Improve Your Photography | One Focal Length Photo Challenge

Hey everyone and welcome back to the
channel. I’m so happy I can make another video for you guys before the year ends. I
almost forgot to give you guys a challenge headed into the new year so let’s get it
real quick. The challenge today I’m going to offer it’s called the one focal length
challenge. For one month I implore you to pick one focal length, any focal length.
You can choose a 35, a 50, a 24, 85, 105, whatever it tickles your pickle. This
challenge is really gonna push you creatively. I have shot on the 50
millimeter exclusively for pretty much the duration of the summer into the fall.
All of my Street stuff for the most part has been shot on the 50 millimeter. On
occasion, I think from like March until March until May or June yeah from like
March chill from March until about May. I was shooting on my Olympus 35 RC.
This has a fixed focal length of 40 millimeters. So it was really good it was,
really good experience for me to get me into having to think about how I was
going to be framing. So ahead of time I was already had in my mind that I need
to I know I’m gonna be a little bit wider if I want to get close up on
somebody I’m actually gonna actually get in their space and it was great. I got
some really nice pictures over summer on this camera. I’ve printed a couple of
them out I’m just trying to get the framing situated. Once I do you’ll
probably see the photos up from this summer on my walls. For the majority of
the year I was really focused in on the 50 millimeter lens. I did street work on
it, I did portrait work on it. It’s very versatile and that’s why I like – I’ve
come to like it so much. It’s one of my favorite lenses, if not my most favorite
lens. Oh yeah, I’ll say it’s my favorite lens right now. When I first started
shooting I was on the Canon Rebel t5i and it came with a kit lens a zoom
lens it was s 18 to 55 millimeter lens and I found that whenever I would go out I
was always fiddling with it. Changing my focal lengths
and just doing too much you know instead of me physically moving. When you have a fixed lens you have to move. You’re trying to change your cropping on a shot
so I think that’s what’s really good about this challenge. All right let’s
jump into some of these 50 millimeter photos that I took this year and I’ll
even throw in a couple of the 40 millimeter shots I’ve got on the Olympus
RC as well I myself will be continuing with this
challenge into the new year. I just got a 35 millimeter lens which I
have one to have for a while now and I got it for my two camera setups. I got
one 35 millimeters Nikon lens for my Nikon setup. I got a 35 millimeter Zuiko
for my Olympus setup. I’m sure I will be doing a video relatively soon talking
about those purchases so yeah heading into 2019 I’m gonna be shooting
a lot more 35 millimeter focal lengths and I’m gonna be using it for my
behind-the-scenes photography while I’m on set. I’ll be using it when I’m out
on the street capturing what’s happening around me so yeah I implore
you all to try this challenge out as well. Pick a focal length, any focal
length and only shoot that focal length for a month. Really push yourself to see
things more creatively. Push yourself to take really great pictures with new
focal lengths and get out of your comfort zone a little bit. If you do
do this challenge please tag me in the photos. You can tag me on Instagram @talya_adams. I’ll link it below as always or tag me in the comments. Let me know
how you felt about the challenge. If it really pushed you or frustrated you
let me know because I’m sure I have experienced it as well. If you liked this
video give it a ‘Like’. If you want more videos like it and enjoy these videos
please ‘Subscribe’ to the channel as I’ll be uploading regularly and yeah, I’ll see you guys in the next one. Peace!

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