Huawei P30 Pro Teardown! – How does a ‘Periscope Camera’ work?

Here we have the baby blue-pearlescent-unicorn-sneeze
colored P30 Pro. Yeah, the outside looks cool, but have you
seen the inside? Today we’re going to find out what the periscope
5x optical zoom camera hardware looks like, and see how the P30 Pro operates from the
inside. Let’s get started. [Intro] The Huawei P30 Pro is glued shut, probably
with more glue than any other phone I’ve taken apart recently. That’s good news for the water resistance,
but bad news for repairs. I’m using a glowing hot heat gun to warm up
the back glass and soften the adhesive under the panel. Then I’ll use a large suction cup, which I’ll
link in the description, to pull up on the glass while simultaneously sliding my sharp
razor through the gap next to the frame. Some people use thin plastic tools for this
which might be smart if you value your fingers. Using my metal pry tool to keep the glass
propped open so it won’t re-adhere, I’ll keep the whole thing hot while gently slicing around
the curved edges till the whole back panel is loose. Remember that the top glass is…glass, and
the bottom layer worth about $1,000. So one wrong move in either direction could
be devastating. No pressure. Finally, with the adhesive cut, the back panel
releases showing no hardware connected to the back glass. We can tell though that a clear phone would
look pretty epic. The quad camera array over on the left side
looks impressive sitting above the wireless and reverse wireless charging pad. The lowest of the camera units, the square
8 megapixel periscope camera, is the one that I’m most interested in. It still has a protective covering over the
square hole and the camera sensor itself lays off at an angle inside the rectangle, literally
just like a submarine periscope. I’ll take it all apart in just a second so
we can see what’s inside. The top 20 megapixel wide angle camera does
not have OIS, but the main 40 megapixel does have the optical image stabilization. Let’s go deeper. There are a total of 10 screws holding down
the top plastics to the motherboard. There are some hidden screws in the corners
covered by more black plastic and adhesive. Phones are getting pretty hard to fix these
days. There are also 7 screws down along the bottom
plastics, with a few screws also hidden in the corners. Luckily, Where’s Waldo was my jam as a kid,
so I’m real good at finding stuff. Finally the plastics can come loose, along
with the wireless charging that’s attached to those plastics. It can receive wireless power at 15 watts,
and gives back wireless power to other electronics at a fraction of that…usually less than
5 watts. The connector for the battery is this little
guy sandwiched between the two extension ribbon cables. I’ll unsnap that like a little Lego. Then unsnap the two extension ribbons. And also the tan colored screen ribbon connector
after that. Since we’ve already removed the bottom screws,
the plastic can be taken off and the battery uncovered. I assume that the numbers on the orange colored
battery pull tabs are for the removal. I’ll grab number 3 and pull on it…and the
whole battery comes out of the frame. This massive lithium ion block is 4200 milliamp
hours and rests inside the rather stunning guts of the P30 Pro. The P30 Pro is milled from a solid block of
aluminum. As you can see from the markings running diagonally
from the battery cavity, after the phone’s shape is cut out of the block, it’s silver
aluminum is dipped into an anodizing bath to give the frame color, before adding all
the circuitry hardware and electronics. Down here at the bottom we have our SIM card
slot. I’ll remove that little guy, and the charging
port can come out. This time around we have an orange ring around
the USB-C port tip. Pretty nifty. I can unplug the under screen fingerprint
scanner and the loudspeaker Lego style ribbon connector and detach the two wire connectors
that run alongside. The tiny circuit board has this little slot
for the SIM and proprietary nano memory card slot. Then the loud speaker can come out. As far as water proofing goes on the Huawei
P30 Pro, we have the standard water resistant mesh over the loud speaker holes, and a circular
white water damage indicator next to the SIM card tray. And we also have impermeable white stickers
over the microphone holes. One question I get a lot is, ‘Hey Jerry, I
accidentally stuck my ejector tool in the wrong hole. Did I damage anything?’ The answer is no. Pretty much every phone is built the same
way. The microphone hole fits the ejector tool
purely by coincidence, but the white impermeable layer is off to the side of the shaft and
not directly at the end. So no matter how deep you go, the tool won’t
puncture any of the water resistance or poke the microphone hardware. It’s just good practice to get it right the
first time. The under screen fingerprint scanner has it’s
own baby extension ribbon…kind of weird. Then the optical fingerprint scanner can pull
away from its little cavity in the frame revealing a hole in the screen that it takes pictures
of your fingerprint through. What you’re seeing here is the actual underside
of the pixels in the display. While the screen is turned on, the pixels
light up illuminating your fingerprint ridges. Then the sensor takes a picture to match it
with the data stored in the phone and then unlocks the phone if it’s a correct match. Pretty cool tech. Let’s check out the motherboard and it’s 5
cameras. There are 6 total cameras in the phone if
you count the optical fingerprint scanner. With the motherboard out of the frame, we
immediately see two circular vibrators and a lot of thermal paste over the top of a rectangular
copper inlay. It’s not a heat pipe, but it’s still better
at absorbing hot temperatures than bare aluminum. The dual vibrator set up is strange, but let’s
check it out. The larger of the vibrators here in the center
is actually the earpiece that Huawei calls electromagnetic sound levitation. This little guy projects sound through the
screen. Then the little guy over here on the right
handles all the notification vibrations. There is an infrared LED built right into
the motherboard that shines through the black circle on top of the phone. This controls TVs and other remote controlled
tech. This phone has quite a lot of features, and
we’re finally getting to the good stuff….the cameras. The front camera on the P30 Pro is a 32 megapixel
beast with no optical stabilization. Out of the 4 rear cameras, 3 of them are stuck
together in the same L-shaped metal housing. I’ll unplug the 3 ribbons and then pull the
block out of the motherboard. The coolest camera though is the bottom 8
megapixel periscope camera. The reason it’s called a periscope camera
is because the image sensor is off at an angle, perpendicular instead of parallel to the back
of the phone. I’ll show you what I mean. The periscope hardware is comprised of 3 different
sections all locked in tight with a full metal surround shell. You know me though – my razor will get into
anything. Each side of the metal surround can snap off
with a bit of force. This kills the camera but autopsies must be
performed in the name of science. After the final metal side is popped off,
I can turn my attention back to the end of the camera unit which is where the sensor
itself resides…kind of like the camera body of a professional DSLR, since it is the component
that captures all the image data and sends it to the phone. The rest of the block is the lens or glass,
as photographers like to call it, this is the part that magnifies the object and brings
it 5 times closer than normal – the actual telephoto lens. The third and last of the segments is the
angled mirror that allows the whole thing to lay flat inside the phone instead of sticking
out like 2 or 3 centimeters, which would look pretty funny. Pretty awesome technology. I can definitely see cool things happening
with this style of camera hardware in the future. If you think about it, this 5x zoom lens is
taking up maybe 30 or 40% of the lengthwise space inside the phone. By laying even more camera hardware flat inside
the body, we could definitely see 10 or 15 times optical zoom with the right magnification
and mirror combination. Congrats to Huawei for pioneering this idea. People are going to go pretty nuts when Apple
comes up with it in a few years. I’ll get the charging port back into it’s
slot in the frame, and drop the bottom plastics back on top again, then scooch the battery
back into it’s position inside the phone. The rear plastics, wireless charging, and
17 screws hold everything in place. And then I’ll set the colorful rear glass
panel back onto the P30 Pro. Even without my periscope camera installed,
the phone still should turn on. And there we have it – a fully torn down
and reassembled Huawei P30 Pro. One of the coolest phones we’ve been inside
of so far this year. I might make fun of the color a little bit,
but I think it’s growing on me. Hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already. I have some fun videos on the way. And come hang out with me on Instagram and
Twitter. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

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