Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Photography is bigger
than just images. It’s bigger than a career. It’s a process of discovery,
both external and internal. I want to invite you into
my world of photography. Things aren’t that
interesting for me unless the stakes are very high. And we’re going to scramble
to the top, top, top. With photography, you’re
telling a narrative. There’s depth behind it– one image to tell
this whole story. Think about how they
look visually, what your compositions look like. The way I’m shooting this,
I’m underexposing quite a bit. I know that I’m going to
pull up the shadows in post. All of a sudden, it changes the
entire dynamic of the image. It really begins before
you even pick up a camera. When you’re passionate
about something, you know something deeply. It takes obsessiveness. It should be a calling. Oh, god. [LAUGHS] The best types of shoots are the
ones where you’re having fun. [LAUGHS] I think I’m going to
go a little lower. I want him higher
in the horizon line. And you build incredible
relationships. Some images are
impossible unless you have that relationship. That’s great, Conrad. [MUSIC PLAYING] What I’ve realized
over the years is there’s always going
to be the next big thing. Appreciate being in the
moment with what you’re doing. Photography is
such a cool vehicle to give you access to the world. Look at where the bar has been
set before and set it higher. Ask yourself what you’re
willing to do to get there. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Jimmy Chin, and
this is my MasterClass.

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20 thoughts on “Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  1. now that looks like dedication!
    saving up for the masterclasses hope to afford it soon 🙂
    thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

  2. I want to be just like this guy someday. I love photography, and have a passion for exploration in those untamed places in the world.

  3. I love masterclass, don't have money tho to join. Probably just going to watch these inspirational trailers. Thank you, Masterclass.

  4. A photo of Alex Honnold free solo-ing taken on an iPhone 5s would be passible. It would just tell that good of a story, despite substandard quality.

  5. I had just finished listening to an Avalanches music video and was doing something else when I heard a voice I recognized immediately as Jimmy Chin. My ears perked up and then I switched over. I don't normally watch the MasterClass videos, but I watched this all the way through. Meru and Free Solo have changed my perspective about so many things. This might be the MasterClass I get into…if I can afford it.

  6. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Photography Masterclass on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/photography-masterclass-review/ Thanks, Myles.

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