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  1. Received my BMPCC 4K these days and …. it's just awesome! The footage (esp in RAW) looks so fantastic. Very happy with it. But it makes sense to add some gear like a rig, SSDs, SSD-holder and lots and lots of batteries 😉

    BTW: The camera fits just fine on the Ronin-S – just use the mount adapter that is delivered with the Ronis-S … it's in the small pouch with all the cables stuff. Put that one the normal mounting plate and the Blackmagic on top and it balances just fine.

  2. Pretty cool video. I dont know shit about cameras but definitely felt like I learned something lol

  3. Maybe better if you bay some cosmic space with stabilizer and another staff for improve you skills.

  4. Omg I been getting. Frustrated with my Sony mx100 4 switching off without warning due to battery exhausted. No beep nothing. So many times I been in outdoors recording and it shuts down. I watched this vide and I see you used an external battery. I had an idea. Went and fou d my nice 12000mah battery pack.. plugged it in and wow it charges my battery in camera. Now I have equivalent of 11 batteries in one. I can record forever now. Was so used to setting up the scene and finding I used 50% of my battery. I will be able to have the lcd screen so bright now instead of carrying an extra field monitor. I dream of your pro gear but hey you still have great tips. All I need Howard 3 triposthat I can carry in a la be rucksack without breaking my back

  5. Great review! Phantom power with the SM7B, which is a dynamic? Then I suppose you are using a pre-preamp like the Simply Sound SS-1 (which I reviewed here: ) or one of its competitors, like the Fethead or Cloudlifter, since dynamic mics like the SM7B don't want or need any phantom power directly. That's why I suspect you are probably using one of those devices, which work inline and do need phantom power.

  6. Hi

  7. I like this camera too, as it's GREAT VALUE FOR THE MONEY !!!

    Don't just use it just for videos though, it is actually a GREAT SUPER-BURST RATE STILL PHOTO CAMERA. When you shoot at 60 fps 4K BM-RAW 3:1 video with a 45 degree shutter angle, you are effectively shooting 60 fps burst rate at a 1/200th of a second shutter speed which is that NICE in-between shutter speed that STILL has some tiny amount action-oriented motion blur. This means with some good colour-grading, you can make sports/action editorial images that are SPECTACULAR for your online still-photo-oriented magazines. You always edit and save your original BMPC4K camera video images out to final uncompressed 4096×2160 resolution HDR RGB PNG bitmaps .. AND ONLY at final printout do you convert your edited master images to CMYK colourspace!

    And if you know your Epson and Canon inkjet settings well enough to set your DPI (Dots per Inch) to 2400 dpi Super-Fine and with Error Diffusion set to ON, Colour Matching set to "Perceptual Colour Matching" and increase the saturation and contrast by about 5% to 15%, your hard-copy prints at 8×10 inches will ALSO look great!

    Since most sports, news and consumer magazines are mostly online, a 4K resolution image is now acceptable and usable for online websites and PDF file distribution, so you can SEND THEM your hand-selected, properly colour-graded 4196 x 2160 pixel PNG images and let the magazine do any print-oriented editing. THEY will handle the RGB-to-CMYK conversions for hardcopy printout!

    This means for around $1500 and a Good zoom lens, you have a 60 fps burst rate super-sports/action/wildlife STILL camera that just might get you a better action shot than that $6000 Canon 1Dx Mk2!

  8. "Because this camera puts out phantom power", the SM7b is a dynamic microphone, it doesn't need phantom power.. 😉

  9. Any recommendations on a 3 camera setup for a YouTube set. Wanting 1080p and the ability to switch cameras real time to cut down on post production.

  10. If you are going to rig this camera up buy SmallRig parts not LanParte. SmallRig makes the same products for hundreds of dollars cheaper.

  11. not even planning on buying this but i'm just keep watching, don't know why, I should go to bed….STOP BEING ENTERTAINING..please

  12. Try shooting in braw on Q5, you'll get 5 hours out of a 500 GB SSD. Way smaller file size than even pro res LT.

  13. So, for doing cinematic music videos, this Black Magic or a Canon C100? Trying to decide. (especially if using a vintage anamorphic lens with helios taking lens). Thanks!!

  14. The battery on the bottom doesn't matter, because you can't do anything serious with the camera without external battery.

  15. I have been shooting on Black Magic cameras for a long time now. The first pocket cinema I had always heard baaaad things about, and I had never even considered shooting on one after using the ursa for so long. but my first time using the pocket cinema I really ended up loving it. it is so tiny that for running and gunning and getting cinema grade footage it is such a perfect fit. so great for guerrilla shooting and once you get that PTAP going into it, it can legit last for like a day or two of shooting

  16. This Dude is absolutely FUNNY AS F___!!!

    …..and obviously knowledgeable about His craft!!……just won Himself a New Subscriber…..SALUTE!

  17. Got my Black Magic PCC4K just a few days ago … yeah .. screw RED! $1750 for a 4K camera that gives you 16 bit RAW!!?! … you are nuts if you think that’s bad! For any of the negatives of this camera (battery power isn’t great) it’s hands down the BEST film camera I’ve used. And at this price point .. this was an easy sell. Works beautifully with my sigma 18-35 mm lens (with metabones adapter).

    Nice and light, amazing camera image.

    Don’t use Pro Rez … BM Raw is Better!!!!

  18. From my end the canon looks better for this purpose of YouTube filming. Maybe you just needed to spend more time on the color grade.

    I also own the BMPCC4K and I think it’s great! I also own the Ursa Mini Pro. This camera has officially replaced that. (ANYONE WANNA BUY MY BARELY USED URSA MINI PRO 4.6K?! LOL). I shoot with natural light and the dual sensor is just fantastic. I can’t ever go back to a bad low light camera, that’s what it comes down to. I also love that it’s super light for gimbals.

    Adobe Premiere needs Blackmagic RAW support tho!!! This is killing me!

  19. I do wish it had a neutral density filter tho. And I wish Zeiss and some other renowned lens brands like Leica and Cooke would make some dope Micro four thirds lenses. I want WIDE baby! I have the 0.64x metabones EF speedbooster adapter (I returned the 0.73x one for this, that wasn’t wide enough for me). But it just doesn’t feel right using it with my Zeiss. I needed to purchase lens support which not sorta blocks my Nucleus M motor..I have to look into other lens supports, the small rig one doesn’t cut it. Too bulky. Without lens support for me there is too much movement when I use the focus motor.. and my torque is r crazy or anything, Iran just the nature of the adapter I guess 🙁

  20. 13:30 what do you think would have less noise? A T1.2 lens with a speed booster on the bmpcc 4k or a T1.2 lens of a sony a7iii? Is the full frame sensor going to get cleaner footage with 1 stop less of light?

  21. Wait! 4:50 !
    The Sure SM7b doesn't need phantom power. It's a dynamic mic. Condensers are the ones that need phantom power, not dynamics.

  22. Nothing clever about speaking so fast that people have to go into settings and reduce the playback to 0.75 – Also use cutaways. It's about the kit not you.
    Otherwise reasonable review.

  23. Never mind I see the way you record that's too complex for me on the run ghost hunts I need to move around see and hear stuff I use The rode pro plus It's cool with me cause I had 149 dollar lav mic that sucked then the Rode go came with my 80 d the rode pro plus to me is awesome I feel I can be a one man crew now I don't know how you carry those cinema cameras my 80 d is heavy enough

  24. The 80 D is great I know I'm saying that cause its my camera but you can't beat that auto focus I love the add I call it like me I call it that cause it can do allot even at night if you crank up the iso i don't even know what i'm talking about but I love the 80 D

  25. the thing about the rigging is that you're buying items that can be used for any camera. apart from the cage you can transfer all those accessories to your next camera investment, so if you're a film maker you either already own them or you will need them regardless

  26. Potato Jet, I f'ing love you. BUT, you cant criticize a cinematic camera for not being good at filming yourself. This wasn't meant for vlogging. I know that's a big thing for you, but not for potential buyers of this camera. The LAST thing I want is to see is myself on camera! 🙂 Also, I would love to see the laser test you did with the red on a similar rig.

  27. I'm seeing that in some videos they say that this camera is superb and some "genius" compares it to Alexa and Red .. (ahahaha ..) .. I just say that the BMPCC 4K is a fantastic camera for those who use it semi-professional. But if I have to buy this camera for $ 1300 and then I have to spend another $ 2000 for monitors, SSDs, rigs, Matte boxes, etc … for me it makes absolutely no sense. Throwing the dollars in accessories for a plastic camera I find it really unintelligent .. If I have to shoot a professional video I prefer to rent an Arri or Red or Sony Venice, etc.

  28. question when you filmed the happy birthday part tell you didn't have that entire gear you show leading up to the video.

  29. Great review! I watched it before I bought my BMPCC4k and now I've started my own channel shooting genre shorts with it! Thanks for the great info!!!

  30. You call yourself Professional, BUT obviously you didn't learn that's it's rude to point at people, it's unprofessional to wave your hands around close to the camera, put your hands within inches of the camera and as for your editing, it's very poor. It seems the only thing which makes you think you're pro is the equipment you can afford to use. By the way, anyone can video NASA's launches or anyone else's, come to that.

  31. Its not Black Magic that is priced low…its other cameras that are ripping you off, just because most production companies can afford the ridiculous pricing of RED, Arri, etc.

  32. Hey Potato jet, your video about the 6k version is too late. So all I can do is to watch the video of the old version again in the waiting room 😀

  33. That intro tho!

    Potato, the crop factor on the BMPCC 4k is 1.75 (like the GH5S). Canon apsc crop is 1.6. Not really that different, right?

  34. Sat here watching this and my dad who knows nothing about cameras started watching too. "You can't take your eyes off this video, he is so captivating!" Nice job. Side note: Nice cameras, shame it's not full frame but for the price can't complain I suppose

  35. This is a really informative video! Thankyou for sharing!
    Everyone is going CRAZY for the latest pocket 6K but forget the whole workflow must handle the power! I can’t afford a new mac pro and a 6k screen.
    I’m just enjoying being creative and having fun with the original pocket camera.
    I just put this together!

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