How To Use Soil Solarization To Kill Nematodes

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6 thoughts on “How To Use Soil Solarization To Kill Nematodes

  1. Very interested in your procedure.Have major root knot nematode problem in several of my raised beds. Can not grow tomatoes in them.I live in South Carolina and July and August get 95 dgs. and up.What would be a complete treatment in time , temperature and procedure for max results?

  2. I have 2 figs, a pommegranates, olive and lemon… just put in this year, and the last fig does indeed have knots. What can i use to drive them off.. or kill them HOME CURE.. Ive been crushing marigold and letting the water pull through the root ball..
    i refuse to believe there isnt something available to drive them off.. i use orange oil to drive away fleas, i use worm casting to make ants leave a nest.. theres gotta be something for nematoads too..
    experiences? anyone? something to do that doesnt include killing all my trees in the process.

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