.

  44. Fantastic video footage and still Nigel. I have just bought this camera, still learning how to use it. Your colours are amazing. Any chance letting me know your settings.Is it a simulation? Also thoughts on BBF .Many thanks from an old pensioner but avid photographer.

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