How to Use Anki Effectively – Image Occlusion Enhanced [Part 4]

I have a new favorite way to use Anki and
it’s called image occlusion enhanced. This is an improvement over image occlusion
2.0 which I talked about in a prior video, so I’ll be going over the key improvements
and how to use it, stay tuned! What’s going on guys! This is Jay from First, if you haven’t already, check out my
video on the Anki flashcard basics and my other video going over image occlusion 2.0. What I’m going to be talking to you about
in this video is image occlusion enhanced. Which is a similar plugin that is improved
in almost every way. If you already use Anki, I highly recommend
that you check this out. There’s a download link in the description
below. If you don’t use Anki, then refer back to
my prior videos on why you should use it. Now, first one of the great things about this
plugin is that it’s only about a year old and it’s constantly being updated. I believe that the most recent update was
only a few weeks ago and what this means for you is that as Anki and your computer operating
system continued to be updated and improved, this plugin is going to keep up and will continue
working without any severe bugs. Now, using this plugin is very similar to
using image occlusion 2.0. If you know how to use that, using this is
mostly the same. But I’m gonna show you a quick demonstration. So we’ll add a new card, we can either import
from a file or we can go to Google Image or some other spot, copy the image to our clipboard
and it will automatically populate whatever is on your clipboard like so. Now as before, to quickly occlude parts of
the image, you can draw any shape you want over here and to make this quick, I’m gonna
press the D button to duplicate. Now, generally speaking, I recommend that
you hide all and reveal one, but for a sequential image like this where you’re learning items
in a specific order, it’s not a bad idea to hide one and reveal all. This might help you you know, if you have
all these images occlude on the citric acid cycle, you’re only gonna member the position
but you won’t remember the sequence, what comes before, what comes after. So, now we’ve added these five cards and to
quickly show you what that looks like. This is occluded and all the other ones are
showing etc. Now, one of the great things about the new
image occlusion enhanced plugin is that editing is dead simple. So I’m going to press edit on the bottom left,
reopen it and each of these shapes represents a card. So, anytime you change or add or remove a
shape, you’re essentially changing the cards and it’s going to give you a warning to do
this. So for example; if I make a new one and delete
an old one and press edit cards to confirm, it’ll let me know that I’m deleting one card
and creating four new ones. Say yes. And now when I go to study this, these new
cards are going to show. Another thing you can do is actually change
the type of occlusion. So, like I said before, for sequential, I
recommend you hide one and reveal all. Let’s say you have the citric acid cycle down
and you want to hide all of them and reveal only one, you can do that like so. Now, all of these are hidden and just one
shows at a time. Now, similarly, grouping cards together is
pretty quick, you just press shift select 2 and press the G button to group. Press edit to confirm. I’m gonna be deleting two cards and creating
one new grouped card, so yes and that grouping looks like this. There you go. Now, another cool feature is you can actually
change the image in the background. Let’s say your professor updated the image,
added more information etc, all you have to do is press change image on the bottom left,
select the new image and it will repopulate. Now, next you can also add custom labels. So, if you want to add more information that
isn’t already showing, it’s dead simple. And just like so. I’ve added new information and new arrow pointing
to a structure and when I press ‘edit cards’, I hit yes and now all of my cards are updated
to reflect these new changes including this. So, another great feature I like about this
new plugin are the addition of fields. Now, these are the fields that will show up
on all cards. You have a header that will show up at the
top of the image and shows on the front side. This is great for a title for example. The footer will be showing at the bottom of
the image and also shows on the front. Use this for hints, mnemonics, prompts etc. The remarks field will show only on the back
which is the answer side once you flip the card, it’s a good for additional information
or details on the image. Sources appears on the back. Now, this is actually very useful because
you can refer back to wherever you learned the information from should you ever need
additional details. So you can put a website, you can put the
lecture etc. Tags work just like they did in the past and
the deck as well. Editing the cards, updates those cards and
now when you review the cards, you have the header and the other additional information. Now, another field, if you actually press
the edit down here, you’ll be editing one card at a time and you’ll also see these two
new fields which are extra 1 and extra 2. These are specific just to that specific card. So they won’t show on all the cards like – like
these other fields. These will show only on the specific one that
you’re reviewing. So some other features I really like about
this plugin, there are hotkeys for just about everything you do. You can find them on the github website. As add-on, it’s also much safer to use. Image occlusion 2.0 was great but it wasn’t
very stable and was subject to crashing or bugs. And moving forward, this add-on is future-ready. There under the hood improvements that you
don’t need to really worry about, just to know that it will keep working for you in
the future. So I have no personal stake in this plugin,
I just think it’s great and I highly recommend it. And that is it for this video guys. Thank you so much for watching. If you liked the video, make sure you press
that like button. New videos every week, so hit subscribe if
you haven’t already and I will see you guys in that next one.

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