Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Tamil Full Movie

‘Madurai’ Bro. . .bro? Drive faster Don’t get perturbed – What happened?
– Don’t be flustered Give some breathing space Hurry UP Careful…when you lift him down – Have you kept the report there?
– Yes, doctor – How is he, doctor?
– Please be calm I can’t say anything for another 8 hours I’ll do my best What’s happened to the medicines? She’s bringing, sir Mother! He will be fine ‘A few months earlier Coimbatore’ Dear…hello…! I thought I heard Pavithra scream Did you hear anything? Whether she screams in her sleep or not… …you’ll hallucinate and
disturb my sleep every night Go to sleep Happy birthday to you You shocked me out of my wits I wanted to surprise you First sit down Pavithra…sweet heart? Had any nightmare or what? Don’t you have anything better
to do at midnight, ma? Let me sleep in peace Happy birthday, Pavithra Take a sweet Did Gautham wish you? I’d have landed in a royal soup! Why? He crept in at 12:01 with a scarf
on his face like a masked man! My heart almost stopped I had a narrow escape
being caught by my mom! It seems his wishes should
make a deep intact in my mind! You bet it did…unforgettable
start for my birthday! Somehow from the start,
I don’t like his attitude and antics Don’t jump to wrong conclusions He proposed to me after
following me for a whole year! When I was hesitant
he settled for friendship He has visited temples with me I’ve shopped with him We’ve eaten very little,
talked lots in many hang outs In these past 6-7 months,
not even for a moment… …has he stepped out of line He’s not what you think
…has he stepped out of line …has he stepped out of line Gautham is a nice guy Gautham…Gautham I thought we could relax
and I brought a friend along But you seem immersed
in your own thoughts? – Mood out?
– Nothing of that sort, da Pavithra . . .! For such a beauty
I can wait for ever If only her mother had
entered 10 minutes later… …my 1 ‘/2 years penance
would’ve been fulfilled! You said she’s your friend? So she claims What does it matter friend or lover? It’s just lip-talk
All I need is 1 day To spend in a state
of pure bliss with her Let’s see, I’m sure
to get the right chance Where are you off to? I’m leaving I have some work to do Dude, don’t get me wrong I came in his bike
I’ll also leave now Catch up with you later Wait for me Why did you leave suddenly? Better off drinking poison
than sharing a drink with him He says doesn’t matter
whether lover or friend All he wants is a royal fling! Using love as an excuse
guys take girls for a ride Nowadays girls run a yard
when a guy follows them! They’ll only believe you
if you befriend them With him as yardstick
even that will be tough Wonder who will be
that girl’s savior! ‘Madurai’ ‘Intellect and strength
Fame and fortitude’ ‘Devotion and undaunted
humility of mind’ ‘Good health, wealth of words’ ‘Grant us all these Lord Anjaneya’ ‘Lord Rama the Victorious!’ Look there! Real cool guy
standing right in front of us Are you flirting
in front of God? God will be angry with us
only if we miss a golden chance! He has small bright eyes
Dynamite and dynamic Let’s pray first and then
we can flirt together Did you hear what they said? You’re right He’s awesome Don’t ogle and gobble him
Leave some for me Those 2 girls ripped you apart
with their eyes, you ignored them At least you could’ve
stolen 1 look at them As if you don’t know I am
Lord Anjaneya’s ardent devotee I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow,
even if Miss World ogled at me Dude…? – What’s wrong?- Nothing Don’t I know you inside out? Instead of your usual Saturday visit to
the temple, you’ve come on a Thursday Even after praying to God
you are looking so dull Tell me what’s wrong? My best friend in college
left me 3 years back on this day – Died?- Shut up Don’t over react
I meant we fought and split Who made you so unhappy? Mayil Mayil as in a girl? No! Mayilvaganan My pet name for him is Mayil We never went against
each other’s wishes We were thick like hand and glove Do you know what fun it was in our college? I targeted with my gaze
a palanquin princess I told a girl in a skirt to twirl
like a giant wheel in a whirl Love is a feeling
Listen to me, so appealing If you say no to love
Shame on you, bow wow! I made Miss Kandangi sari
at dawn pinch me softly Girl in a mirrored half sari
I seduced at sun-set easily Love is a feeling
Listen to me, its endearing To love, if you say no
Shame…shame on you! Mind on a whistling spree
Youth fancy free Anklets tinkle loudly
Bodies must shake proudly Folk dance…twist and twirl
Let your heartbeat swirl Yeah, give it a shot…pillage
If a girl with you,it adds mileage ‘All this is fun, I agree’ ‘Will one of you marry him?’ ‘Tell him, my dear girls’ I avoided my gaze on the palanquin princess I steered clear of the girl
in a skirt with a giant wheel twirl Why need love…exclude
No, I don’t want, dude If love by chance you provoke
it’ll nail you into a coffin, bloke I yelled deliberately
at the girl in a Kandangi sari Girl clad in a mirror-work half sari
I side stepped her purposely Why love…elude
I don’t want, dude If love you try to prise
you’re in for a nasty surprise Head on a dizzy spin
Body flustered within Heart ‘lub-dub’ing
Don’t nurse a disturbed feeling Folk dance…together twirl
You’ll be a tattered soul Give it a shot…rock and roll
The girl will sell your soul In this cold month of January
love, laugh, make merry Superman for you to become
you need a parakeet awesome Rebelling against rules freely
Reveling in lies liberally This girl will ditch us merrily Maiden with nectarine eyes
Miss with words so wise If such a girl appears
our pride will be in tatters Hey! However brave we may be
let’s not invite trouble stupidly No, your attitude pal
calls for a catcall I targeted with my gaze
a palanquin princess I asked a girl in a skirt to twirl
like a giant wheel in a whir Love is a feeling
Listen to me, soul-stirring If you say no to love
Shame on you, bow wow I yelled deliberately
at the girl in a Kandangi sari Girl clad in a mirror-work half sari
I side stepped her deliberately Why do I need love…elude
I don’t want, dude If love you try to prise
you’re in for a nasty surprise ‘Rock on!’ Be brave…rough and tough
Pack up a girl and show off Put on your best attitude
Whiz a few girls off, dude We had such fun and one day
he left me high and dry suddenly Don’t know if we’ll meet again What happened to make you both part ways? That’s a long story
I’ll tell you later Did you see that? Fate hasn’t spared anyone Palatial house Can live like a prince Like being exiled in the forest
he has lowered his lifestyle Destiny! When did you come? Father. . . ? I understand your anger We are hospitable even to strangers How can we make my sister sit outside? I have the same rights
you have in this house My sister shares my rights too It is not right on your part to do this Do whatever you think is right Vinithra, my darling daughter What’s troubling your daughter? She cast us aside and
ran away with her lover Why is she here now? To see if we are alive… …or has she fought with
the man she herself chose? She came just to visit us She saw us, right?
Then why hasn’t she left? Why do you stand there
with such a woeful look? We pour our love over them
They don’t reciprocate at all Okay, let her stay
however long she wants But I don’t want to see her Serve me lunch
I need to go to the shed Vinodha, get me a plate Serve me, ma Your father doesn’t want to see her You don’t want to ask her
what has happened either How can we ladies handle this? Just because she fell in love
can we turn a deaf ear? Why make me the scapegoat
if you are mad at your husband? I don’t even know what the problem is Normal pot-holes which
crop up in all marriages As if I don’t fight
with your father! But only if the men set it right
our child’s dignity will be intact If he doesn’t take any steps
you have to step into his shoes But you know him He won’t let me So are you implying
she should be here lifelong? You don’t make sense Without my father’s knowledge… …without being aware
of my sister’s problem- I am not at fault That’s what everyone will say Only if you look at
both sides of the coin… …will you know the truth I’ll start from there Take care of the accounts
till I get back, dude Any doubts, call me This doesn’t feel right, da Which? You lying to your father
and going to Coimbatore You don’t get tensed Going to Salem to get quotation
for rebuilding body of buses And I’ve told him clearly
I’ll be back in a week As long as you maintain the same, fine But that’s my problem If he raises his voice
I get the jitters! He hates anyone lying That too if he finds out
you lied, we are dead You are asking me to
manage in your absence To lie for a good cause
is equal to being truthful! You can hold the for
I’ll see you soon Bye,dude Easy for him to say
He isn’t in my shoes! ‘Singanallur bus stand
Coimbatore District’ Has he gone away
in a fit of anger too? Sir, 1 minute Cotton mills supervisor
Shanmugam…? Couldn’t he pick on
anyone else to ask?! Sir…? I thought Coimbatore people
are respectful by nature Opening itself is a disaster My dear boy…come here Whom do you want to see? Cotton mills supervisor Shanmugam This is his house House is locked Wait for a while
He will be back Thanks Don’t tell him you asked
for his address here Especially not to me! Mr Shanmugam? That’s me Kathirvel, from Madurai – How are you?- I’m fine Please sit down What brings you
all the way here? I came to get a quotation
for body works of buses My friend was coming to Coimbatore I thought since
my sister lives here… …why stay elsewhere?
So I came here straight How did you recognize me
when I introduced myself? Because the 9 months
your sister was here… …she spoke about
her family 24 x 7! How can I forget that easily?! Not just my sis, all girls
share this same attitude How can a girl forget her parents and
siblings the day after she’s married? It will take some time Not realizing the 20 year bond
husbands blows it out of proportion I agree it is because of concern But if the concern is
not expressed properly… …the problem may stay
unsolved till the very end I can see your sister’s influence
has rubbed off real strong on you ‘He isn’t showing
interest at all’ R. Chockalingam I need to go out now You can take res
If you want to go out… …you can lock up the house
and take the keys with you I’ll come back
only at night Take a seat I was walking here this morning And you made me sit here
saying I have cholesterol etc When will I get my result? Please wait, the nutrition
specialist will be here soon When will he come, dear?
I can’t sit here the whole day! Relax. ..relax. ..relax I’m nutrition doctor Mayilvaganan If we sold drugs under
this same umbrella… …you’d have helped yourself
to mouth cancer happily I need to scare you to death
and pump in proper information Hand over the reports Mr Raju Turn Cashier? How did you
guess that so right?! I can see the flab-bag hanging in front If you sit in front of your cash box
night and day, this is what will happen See…no connection to
your height and weight Cholesterol is rolling
like a dumpling inside Give him a ‘mudda sudda’ box – Will I reduce?
– Mr Lal Bahadur Sir, what is this?
Your sugar level is 700 Even the Govt shop doesn’t
store this much sugar! If you don’t control it your brain will be affected
Even the Govt shop doesn’t store this much sugar! If you don’t control it
your brain will be affected – Give him a ‘mooda sudaa’ box
– Why are you scaring me like this? I walk daily, is this some
kind of new sales tactics? Walking won’t do Clamp your taste buds
Or else you’ll be on a bier! You must at least live to
vote for 3 more elections Don’t dash my hopes
ending up as a corpse! Give him the box
Collect the money Why are you putting up
a side stand here? Will I get this side-dish? Is that what you want? Come this side You want a side dish
from a scientist! Sir, patient – Dai!Kathir?
– Mayil…! My darling!
Thank you For reuniting me with
my long lost friend Hey! You are hugging her
Instead of hugging me?! – Ooops!I got over-emotional
– Typical of him! – How are you?
– I’m fine I was wondering
when I’d meet you again Why this sudden visit
to Coimbatore? I came to my sister’s house Are you into computer astrology? Nutrition, da! My job is to filter all those who
loiter around with too much flab You are the nitwit who failed
even though you copied from me! You are talking
like a doctor to me?! This is all self-developed! Do you want tea or coffee? Tea Go straight and turn left
You’ll find a tea shop You pay up and drink tea I’ll attend to my patients
and join you, okay? I’ve pretended to be busy so often Don’t try to sell
‘ok-ok’ to me! Listen to me Queue of patients
waiting to see me We’ll catch up on Sunday When will we meet on Sunday?
Give me your phone number 9840490098 Hello…? What are you doing? Finished dinner? Did you eat?
What’s he doing? He isn’t back home
but don’t worry I can rectify the situation
in 2 or 3 days easily Doesn’t look like
he is angry with you Don’t try to please me He doesn’t care about me
Neither does he love me Don’t jump to wrong conclusions His love for you
hasn’t reduced one bit Don’t say it just to console me Why do you think he dislikes you? Very simple! His wife has
traveled 200 kms all alone Even if I fought
and walked out…! Did he care to find out
if I reached safe and sound? Is that so? What is today? – August 9th
– I know the date too! Is it a day in your life
you’ll remember forever? Think…think The day he proposed to me You forgot but he didn’t When I met him, he was
coming home from the temple That’s why I’m still saying
I can convince him easily Don’t make everyone at home
get depressed or distressed I’ll call you tomorrow Dai…dai! I must ask you
something important Did you see the girl
in the opposite house? Girl…?No, I didn’t – Thank God- Why did you ask? She’s very beautiful
Guys fall for her like 9 pins You’ll get into unnecessary
problems, that’s why You know me, from when I was 5,
I’ve been a devotee of Anjaneya I think my husband is back
Open the door, I’ll call later All her thoughts are
with her husband here Only her body is there Morning Where is your friend staying? We haven’t been able to
have a heart to heart chat I’ll come early tonight I’ve already filled up
the petrol tank for you Where shall I go? Let me call Mayil What’s this? I wanted to tell you- Father. . .! Haven’t you got
the quotation as yet? I have to get from
2 more companies They are changing the tariff My college friend
is also with me here He hasn’t finished
his work as yet Shall I come back as soon as
we both finish our work? Why are you so hesitant?
As if you’ll lie to me! Finish your friend’s work
and then come, see you Did you cut your hair or did
someone pluck it off in a brawl? – I cut it, sir
– Do a neat job for me How can I cut
your hair like this? Cut under cover! Hey dude! How are you? Why did you give me
a wrong number deliberately? In college, do you remember
I fell in love with a Chithra? You were my friend
So I introduced you to her You spun your epic story
about Anjaneya- Wait! Don’t keep
shoving my head And nailed my love
into a coffin To exile myself from you! How will I give you
the right number? I didn’t think it would
scar your heart so deep! You could’ve easily
got another Chithra Is Chithra a bus from Chithoor
if I miss one to catch another?! She was my love! I’ll make amends for my mistake I’ll find you a beautiful girl Beautiful girl? Is that possible? What fat hopes you have! 1st get yourself a good hair cut,
it will happen Bro-in-law, can I ask you something? What is the problem
between my sister and you? Don’t tell if you think
I’m stepping into your space It’s been 2 days, I was wondering
why you didn’t broach the subject Thank God you are at least
concerned about me! When a guy is in love, we tend to
think the girl is our whole world Waiting hand and foot on her And on tenterhooks for
a message from our angel! Spending sleepless nights Our heart will yearn to hear her
and spend time with her 24 x 7 Even if we gallivanted
the whole day together We’ll be like
the Hutch pup Cheeka But girls think we’ll be the same
even after we are married Now she is talking face to face And now sharing the same roof Why will the heart yearn
when she’s around always? Nowadays girls prefer guys
who write fake poetry praising them Many hug real tight,
whisper sweet nothings And disappear with duty
as their escape clause If I’m down to earth she claims
my love has diminished She fights with me on
zillion imaginary issues Don’t I have to work?
Will love keep us alive? She agrees work is worship Then if I work, she argues
saying work is my only priority If I’m frank, she turns on
the instant ‘tap of tears’! In a split second tears turn
into temper tantrums She derides herself for having
given up her family for me She keeps wondering if she’ll
ever patch up with her family In a fit of anger I told her
to go back to her family It was as if she was waiting
for me to say the word ‘go’! She immediately packed up
her bags and left home Okay, she went
Is Madurai close by? – 250 kms away!
– HUH?! Did she call me to
say she reached safe? Forget a call, a single message,
after all it’ll cost just 10 paisa! No news at all Shall I tell you something? Till I saw you, I was worried sick
I haven’t slept for a whole week As if she’ll believe me
if I tell her all this?! Finish your dinner ‘Did it occur to him to find out
if I reached safe and sound?’ ‘Forget a call, a single message,
after all it will cost just 10 paisa!’ ‘My beloved…sweetie come,
merge with me…’ Big deal! Hello? Hello? Hello? How are you? Huh…1 minute I’m fine How are you? Existing! Can’t you lie saying ‘I’m fine’? I’ll feel happy hearing that You won’t lie to make me happy
But you’ll expect me to, huh? Don’t lose your temper, dear
At least from now on, let’s not fight As if I got angry! Hello? – All your doing, right?
– What? Calling from the land line Your husband must have
missed you and called you Why drag me into this? I know you too well
Don’t try to fool me You know, right? Don’t I have a mobile? Who asked you to call back
in your land line then? That was bec- You knew this was
my ‘patching up’ trick And you were hoping
he’d pick up the landline! I didn’t think that Why this post mortem? You’ve sorted out
your differences, right? When are you coming back? I must tell our mother
She’ll fix an auspicious date Come soon, I can’t keep lying to
our father and be tightrope walking! Only if you land up here,
I’ll have ‘job satisfaction’ Did you see that girl Pavithra
who stays in the opposite house? What kind of build-up is this?
As if she’ll cast a spell on me?! Boys your age will get into
a dizzy spin when they see her She beats Miss World hollow You see her, you won’t
take your eyes off her You’ll fall for her and you’ll have to
bring me back lock, stock and barrel! Why? Because my husband and
her father are sworn enemies! So don’t see her
She’ll be that beauti- Fine, you sound like a parrot
repeating the same dialog! Hang up now and
I’ll call you tomorrow If I see her, I’ll get
hypnotized it seems She underestimates my strong will! Anjaneya! Good night Anjaneya, I’m your devotee since I was 5
and determined to be a bachelor like you! Can someone break my vow that easily? ‘That beauty queen Pavithra
will cast her spell it seems’ Let me see how she waves
her magic wand at me! Bro, 1 tea please Your tea, bro Are you a devotee of Lord Anjaneya? Is there any temple of
Lord Anjaneya close by? In Avinash road, bro I haven’t seen anyone
drool more than this! – Who is he?
– Who is ‘who’!? That chap who could not take
his eyes off us at the tea shop! When you are on a 2 wheeler
instead of sitting behind… …how do you have
eyes in the rear too?! Don’t think too much
and become corrupt! (mantra) Swami? Have you been a devotee
of Anjaneya for many years? Yes, Swami From when you were a kid, you have
never even looked into a girl’s face! In your home town,
didn’t they proudly claim… …even teenage girls can be
safely left under your care? How did you guess so accurately? Because they said the same of me too! It means, whomever they brand
as a good man won’t be allowed… …to enjoy life to the fullest When I was 16,
they said I was spectacular Now they’ve made me
sit here as a spectacle! Do you know why
I settled down here? Some day in the distant future
if God decides to take pity on me… …and talks to me,
I’ll ask him ‘Just as I was pushed
into this fancy dress…’ ‘…were you also shoved into this
through praise, not out of choice’ How will I benefit sitting here
is your next question, right? How do you pluck the thoughts
out of my mind, Swami? It is- Swami…? Saw that? Anjaneya’s hand should not
even touch them it seems I rarely get to touch a girl’s hand
And that’s the only bitsy bliss I get! Not because of this disguise
but ‘voice of experience’ speaks! So if you like someone
don’t even think twice Put in a sea of effort and
see your love through – Okay, sir- 1 minute – May I know your name?
– Kathirvel Named after God Muruga who has
2 wives and not in love?! Your love will automatically bloom – Thanks, sir
– All the best If I buy ‘dosa’ batter for Rs 10
they come to share that too! Untimely attendance with
a long face…what’s up? Any sob story? News to rejoice? I’m muddled what chutney to grind,
you’re adding fuel to my fire! Make up your mind
and then ring the bell Shall we swim in liquor, dude? You make it a habit to visit
the temple after they close Call for a ‘cutting’ after
the shop shuts its shutters! ‘/4 kilo for 2 – For me?
– This is for you For you? Are you planning to get me drunk
to sign a blank document? I wanted to see you enjoy a half
when you only drink a quarter daily Confusion is his middle name! Won’t you satisfy this
small wish of mine? In response to your request
I accept your generous gesture ‘May you flourish inside’! Cheers!! Why are you building
steps to my happiness? Why are you removing
your accessories 1 by 1… …like actor Bhagyaraj does
in his films before he fights Hereafter HE won’t be round
my neck…but in my heart Why? I’ll tell you something
if you won’t get me wrong You won’t, will you? All ears Go ahead I got it like everybody else Grey hair? Love, da!! There’s a girl living
opposite my sister’s house I’m in love with her ‘Calling yourself Anjaneya devotee…’ ‘…how many love stories
you’d have torn to shreds!’ ‘You are caught in its spell now!’ Dai…? How does your girl look? Eyes! Your lids open for me
when my eyes meet yours lovingly My mind sketches in your eyes bright
all my wishes when you and I unite Day which loiters with the sun clear
brave enough to wane as moon too, dear Dark shadow with one look from you
changed into a pristine white hue Love, looking at you is an experience
Dying for you is a blissful difference Darling, seeing you makes a difference
Dying for you is sheer happiness Eyes! Your screen opens for me
when my eyes meet yours adoringly My mind paints in your eyes to reflect
all my wishes when you and I connect Whatever you say will amaze me
I’ll appreciate your beauty devotedly Whatever you say will bowl me over
I’ll flip over your beauty for ever To your tantrums I’ll be docile
I’ll record your voice in my mobile I’ll be with you daily, weekly, yearly
I’ll laze in your laughter languidly Whatever you say will astonish me
I’ll put you on a pedestal delightedly You’re a fruit even the leaf hasn’t grazed
Wait, a day will dawn for me to taste You’re music not strummed by fingers
In my ears your song lures and lingers You’re a boon sought without vows
Sea of femininity! Kiss me overdose You’re a fruit even the leaf hasn’t grazed
Wait, a day will dawn for me to taste That guy you spoke
to me is behind us I can see his face
in the side mirror! Is the mirror to know
who is following us? What did you think? I thought it was to ensure
no one bangs into us! 2 in 1 purpose How could she have not
noticed us for so long? Girls and pickpockets are the same They’ll look at us only when
we are not looking at them! Will she give mea 2nd glance? All girls will flirt with boys
who look like actor Suriya Then some Dick from their area
will sweep them off their feet Forget actors Suriya and Arya
Will she settle for me or not? They take eons to select
their make-up and accessories As if they’ll select
their lover so fast? She’d have scanned you
head to toe by now We’ll have to wait for the result
For now just follow the signal! Signal…go…go We are following her so shamelessly Shouldn’t we do something
to make a deep impact? Definitely we should If we stalk her so silently,
she will discard us as spineless sissies Only if we lift our gear
we’ll be in her full sight Is this okay? Driver is sitting over there
Can’t see your pillion?! – Where is Pavithra?
– Look at them I’m also looking for her May I help you? I can’t reach my back
Will you scratch it for me? She wants to know
if we need anything? Switch on the air conditioner
It’s so hot and sweaty inside No one should guess
we aren’t here to shop Maintain your best
‘millionaire look’! Look at me This doesn’t look like a millionaire
Looks more like a money lender! I’m to blame for expecting
an impressive expression from you Cover your eyes with your coolers These 2, huh?
What did they say? She’s here, da You have any money on you? For what? At least let us be dignified
and buy an iron box! If I had the funds to buy an iron box
I’d be ‘laundry king’ by now Why will I sell homemade brew
shouting my throat hoarse?! That’s what you sell? Hello? What do you want? – Which do you want?
– Black and white TV Did I hear you right? Yes, with shutter, lock and key And antennae on top Sorry, we don’t sell such stuff Do you sell tape recorders? Sorry Do you stock only ‘sorry’
None of the things I ask? Yov! What kind of store is this? Whatever we ask is not sold here?! Pavithra, what do these customers want? Hello, broken mud pot! You don’t stock tape recorders here Tape recorders are outdated now We use them, sir We play old Tamil films
and devotional songs And spread Tamil worldwide ‘To slit your adam’s apple
is our heritage’ ‘What caste is God?’ ‘We’ll practice non violence
Not like you, by seeking alms’ Poet Nakeeraa…? Poets, come down to earth
And use layman terms Sir, you go I’ll manage Get us a tape recorder
Otherwise we won’t leave What do you both want? Why are you creating a scene here? Will you give whatever we ask? Double meaning, huh? Your shop has good stuff
Do you have a Sony TV? This is a Panasonic show room We won’t stock other brands! Don’t tea shops serve snacks? Aren’t mobiles recharged
in a money lender’s shop? Stock other stuff too ‘No’ seems to be your favorite word What’s wrong with you? This is a bunk shop
Not a wholesale outlet Let’s go to the bazaar I knew you’d not buy
but walk out empty handed Did you think we came to
watch cricket for free? Are you selling vegetables
to discard if they decay? We must survey and only then buy Why waste time with the laborer? Call the boss…bro…? – Bro…’annachi’…brother?
– Whaaat? He means your owner He is in Japan Usually a local man will own such shops – Don’t lie- Me…lying? Why get tensed? Show room is to see
Not buy compulsorily Well said, dude Go ahead and look
To your eyes’ content Save some for tomorrow We started on the wrong foot
Will it travel in the right path? Your track is on target Arguments lead to love Now you have a chance to meet again, no? How? Argument paves the way for an apology?! – Huh?- HUhm! – How much?
– Rs 20, sir Will a simple sorry seal our love story? It will, except it is so bloody hot
and my throat is so damn parched Give him tender coconut water Now you are on my wavelength
Let me quench my thirst She is coming this way, da Cover with your coolers Your hands are trembling
Thrust it into your pocket When you apologize to her now… …she should know it is from your soul Just watch me touch an emotional chord in her Hey! Hello Fatso…stop I’m sorry For what? We created such a racket
in your show room yesterday When? Don’t you remember us at all? Not one bit! So many
customers walk in How can I remember
each and everyone? I don’t feel bad Please don’t feel bad
thinking I’m feeling bad Hello…I came to buy a TV…3D She says she doesn’t
remember me at all? Don’t crease my shirt All she did was express
‘memento’ memory? She pre-empted what most
girls do after being proposed Your girl must be
one heaven of a smart cookie! Don’t malign her
She’s a real cool cat Even snakes are cool But don’t they strike with venom? This is how girls generally behave We should play along
with their quirky minds Why does she pretend she doesn’t know us? If a girl expresses ‘memento’ memory
and walks away feigning ignorance… …it means she’s threatened by
her feelings waiting to bloom! – You think so?- I ‘know’ so! She’s frightened she’ll fall for you, dude What’s our next step? To make them fall into our web
we must follow the ‘roach’ theory You mean cockroach? What will a cockroach do? However much we crucify it… …it’ll resurrect like a cat with 9 lives! That’s what you should do Yes, Gautham Pavithra, won’t you even
check who the caller is? So sorry I don’t like the way you are
hanging on to every word of his You claim he is just a friend But day and night
you’re thinking of him Hello? – Congrats, dude
– Thanks – When is the wedding?
– Next month? Super Ooty? I’ll be there Don’t make excuses in the last minute How will I ditch? Give an invitation to Pavithra also Will she come to Ooty? You invite her My responsibility to bring her with me Why do you want her invited? That’s where the ‘play’ is! We shouldn’t feel bad
we lost a golden chance We should create suitable situations If I convince her…Ooty
and the cold weather…! Should I get graphic?
She’ll surrender for sure I don’t think you’ll get her My plan will work out Not only her All girls wait for a safe opportunity If they know they won’t be exposed… …they’ll be eager to explore! That’s how girls are What a low opinion he has of girls! Deepa…what are you looking there for? Finish eating Take your hands off me Ask him to come out Hey! Take your hands off him What’s the hassle? They didn’t give you
a 2nd helping of ‘sambar’? You are pampering the bad guy
and shooing me out, huh?! They are all local chaps
Don’t cause trouble, bro Who is local? We are the local lords
of this locality! You can’t run a hotel
if you are so partial I’ll spit into your batter! I threatened them…simply What’s the problem? Some guy inside was
deriding girls terribly So I went to knock
some sense into his head Are you the vigilante Kamal
from Shankar’s film ‘Indian’? I can’t turn a deaf ear like that You are totally clueless
of current activities Earlier during war-time
they took their swords out Now they brandish it even for beer! We should stick to our own business What is your main job? Follow Pavithra Do just that Don’t show off
your heroism in the side Stop for a second Hello? Why did she stop suddenly? Must have run out of fuel Hello…? Both of you Come here Must be she’ll ask for petrol only
We are in ‘reserve’ so don’t offer Okay Are you following me? Nothing of that sort Why do you follow a girl So shameless! Why do you call yourselves ‘shameless’? Mockery?! If I catch you once more
following me like this…? I’ll get you caught by him Don’t risk it, you’ll be
caught by him instead He’ll claim ‘no air in your wheel’
and wheedle money out of you! Also traffic cops can’t
take action against us I know that But if I complain about you, he will
book you for misusing law and order Got it? Don’t follow me She threatened us by using words
like law and order and hand over If they arrest all guys who follow
they’ll need to renovate our jails! She’s simply creating a scene Still…let’s call it a day
We’ll follow her tomorrow Pavithra…come this way Sit down Hello? Andrew is getting married – Congrats- Thanks Don’t wish me from here
You must attend I’ll come We thought we’ll come
to your show room You preferred to come here I had some work to do So I thought I would
come here on the way Why are you getting offended by that? Where’s the wedding? – In Ooty- Thank you – I’ll be expecting you
– I’ll try my best I’ve told him you’ll come for sure Don’t feel bad, dude Pavithra will be there
to bless you for sure Thanks You won’t tolerate
one man’s mess Your little brother is
adding to the litter! I’m off to work Vinithra…? AW! Aiyaiyo! Hello, aunty Come in How are you, dear? I’m fine Please sit down How are you, Pavithra? Kathir…? Why is she here? Has she brought her mother
to complain to my sister? Kathir…? My younger brother Hello, madam Hello After finishing his college studies
he’s running 4 mini buses in our town Then if we visit you, we can see
Madurai in your mini-bus, no? Aunty, he is a staunch
devotee of Lord Anjaneya He hates girls right from
when he was a kid Why is he looking so sheepish? Are you wondering how neighbors
supposedly sworn enemies… …are on such friendly terms? Not like that, aunty Men will have million hang-ups
What can we do about that? They leave at 9:00 a.m and get
back home only at 8:00 p.m They’ll issue zillion clauses,
where to go, when, with whom Are we prisoners to follow
their rules and regulations? In their absence we paint the town red! Why did you disappear suddenly
without even a word, dear? I had a misunderstanding with
my husband, nothing major Kathir came to clear the air for us Really? We didn’t step outside
when you weren’t here Shall we go tomorrow? I’m ready I loved that red saree We’ll buy it next month, dear 1 moment Thanks a lot, Pavithra For preserving your devotional layer?! I didn’t think much of you at first My opinion changed when I knew
you are Vinithra’s brother Knowing you came here to patch up
their squabble, it has risen even higher! Up, up and above, heavenly
she lifted me effortlessly That missy with her eyes
enlarged my heart oversize She’ll eat me for lunch and dinner
She sent me in circles, in a fluster Head to toe she kindled me
igniting me privately She’s a drizzle from the distance
If close to me, refreshed rain essence She made me the mayfly
broadcasting rain in the sky I’m gung-ho about her
So friction in my heart I suffer She’s my angel of love forever Come…Prince Charming Road
with roses swarming Lightly…slightly
Don’t turn loony, my lovely Come…Prince Charming
Road with roses swarming Lightly…slightly
Don’t turn loony, my lovely She’s beautiful Miss Atrocious
Love repeating it as chorus Daily when she gazed at me
my pride shot up excessively She’s sweet in a different way
Novel discovery every day To caress and chat with ability
I’ve gained courage and capability If she walks in my direction
path displays a divine procession She is a sacred light
speaking with her eyes bright If she walks in my direction
path displays a divine procession She is a sacred light
chatting with her eyes bright Up, up and above, heavenly
she lifted me easily That lassie with her eyes
lassoed my heart oversize A theist worships God, he persists
He who worships work also exists But one look at this darling
they forget almost everything A globe trotter loves to travel
A foodie, various cuisine will revel One who stands next to her
will lose his senses altogether Her spicy flavor sheer delight
will be pickled in the soul private She’s an insatiable liquid diet Her spicy flavor sheer delight
will be pickled in the soul private She’s a quenchless liquid diet Up, up and above, heavenly
she lifted me easily That missy with her eyes
enlarged my heart oversize She’ll eat me for lunch and dinner
She sent me in circles, in a fluster Head to toe she kindled me
igniting me privately She’s a drizzle from the distance
If close to me, refreshed rain essence She made me the mayfly
broadcasting rain in the sky I’m gung-ho about her
So friction in my heart I suffer She’s my angel of love forever Come…Prince Charming
Road with roses swarming Lightly…slightly
Don’t turn loony, my lovely Come…Prince Charming
Road with roses swarming Lightly…slightly
Don’t turn loony, my lovely – Busy?- No, tell me Are you coming next week
for Andrew’s wedding? I haven’t as yet decided My dad will definitely not say ‘yes’ But this is how I’m missing out
on all my friends’ weddings If we leave at 9:30
we can be back at 2:30 or 3 But you decide Let me think about it
and call you Bye What if she fell in line with
your plans without objecting… …and later insists you should
marry her and she loves you Even those who profess their love till
kingdom come, ditch their girl friend That’s where it is safer to
be a friend than a lover! A friend can get away with
even murder by a simple sorry No hitches or glitches! Kathir loves Pavithra Daii I saw it I erased it You are still so playful Love is like a banana leaf
on which a feast is served You should eat immediately If you delay, someone else
ill eat what’s meant for you I’ll go right up to her now, profess
my love and ask if she reciprocates Listen…? Is Kathir still waiting
for the quotation? He said his friends are with him They might have gone
to Hogenakal or Bangalore I thought I’ll give him
a grace time of 10 days But he is still
postponing his return Has he gone up to Coimbatore? He told me he was
only going to Salem Hasn’t he gone to
his sister’s house? Dude…! I said go for it Tell me Like a drunkard will go for his beer… …be focused and tell her
the moment you see her You be on the line
Only then I’ll pick up courage I’ll cut the call now
You call me Don’t be silly!
Don’t disconnect You were having your fun
claiming to be a die-hard bachelor Now that you are entangled in love… …if you don’t loaf around the streets
like a vendor selling old silk sarees …I won’t change my name!
I’ll win this bet hands down Pavithra . . .? Yes, Kathir Did you come to buy a Sony TV? I came to see you What are you looking for? Where’s your Adam’s rib
who sticks to you 24×7? He’s missing I don’t have anything
to do with him nowadays I need to talk to you
alone about something Doesn’t matter
We can talk here You are still in love mood I think Not like that, Pavithra Let me first share
my thoughts with you I’m confiding in you
as a good friend Please keep it to yourself He cut me off, huh? I won’t Tell me Gautham is my close friend We know each other for hardly 18 months But as soon as I told him
I’m not the ‘falling in love’ kind… …he became my friend
He is still the same to me But I feel, of late, maybe
I’m falling in love with him But I don’t know for sure If I feel I can’t be without him
I’ll definitely tell him at once I’m myself in this
confused state You don’t get confused by
pinning your hopes on me Please! Aiyaiyo! What’s happened to him? What happened? My daughter lied, made an ass
of me, took half my life out My son whom I trusted
took away the rest of my life If he steps in here… …I will walk out forever You know I treat that family
as my sworn enemy for life? Did you and your brother want
to fix an alliance with them? Don’t add 2+2 and make it 5 Your brother need
not be here any longer – How can you say
– Sis! No, Kathir, he can’t push- I came to unite both of you Not to make matters worse
and take you back permanently That girl doesn’t
love me anyway Why magnify this?
I’ll leave now Madurai? What, mother? I’m on my way back home Kathir, your father found out Not getting in? No Dude, won’t you pick up my call?
Your sister updated me on everything Come and stay with me in my room I don’t want to be a pain
around your neck! You’ll say this now and then
roam around whole day You’ll finally knock at my door
in the middle of the night And be a bigger pain!
Don’t I know you? Accept with grace when invited! Didn’t we see Pavithra with a chap? I think he is the Gautham
she thinks she is in love with Then let’s wrap him up
and make him a statue! No need, dude But if he is that chap
she has made the wrong choice Remember there was a big brawl
the other day in that restaurant You know what happened inside? Hello! Will you ask him
to lower his voice? He is deriding girls within earshot
of all the customers dining here You’ll ignore it, huh? What’s the problem? – Whom are you implying?
– Sir…sir…sir – Mind your business, da
– Don’t lose your cool, sir Who are you to tell me
what to speak and about whom? Trying to advice me?
Scumbag! Don’t let your tongue
run away with you! Please be patient, sir I didn’t realize he was
referring to Pavithra It dawned on me just now What do you intend doing? Talk to Pavithra, da Why step into her space? She has already told you
she isn’t interested, no? Can’t turn a blind eye, da You know the meaning
of a worthy love? Wishing your loved one happiness
even if she doesn’t reciprocate! That’s true love Nothing wrong in being frank, no? You are bringing it like
a bride-fixing meeting! What have you come for? Pavithra is busy at work I need to tell her
something very important Okay then Only you go in Shall we both go out? If you aren’t inclined,
you can get back to work! Too hot! Sorry, Pavithra
Am I disturbing you at work? No problem, tell me
How can I help you? I saw you on a bike with
a guy in Gandhipuram road Is that Gautham? Why? I need to tell you something You 1st tell me and then
I’ll tell you who that was That’s up to you But if he is Gautham
you’ve made the wrong choice Why do you say that? I overheard him talk to
his friend in a restaurant He said all girls just wait for
the right excuse to get laid I got into a fist fight with him If I put 2 and 2 together
I feel he was referring to you Very good!
Is this your Madurai style? You’ll spin spread wrong tales
about the lover of the girl you love? We all misjudge people
sometimes, Pavithra Think what you want of me I don’t mind I don’t want you to be
taken for a ride by anyone It is your life
It is your call Kathir, 1 minute Please don’t visit me again with
the excuse of doing me a favor That’s not my- I really thought high of you You shattered it to pieces! Why can’t Kathir be right? What screwed up logic is that? Kathir hardly knows me for a month I know Gautham for a year So what, Pavithra? You may not know
this side of him, no? It isn’t just a matter of words This is a lifetime decision No harm in getting to know him You sprung a surprise on me by
coming out with me all of a sudden Thank you If you see things from
a height and a distance… …everything looks beautiful Am I right, Gautham? That’s why I called you
to this roof top many times Are you coming to Ooty for
Andrew’s marriage, Pavithra? I haven’t decided as yet
I’ll tell you tomorrow ‘Emerald hills, Ooty’ Just 1 minute
I’ll be right back Where are you?
I’m at your door step You attend the wedding
I’ll be back in half hour We are done with that Sorry, dude No one at home Wait for a while I’ll be back I’ve come with my friend, da I’m leaving now
See you some other time Hey! Wait for a bit, da I’m leaving now
I’ll be there soon What’s up, Gautham? My close friend This is his place He’ll be mad at me if I don’t meet him No problem We can wait ‘Will she get angry if I touch her now?’ ‘If I miss this chance…’ ‘…don’t know if I will
ever get another one?’ ‘She’ll either be willing
or she’ll whack me’ ‘Only 1 of the 2’ ‘If she isn’t interested
it won’t go forward anyway’ ‘Is this why I schemed for so long?’ ‘Right or wrong now is the moment’ What game are you playing? Gautham? Your father and I don’t oppose love We are most willing to get you
married to whomever you love But you must select
your ‘Mr Right’! In a way you are so blessed, dear Many girls trust the wrong chap
and cry over spilt milk later! God showed you his true colors
before you stuck your head in, no? Think that our family deity Muruga has
been your savior in the nick of time Message from your girl If girls send a message by themselves
means ‘linked-in’ the right direction! They only take time to change sarees Not their boy friends Huh? Looks like you’ll hoist
your flag of love very soon Hello Kathir What happened, Pavithra? Nothing Sorry, Kathir Not analyzing if what you said
was true, I misunderstood you At least now do you
realize I was right? Don’t cry, Pavithra I don’t know
how to console you People all around
are watching you ‘This too will pass’ Whatever it is, smile There’s so much more left
to experience in life Look over there
That girl is sobbing – Some love problem
– What else can it be? Please stop crying People around will think
I did something to you Please understand my plight I can’t take on blows from
strangers for a misplaced cause! Love…beloved…my lovely
I came here for you only Your smile is enough to drown me
Don’t reign monsoon in your eyes please I got a sheet of mist, my Chickadee Love…beloved…my lovely
I came here for you only Your smile is enough to drown me
Don’t spray monsoon in your eyes please I got a sheet of dew, my bumblebee Bouquet you sprayed On my table you displayed
a bouquet of roses red You became the window
for me to admire the sky’s halo My heart pushed into the pyre softly
you showed the moon to pacify me Love…beloved…my lovely
I came here for you only Your smile is enough to drown me
Don’t shower monsoon in your eyes please I got a sheet of dew, my dearie My eyes draped by sleeplessness
Dream elude me, I’m helpless Even if I hear a song anywhere
my heart doesn’t hum, I don’t care My eyes draped by sleeplessness
Dream elude me, I’m helpless Even if I hear a song anywhere
my heart has no sparkle to spare Rain-laden cloud, wispy and dear
You are a floating peacock feather You are music, ambrosia to the ear
Switch lighting my soul crystal clear One life to be cherished
Which pines and melts bewitched When memories plunder
mind again slides to surrender By prising my eyes open, you entered
between my eye lids, you stood centered To share with you, untold
many stories waiting to unfold Telegrams of the eyes true
why should words accrue? You conquered this world gracefully
carrying yourself so perfectly With a smile in your lip’s corner
you occupied my heart’s epicenter Love…beloved…my beau
I came here only for you What’s the amount for both? Rs 350 What do you want, bro? Can I have a 2 GB memory card? – How are you, my boy?
– Oh! Uncs, I’m fine as ever – How is your friend?
– He’s the same as ever too Just because he came here
to patch things up between us… …I believe his father didn’t
let him into his house To make matters worse,
I sent him out of my house too What’s he doing now? Is he still following
that girl like a lost pup? Uncle, the moment he knew
both families are at loggerheads… …he hasn’t given her
a 2nd look or thought Is that true? Few days back, he boarded
a bus she was already in When he saw her, he literally
jumped out of the running bus Should a lorry choose
to come at that time?! Oh gawd!
Then what happened? Luckily that lorry driver
is from our area He hitched a lift and got back home Dai…don’t pull my legs! I’m trying to say
he is too good hearted But such fellows are looked at
as if they are old scooters Did you get to talk to your friend? – I don’t talk, no
– Why? Ever since I knew
he lied to you…no way! What are you up to, dude? Why did you hang up? Some tower problem Voice was too muffled What tower problem in a landline?
Your friend was on the line, right? Go ahead…talk Why did you hang up on me? I couldn’t hear you properly, dude How are you, da? I’m fine
What about you? Surviving How is my father? He is fine, da Feel terrible not being
able to talk to him All my fault If you lie to someone who loves you
naturally they’ll feel letdown I understand his anger But I can’t let down my sister
who is part of our family, no? I’ve done what he should have
I’m satisfied with myself about this He’ll understand one day Why are you worried, dude? You know, when I was a kid… …whatever problem my father had
he’d just take me in his lap And play with me for just 5 minutes
he’ll get rejuvenated it seems We have this intense need
to spend time with each other I don’t know how he is
such a different man now I have faith, he’ll call me
one day with a change of heart How is mother? She and Vinodha are fine I meant your mother! I’m talking to my mother and sister
daily for at least an hour Dude…? My father doesn’t know this, da
You don’t blabber anything to him I’ll talk to you later Hey Samiyandi Come here How come you are back home early? I felt like seeing you ‘Words don’t befit a big shot like you’ Is lunch ready? Vinodha, your father is hungry Fetch a banana leaf I’ll serve him lunch Marrow bone…eat I cooked it because
it’s your favorite Even my son loves this Wonder if he is eating properly or not…! God knows where he is
No news of his whereabouts It’s been a month since I heard his voice At least he’ll be yelling at me for
doing something he didn’t want me to Prayed to every God possible
to have a son…and he was born What’s he doing now, God knows! You enjoy your lunch Drink some water and tap you head Someone dear must be thinking
of you if you choke while eating! No one is thinking of me Looks like someone is cursing me
from the bottom of their heart!! – Vinodha dear…?
– Yes, father Get your mother’s mobile Whom will I talk to now? – For me to talk
– In my phone? That’s a junk of a phone
Can’t even hear properly You bring it, dear Can’t find it, huh? I’m coming, found it It seems she found it Battery is down, father No charge, huh? No charge it seems We never know when there’s power
for us to charge our mobile So you couldn’t talk to
whomever you wanted I’ll use my phone
Put this back I’ll be back just now My darling!
What did you do? My precious princess! Whatever it is say it to my face Mind your own business World war 103 has started! I won’t go without getting
to the bottom of this I don’t have to be scared of anyone What’s the problem now? Go inside Just go inside You’ll start maligning me for
standing out and fighting Passers-by will think
something is wrong with us Why do you keep picking up
a quarrel with this boy? Boy?! Can’t you see
he’s a grown up buffalo? How does it affect him
if I chase a dog away? Hey mister!
Mind your tongue Don’t be disrespectful I want to know if he was
driving the dog away Or using that as
an excuse to deride me – Let’s not fight
– I need to know Why do you drag him- …into a fight is what
I want to know Do you know what he did last week? He looks at me and says,
‘why are these old dogs alive?’ And throws a stone at the dog It would have hit me
if I hadn’t been alert What did he do the previous week? We finished washing it threadbare
in last week’s world war, let’s go in This has become a habit Go inside Does he behave like a gentleman? This is why I told your brother
not to fall for this man’s daughter If he makes our life
so miserable as a neighbor… …imagine as our relative by marriage
we need to forego our peace of mind! It seems your brother runs a yard from her So glad to hear that Hey dude, why is your chin
needing a prop now? Are you feeling bad Pavithra
hasn’t said yes as yet?! She isn’t showing any sign
of acceptance, dude To like oil cakes you should be a buffalo
To like a girl you must cultivate patience Is my one liner too moronic? Some girls are like petrol vehicles
They’ll get started in a jiffy Your girl is a diesel vehicle Starting trouble but
once it picks up speed… …zip zap zoo- I know all that, da If you meet a girl in a hotel
and fall for her… …you can easily
profess your love But how can I do the same
when she’s my friend now? If I express my love, what if even
our friendship goes for a toss? Oho! Either a friend
or a lover, huh? In some route or the other, you must
be in constant touch with a girl? Love is equal to a sneeze You must get it out of your system
as soon as it enters you! Don’t let it cool Blurt it out As soon as you fell in love… …you switched Gods from bachelor
Anjaneya to Lord Muruga with 2 wives! What a dynamic
dynamite you are! I’ll also feel shy, no? As soon as Pavithra comes here
I’ll leave, pretending I got a call You have 10 minutes time
to profess your love to her No, you be right next to me Has your eye been operated
for me to be your eyes?! How can I step into
your personal space? That’s okay, if you are with me,
I can pick up courage to… …express my love
anywhere anyhow You’ll also blame me for the idea
if it doesn’t work to your advantage You are very astute! Why is she tagging her along
like a pencil with eraser attached? Girls are always on guard
They’ll always roam in pairs! Security for each other – Were you waiting for long?
– Not too long I told him girls
are never punctual But he insisted we should
be here on the dot! Why are you on a devotional spree? That’s a matter of
‘soft spot, touch-me-not’ nature Since that succeeded, we made
a thanksgiving offering to God Want a piece of coconut? Coffee for me Order whatever you like What will you have? Give us coffee One by two Why are you gaping? Look how smartly
they ordered sandwich Here we are sharing 1 coffee Say something to keep the conversation going Kathir, you also called to propose And befriended me
when I turned you down You’re still a friend? What, da? Why did you ask that? Because I don’t like
1st being befriended And then be proposed to later Aiyaiyo! We’ll never go
against your wishes Lord Anjaneya, at least now, din some
sense into your devotee’s thick skull! ‘Victory to your divine mascot’ Enough of building
castles in the air! Go back as assistant to
your Bachelor-God Anjaneya Why are you dashing my hopes? You can even get a girl
some other chap trampled on But to hook a girl who has raised
picket fences is an impossible task So I can never ‘okay’ her? Last chance, last ball,
shall we hit a six? What can we do? Like saying ‘hi’
express your love in one go This is what you said last time Express my love
like ordering a cup of tea She says if I befriend her
I shouldn’t propose, no? Can we eat, add inches to
our waist and then express? Tell her your dad isn’t angry with you
And you are going back home tomorrow Simply spin a yarn
Let’s see her reaction I want my love to be okayed
Not extinguished once for all! More love has worked out on
last day of college than the 1st Why think so long
to wear your coolers? I messed it up saying something
quite different than what I intended Are you deriding yourself? What’s the use of lamenting now? I feel there is something
genuine in Kathir’s attitude You are sure you love him
Why don’t you tell him? I felt he was trying to tell you
his true feelings yesterday At least he’d have expressed
what was in his mind ‘Because I don’t like 1st being
befriended and then proposed to later?’ You don’t pile on to me Did I do it deliberately? Did I do it deliberately? I was so flustered
words just ‘jumbled’ out! Let’s meet him tomorrow I’ll step out for a bit
pretending I got a call You have 10 minutes only, by then
you should express your love to him Why are you hesitating? His ‘glue-friend’ will be with him I’ll take care of him
Don’t worry, okay? Thank you Say something Why don’t we discuss
something and eat? We shouldn’t talk while eating, no? How will you ask for
‘chutney’ and ‘sambar’? Because you are also silent Are you from Kerala? It seems it rains in your state
for 6 months continuously? Any plans of selling umbrellas?
Dumbass! Let’s get to work I’ll let my ringtone
play and step out You do the needful – Hello?
– Hello! Tell me, Kumar I think being his Love-Guru
my brain will become french fries! Oh! You came out…? He’s up to the same game! ‘Pavithra, Kathir loves you’ ‘Pavithra also loves you, dude’ Your beauty like crackers…bang bang
You burst in(to) my heart; boomerang Tinkle of your laughter
enwrapped my mind forever In my dreams fireworks you burst
serial crackers you dispersed Unconscious flights of fantasy
Conscious of what you fancy Even the driest land will bloom gladly
with you as second skin to me Like flowers on my shirt drip honey
in happiness you dip me I’m the butterfly delightedly
You ravish me repeatedly I have so much to offer
You come and explore my coffer Like losing a bangle
why do you pout your lips, angel? Like grinding chutney, with a whisk
you swipe my life double quick In my dreams fireworks you burst
serial crackers you lit first Unconscious flights of fantasy
Conscious of what you fancy Mesquite shrub as forests
Cage where a parakeet rests In my heart is a wish list
For a long time without exit My dear miss, nothing else I missed You are the hot breeze in the evening
My eyes can easily set you steaming We have miles to cover
Hand in hand forever, lover Your beauty like crackers…bang bang
You burst in(to) my heart; boomerang Tinkle of your laughter
enveloped my mind forever Rain’s fragrance
That is affection’s essence Rendezvous in fields broke the ice until
I won your heart with my culinary skill I’m not a haystack but a banana grove
If you’re near me, no defense, my love When we merge as one
no need any gap, none In my dreams fireworks you burst
serial crackers you ignited first Unconscious flights of fantasy
Conscious of what you fancy Your beauty like crackers…bang bang
You burst in(to) my heart; boomerang Unconscious flights of fantasy
Conscious of what you fancy Even the driest land will bloom gladly
with you as second skin to me Like flowers on my shirt drip honey
in happiness you dip me I’m the butterfly colorfully
You ravish me continuously I have so much to offer
You come to explore my coffer Like losing a bangle
why do you pout your lips, angel? Like grinding chutney, with a whisk
you swipe my life double quick After gobbling all that ‘kuzha puttu’
bike is not able to take your weight? Can’t go any faster! Kathir, looks like you won’t get off
the bike till the tyres wear out! As if your tyre is any better! See…he’s having a dig at me
Why don’t you change your tyre? Dating him, never told me! Who is this man, dude? Over (re)acting when he is not
part of our story at all?! Pavithra, his glares are
directed mostly at you! Is he your old tuition master? Hey! He is her dad, idiot The entire family has
rounded us up Good or bad, you must
stick to me please, dude To live in a world of lies is
fooling ourselves, not others That’s the truth I’m not denying I took
the jewels from him I’m only saying I can’t
return it right now Going through tough times Your tough times got you
a new car I guess! Wedding is a lifelong treasure Our village custom is to fix
an alliance in front of all our folks My wife’s brother’s daughter
chose a groom for herself When I told him not to
accept her decision… …he said his daughter’s wishes
precede our tradition and customs So we were forced to exile them,
as a form of punishment Same mistake my daughter did too Did our folks gather to punish me? I volunteered to move out
And relocated my family So that no one can point
a finger at me and blame me If anyone slandered me
I won’t live, I’ll die All those who talk clearly
need not be intellectuals If we understand and act
we won’t have any cross to bear I trusted him and gave all the jewels When I wanted them back
he keeps giving lame excuses Let him give whenever he wants But the trust I had in him
has gone for a toss I’m wrong, uncle
I’ll return it within 2 days If you do so, I will be
the happiest man on earth I’ll return it, uncle Yasothamma, call your son
Ask him to come back home We’ve got a good alliance If horoscopes match we can
get him married at the earliest Like how your daughter found
a Coimbatore husband, I hope… …he doesn’t come with
a Coimbatore bride in tow If something like that happens
there’s no point in me even living Nothing like that will happen I’ll only be too happy
if it doesn’t happen Uncle, the moment he knew
both families are at loggerheads… …he hasn’t given her
a 2nd look or thought I forgot to switch off the light
in the rest room, let me do that You can’t step out of here Uncs, it’s not what you think You keep saying nothing and
it has ballooned into this! You were the one who
got me into this soup – I got you caught?
– How is it my mistake? You took that route Shhhh! What’s the point in doing everything
and then staring fixedly at the floor? Why is your bro-in-law
hissing like a snake at us? Shhhh! My fault for pampering you
because you’re my only daughter Look at me, Pavithra Usually mothers-in-law eavesdrop But here your bro-in-law
is at it, attentively I don’t treat love
as if it’s my enemy In college I spoke ‘If my love doesn’t
bloom it is despair, death and gloom’ Show me some dog in the street and
ask me to get you married to him I’ll make a man out of him
and fulfill your wishes Instead, please don’t ask me
to get you married to… …the brother-in-law of
the mongrel living opposite Our feud dates back
to more than 2 decades Will it get solved so easily? It’s a scar buried deep in my heart Or do you intend eloping
without my approval? Nothing like that Even if it was true… …I won’t agree to that – Uncs…?
– Shhh…shhhhoo! Don’t hisses like water
sprinkled on a hot griddle? Actually why this feud
between the 2 families? You should ask my father Did I ask you for a ladder to
get your father’s permission?! What is your problem? It is between my father and him That’s what I want to know why, uncs Brothers are bound to have 101 problems! Uncs, then is he really your uncle? I can’t call him ‘chithappa’! Then why not call him P.U.Chinappa
the popular singer of the ’30s?! Unless you tell us how will we know? It happened when
I was in 7th grade I was 12 then Naturally everyone will be 12
when they’re in 7th grade! Come to the point My father refused
to get me a geometry box So taking the liberty,
I asked my uncle for Rs 20 Rs 20? Did he give? When I borrowed
the money from him… …I told him a million times
not to tell my father about it Hardly 2 days later,
when the 2 of them fought… …he dragged my name
out in the open! For a week, whenever my father
was mad with his brother… …he’d hit me black and blue
with a bamboo cane mercilessly The scars are still so vivid and fresh You think this is a sob story
worthy of you sobbing?! That was the day
I exiled him from my life Revenge…! Why did you stop? Somehow we must unite them I too feel the same In my husband’s village is
an old man, head of our family If he can mediate we can patch this up Do you need a judge for
a geometry box squabble? Let’s try your mother’s idea It seems feasible Should we
convene a meeting for the entire community to go to the dogs? Let’s try your mother’s idea
It seems feasible Let’s try your mother’s idea It seems feasible Criticize
everything and don’t give any concrete ideas! Let’s try your mother’s idea
It seems feasible – Find out who he is
– Will do How about- Hey! Dude, only way
to unite them is to… …make each of them
glorify the other No other idea will work out – How about this idea?
– What? ‘Mime king Balaraman’ You think you are a music genius
You won’t think of any other vocation!! On top of it a title ‘Mime king’! – Hello?
– Who is it? Can we see Mr Balaraman? Come in and sit I’ll call him ‘Batsha bhai, I’m Marc Antony’ ‘I’ve come here to put
a full stop to your story’ – What’s this?
– No clue Good morning Mime king Balaraman Why are you both looking up? I can hear dialogs from
Batsha film with DTS effect But we are searching
for a home theater here I was practicing my mimicry Unbelievable! Everyone sings my praises But I shouldn’t add my chorus to it Only the 2 of us are here! Don’t be too modest
Tell us about yourself Superstar Rajini will call me to
dub when his throat goes kaput To give him dry ginger coffee? If you ridicule my voice
I’ll get real mad- This voice sounds interesting This is my real voice Quiet- Sir, we want both families to unite If it is an artiste’s voice
I can imitate easily This is a new voice I need to talk to them
at least for an hour You can’t talk to them
beyond 5 minutes They’ll drive you
up the wall 1 minute This is why we have
their voices recorded Keep playing it and practice You are both very advanced – Thanks a lot
– We’ll take leave You are both very advanced! You are both very advanced!! Why is he sounding like a broken record? He’s asking for advance in various voices Our job will be jammed otherwise Pay him now Don’t be in 2 minds I’m warning you one last time You say anything wrong about Shanmugam- This doesn’t seem
like his voice at all! He’s just now pumping it out from
his abdomen, he’ll perfect it soon Balaraman, you are pacing like
a 10th grader preparing for his exam?! When will you start? I’m ready, sir Shall we go? Don’t whisper as if
it’s your wedding night! Talk aggressively like
you’re going in for a fight That means? Do you have your wife’s photo? Oh yes! In my phone Fix this same reaction Shanmugam…I won’t let you go
What do you think of yourself? If you talk ill of Shanmugam
I’ll turn into a beast, beware! Why do you erupt like Mt.Vesuvius? Do you think we will be
fighting like this always? As if I forced you both to wage
world war 123 in public like that? It is our- Yov! Change voice Our wish, we’ll hit and
next minute we’ll hug I’m his father
He’s my son From nephew he is now son, huh? My brother and his wife
are not alive now Who else has he got
as his near and dear? Who is left for me
when Pavithra gets married? He is family to me in my old age With so much love stored inside… …why do you both wage wars shamelessly? How can you abuse him
just because we both fight? You don’t understand- Clamp his mouth, da You get angry only
at those you love most! Just wait and watch One day he’ll ask me
‘how are you, father’? And I’ll reciprocate
with the same concern ‘success’ Hey dude! YES…! – Dad is here
– You take your place You always bark Have you ever spoken cheerfully? You and your uncle must have
been born at the same time With faces like a toddy cat Talk what you want about me But if you deride my uncle
I’ll shove you out of this house You can deride him
But I shouldn’t, huh? I will, 300 times a day, I will But you have no right
to malign him at all Whatever bad blood between us
he’s my father and your father-in-law Keep that in mind We might fight all we want here But anywhere else I have always
shown utmost respect to him That’s what true bonding is Hello? Pavithra, I think it is
heading in the right direction Live relay, huh? Why don’t you take a video
and upload in You tube? This man is mimicking
your uncle’s stupid voice And you are busy
making out over the phone? If you are brimming with love
why don’t you talk directly? Don’t say something
just to shut me up One day or the other
he’ll address me as his son I’ll call him ‘father’
Wait and watch! I thought he would
cry out his feelings But he’s sprinkling them
like saffron powder! Is he yesteryear Kannamba
to emote on overdrive?! He’ll cry in private Will it work out? ‘Shall I go and talk to him?’ ‘If he wants, let him
make the first move’ ‘I might never again get
such a golden opportunity’ ‘Whatever it is, I am
head of the family’ ‘I should only give in’ Forgive me, father No, I’m to blame, son Parakeets of the same nest
Koels in the same grove at their best Together, in search of food and shelter
Flying in opposite directions, yet together What do you require?
Ask your brother dear How are you, Pa? Jolly times ahead You’ll exchange gravy and
curry with each other daily But don’t show either of them
a geometry box please! Can’t unite another feud
over some other triviality! Don’t you agree, dude? They hug each other
in the middle of the road He’s hugging her with his eyes This family will really progress! If we delete ego between men
we are all children at heart, da A joint family has
a joy of its own Come along If we tell Kathir how Pavithra
and I painted the town red… …and show these snaps
to him it won’t work A man in love is blind
to everything else As if his brain cells
will function?! But Kathir’s father won’t
have rusty brains, no? If we show these to the father…? Did you get his Madurai address? I did Pavithra, boost is soooper! This is tea Boost for him
Tea for you Will you offer me at least
cold water after marriage? Just because your love
succeeded, you’re boosting him! What success are you bragging about? Only now the 2 families
have joined hands Problems for my love start only now What are you saying? Is some betrothed cousin of Pavithra’s
getting released from Coimbatore jail?! No, my father is our biggest hurdle Do you know how he reacted
when my sister fell in love? How dare she!
When we are alive? Bad enough she befriended
some random stranger! Registered her marriage on top of it! – Father!
– Let go of my hand I was scared you won’t accept him
That’s why, father- Don’t talk I’m sparing your life because
I pampered you as my first born Chee! Don’t ever see me Dear- I’m to be blamed, I agre- If you stand here
1 more minute…! If I ever hear of love or any
such nonsense in our house…! Phew! How many more flashbacks
do you have in your pocket? – Empty them all out
– Why are you sarcastic? Then what? I just feel you’ll somehow
wave your magic wand! How long will I take driving code 8
test of your family problems? I have a coconut sweet
waiting for me Allow me to feast on her – Who else is there for me?
– I anticipated this! Lord Muruga! Please guide us through this Don’t get tensed Be brave Only if you are brave
can I be courageous Your father’s voice keeps echoing
ever since I heard his flashback ‘I don’t want to hear love
or any such nonsense’ How can I be brave then? They came to enquire
about you in our tea shop Our tea shop owner called me
as he got suspicious When I accosted them and interrogated… …they crucified the girl
you are in love with – Hey dude!
– Let me How can you defame Pavithra? I asked them too
They showed me this phone Will you take a film like Gautham Menon… …just because you share a name? If the girl you befriended
did not comply to your lust… …will you tarnish her name? You think our townsfolk will fall
for your story, hook line and sinker? We are experts at judging
if a man is lying or not If you set foot again this side
maligning Pavithra…! We should destroy this evidence 1st We should (s)mash such faces
to a pulp, they’ll never step out Kathir, come, my dear son – Where is father?
– He is inside Wait…wait, I’ve told him not to do
a postmortem as soon as you get back You don’t open up old wounds
offering him explanations Forget the past Have you told him
about his love story now? You just jogged my memory How is Pavithra?
Did she ask about me? She asked for your sample blouse
to get a new blouse tailored for you!! Aiyo! I’m all pins and needles I’ll get a heart attack if I broach
this subject to him, so he’s clueless You choose the right time
and break the news to him If you roast semolina slightly
I’ll pitch in and make ‘kesari’! If he even slightly glares at me
I’ll blabber just what I shouldn’t All our hopes are pinned on you I think he’s coming Why surround me like the tsunami
that hit our shores? Move aside Why is the clock missing with
only its hands on the wall? That’s a pair of sickles! You’ve hung sickles where you
should be hanging a clock! I saw you last when you were in college Why this sudden visit? I thought I’d drop by simply
as it’s been a real long time In a way it is good We are setting out to fix
a bride for your friend You can come along What is this, mother? Your father is turning
the tables upside down! He seems to be whispering Some secret? Groom’s face is dull
Wondered if he needs a facial He can do all that
day before the wedding! We are getting delayed
Let’s leave right now Where are you going? Tell him now 1 minute, father You are a fabulous father If Kathir sneezes you’re so concerned
you ask if he has caught a cold? If Kathir limps, you at once ask
if he has sprained his ankle Did you ask him if he wants to
‘see’ this bride formally, father?! Father, nowadays registrar
signs more marriages… …than what the priest
performs in a wedding hall You should be
aware of this, father Hey Mayil What are you doing? I can’t think of any
other way to save you Aiyayiyo…?
What happened to him? He has fainted – Hari…Hari?
– Ambulance…? Fetch the driver of the minibus
that’s parked here for servicing Ma, move aside What will I do? Lift him carefully Watch your step I’ll lock up the house
You go with them – I wonder how he is
– He will be fine ‘Back to the present’ – What does the doctor say?
– Don’t know as yet Sorry, I can’t say
anything for sure now He gulped down only some enema Enema? What are you doing here? I informed them that
patient is serious, sir You should report to
the parents over there Sorry, sir
Sorry, madam 1st he needs to be treated He creates some confusion or the other Why do you admit such patients in ICU? What happened? He is just frothing without
even swallowing any poison Please take him with you Won’t they check
all this in the reception? Watch your step, sir Awwww…aaaahhhh! What a friend- Look how he’s clinging on to them Whether you get married or not
he’ll be hooked in the blink of an eye! Take your hands off You want to hold on to her shoulder? He’ll corrupt you also, come away Doctor said you are
fit as a fiddle Stop fiddling Don’t over act – I thought as much
– What a drama king! My shoulder needs a balm! Sit for Heaven’s sake Under the pretext of respect
you’ll shoot up often If I look at him
he is looking at you If I look at you
you’re looking at him Is it something important? You are saying ‘yes’
and he is saying ‘no’? Both of you speak your mind
You are confusing him Unlike this morning when we
let go of the auspicious time… …let’s go and ‘see’ the bride
at least before it gets dark 1 minute, father Don’t take it to heart
Kathir doesn’t want to! You stare daggers
and zip everyone’s lips It may seem the right thing
to do…control your family But shouldn’t they lead
their lives as they wish? Kathir loves a girl from
Coimbatore called Pavithra He brought me along not knowing
how to break this news to you For the blunder
my daughter did… ‘Did our town folks decide to punish me?’ ‘I volunteered to move out’ ‘And relocated my family
away from our town’ ‘So that no one can point
a finger at me and blame me’ ‘If they do, then-‘ Father. . . ? – Aiyaiyo…!
– Father Open the door, father What are you doing? Please forgive me Open the door Kathir…? Father, don’t do anything drastic Listen to me Is there any other access? Kathir, somehow talk to your father Father. . . ? I didn’t do this to
make you unhappy After I saw Pavithra
I couldn’t sleep or eat I didn’t know what to do
I was so confused I couldn’t confide in anyone But I knew this for sure
This feeling is called love Without realizing
I started loving this girl Things happened beyond my control What do you want me to do? We give birth to our children Bring you up with so much love Help you take toddler steps
holding your tiny hand Wonder which dress
will suit the most? Ponder on the best school
to provide the best education Select which food to eat
with tender loving care We share our lives, dreams,
heart and soul every single minute Where does that love creep in
without us knowing about it? Let that love even creep in But why is it accompanied
by lies and deceit? Why, my son? To kill your parents
who trust you so much? Not just me, father All of us wish to tell our parents
as soon as we find the right person When your son grows above
your shoulder, he becomes your friend How many of you think
of your son as your friend? You widen the gap standing
8 feet away in an elderly status We are unable to
bridge that gap, father Try being a friend, father Not only love We’ll 1st confide in you
whatever happens in our lives Who else can guide and
love us so unconditionally? I didn’t stand before you after
getting married, like my sister did I’m asking for your consent If you are not for it
I won’t marry Pavithra She trusts me and knows
I’ll marry her come what may I shouldn’t let that trust down I’ll marry her when you say ‘yes’ Doesn’t matter how many years Your consent is top priority to me You love her, don’t you? If you are happy
I approve wholeheartedly All parents live for their children I’m happy as long as you realize that That’s all I expect, son Natural to get angry when our kids
bring in their choice of life partner But how much longer should we
worry about what others will think… …and spoil the happiness
of our own children, I thought So I consented to this wedding
with progressive thoughts Life is to live king size?!

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