100 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Camera Test

  1. I’m going to get an iphone 8+ soon but i need to get only €50,- more so dous someone know what i can do? I’m 14 bdw and i live in the Netherlands

  2. My sister got an IPhone 6 and I am really jealous so I made a goal that I want an Iphone 8. I already have 70 dollars and it's going pretty good! Wish me luck.

  3. Justine this video was so helpful for me , is 2019 and I still have the iPhone 5s , I’m in school so I can’t spend money on buying new phones . Looking at this video I discover that I actually want to replace my iPhone 5s with the iPhone 8 rather that with the iPhone 8 Plus, the camera of the iPhone 8 it seems so much better to my eyes, so thank you so much for this vide your work is incredible and I hope that you can keep doing this for many years ❤️🙌 keep going girl

  4. i like The Note8 Live Focus and i am so Love Performance Speed the iphone 8 with A11 bionic is kind So much Faster than The Note8 with Sd835, i am really Love too Portrait on this iphone 8 plus so much..!!!

  5. I was looking led zeppelin music, I have no idea how I found this amazing video, this girl is so beautiful, I already subscribed to her channel…. now I will look for what I tapped on you tobe app

  6. I bet the parents at that park was telling their kids to stay away from them bc of how crazy they were acting but ily ijustine

  7. Every single phone except iPhone 8plus iPhone 8 and Google pixel are like colorblind.. They are so faded-for videos

  8. iphone 8+ is not bad at all but i think it because the nice background and good weather that why it can take nice photoshot

  9. I love how android users have to use the back camera to record their face because they know that front camera quality is hideous

  10. I prefer the iPhone 8 plus shots rather than the others. It just looks much more realistic! I am probably gonna get the iPhone 8! plus.

  11. Aye boi apple just stopped selling the iPhone 7 which means the price went down on the 8 which means I’m going to beg my parents for the iPhone 8

  12. I wanted to have the iPhone 8, but I really want the Portrait mode , but the 8 plus is so big. So now I think I will buy the 8 plus. Is the 8 plus really so big?

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