How to Use Adobe Spark to Create Pin Images and Video Pins FAST

hello hello! This is the right video for
you if you want to learn how to quickly create multiple graphics for Pinterest
both images and video pins in adobe spark hi I’m in a stage of I’m a Pinterest marketing expert and in this video I will show you
how to use Adobe Spark efficiently to generate multiple images or videos for
Pinterest in just a second and just a few clicks
Adobe did contact me and I did partner with them for this video but as always
everything that falls in this tutorial is my true and honest opinion and
technically it’s not even an opinion it’s just me showing you how to use the
tool that will save you a ton of time creating graphics for your online
marketing and also I will be giving away free trials of adobe spark paid version
so stay tuned until the end to get your free trial so this is our main dashboard
for adobe spark here we have our recent projects or we can start by selecting
one of his templates or I can even go here and I’ll just stop Pinterest
graphic it will show me some templates which I can start using but for the
purpose of this video I will start with my own dimensions I will click create
project and then custom size graphic I know that we need an image of two to
three image ratio so I’m going to use a width of 1000 pixels by 1500 pixels and
now I’ll click Next here we have our canvas for creating an image in Adobe
spark we can use one of these templates by clicking on it and then starting from
here but I prefer to show you how to create an image from scratch let’s look
at the right side and we’ll see here some options that allow us to add a
photo a text we have a lot of templates we can add design elements colors and
layouts we can resize our images I will choose one of the layouts we’ll select
the fit this one it allows you to have an image on top
and on on the bottom of the pin this grid allows you to have three images per
pin I’m going to select one of the grids that has four parts for the pin
we can adjust even using this grid all these grids are flexible even if you
select one of those grids you can just drag and drop and it will adjust
automatically agreed I will put the top part of the grid a little smaller if you
select any of these blocks you can change the color for that part of the
payment open image or if you click on the right side on the image icon click
image you will see options from the adopt stock you will need to have a
subscription to get out of stock images or you can also find three photos
available here in even in the free version you can type for example thing
in recipes and a lot of images will show up
I will pick this one all I had to do is just drag and drop I think it already
looks good but if I want to scale it I can use this icon on the right side I
can rotate it as well I can flip it vertically horizontally you can also use a button move it freely
and what happens is basically it disconnects the image from the grid and
you can use it anywhere in the pane image but I won’t do this because I want
it still to stay inside the grid now we’ll select another image and do the
same thing we click on image find free photos if you notice it still remembers
the keyword I was searching for so now I will go down and select another image
I’m gonna check how this one looks and for this one let me see what I can
do with it I will first scale it a little bit move
it to move it I’m just dragging it with the left mouse click and I’m going to keep it this way actually I’m going to replace this image
now I want to find something that is darker it will have a better combination
with the image on the right side okay now I want to add some text overlay in
the top part of the grid I will select two elements and we’ll use the same
color for them I tried the white color but maybe I should choose some other
color I will keep it pink now I want to add the text overlay I click on this
button in the top right corner and now I can select any templates for the text
overlay but I like to show you how you can do everything of your own your
custom design I’m going to type pandalicious
click done and now you can adjust the size of this text you can just drag the
element by holding it in the corner of the text if you drag it down you will
see that the text will adjust by creating two lines of text I will keep
it this way I will put place it into the center of the image you will see that it
comes with a shape on the background we can change this shape by going to the
right side all the tools are always on the right side I will click on shape and
then on this icon what happens is it removes the background um under the text
now I will go to change the color and the font of the text to do this I
clicked on primary on type I’m going to change to another font we can increase
the by using this icon over here you can
also change the color if you click on the right side to the color button it
suggested it suggested some colors but I don’t like any of them
I will keep it white I prefer to duplicate the text because I already
used this fountain and I have all the settings of the font I want to copy this
text for the second line of the overlay I’ll type vegan recipes I will drag it to adjust the size if I
push it down it creates two lines of text if I drag it to the side it will
keep it as one line and now I’m just placing it to the center of the image
for this text I will try to change the color I’m gonna try bright yellow looks
nice I want to add the third line of text here add your text let’s type click
to check all recipes for this one I want to use one of the
shapes if I choose one of these shapes it will cover the whole image which I
don’t want to happen I will keep this one and we’ll make it
smaller I want to change the font here I will go to type will choose another font
maybe this one I’ll keep this one will increase a little bit the size we’ll
choose another color it suggested me two colors for the text and for the
background so I can choose the combinations of colors okay if I click here it will shuffle and
change the text to white and the background to purple now I want to add
my brand identification and create a new text to say mine when I use
my domain I want to use capitalize I want to my domain to be all in caps I’ll
use a smaller font I’ll push it down this looks good now we just need to save
our pin we can go here to the left top corner and give it a name
my first pin for example and once you just click on any place it will save the
image then go to the to the right up corner and click download choose jpg if
you want to download it to your site it downloads the image to your folder in
the browser one thing I want you to understand very well about Pinterest is
that the platform rewards accounts that are able to produce a lot of new content
and buy new content I mean not only that you need to have a lot of pages on your
site you can link your pins to but also that you should strive to create several
different being images or video pins for each page you’re linking to from
Pinterest it seems like a lot of work five pins per web page doesn’t it but
with the dhobi spark you can actually create five new versions of your pin
with just five extra clicks that’s it if you want to create multiple versions of
this pin what you can do is go to text select part of the text and click style
on the right side if you drag this wheel it will give you a plenty of options by
changing the style of your text if I click on the other part of the text if I
just drag this will it will select other styles of text I can choose different
colors for the background for the image I can also quickly change
it I can go to layout on the right side and if I click on another grid it will
change the way this grid looks like so by clicking on a different type of grid
it will automatically change the way your pin looks and then you can click
download and you will download the new version of the pin another way you can
do is go to design on the right side and you can choose any style of the
suggested and it will automatically change the style of your initial pin to
another completely different style you will need to still adjust some of the
sizes of the text but if you want to use this template it will help you quickly
change the pin I would recommend you to click in the left top corner on this
icon and go to the home page of spark this is our project we click on projects
you will see this project we created click on this three dots and then you
will find a button duplicate now we’ll change it as my first pin number two it
will create an exact copy of the spin if we click on it will start start making a
different version using this image as a template you can use this wheel I showed
you before and change the text overlay change the style of the text
automatically using something that a table suggests I will change the color
of the background we just created a new version of our pin
we can click download a pack and download you can see in a few seconds we
already have just two versions of the same pin doesn’t take much time to
create another interesting thing about this paid version of Adobe spark is that
you can invite people to collaborate with you and edit your pins with you to
do this you need to click on the top right corner on the button share and
then click invite you will type the email you want to of the person you want
to invite then click on the invite button now I’m going to the account of
the person that I invited here I will click to edit the project and you can
see here that now I’ll be able to see the project and also to edit anything in
the pin design and it will be saved on both sides before we move to the second
part of the tutorial remember I promised you to show how to create video pins in
Adobe spark 2 so before we move to video pins let me just tell you the difference
between the free and the paid versions so the free version of Adobe spark will
let you create images and videos just like the paid version but you will have
this little Adobe spark watermark on all your graphics and you will have access
to the free stock images which I mentioned in the video earlier in both
of the versions by the way the paid version will also give you a bigger
variety of fonts for your text overlay and some premium templates now I’m going
to quickly show you how you can create video pins using adobe spark you will
click on create project and select video let’s give it a name my video pin
you already have some templates you can choose from but I will choose make it my
own okay I’m ready here we have our blank for the video we can resize it and
use widescreen or square video for Pinterest Square is gonna work much
better we have music we can add music and we can choose one of the themes I
like this one to start adding elements we click on layout you can choose full
screen split screen you’ll see here on the left side you can have a video on
the text on the side then you can choose captions I will use the full screen
layout I will add first some photo I will use 3 photos vegan recipes I will
add the same text overlay I’ll decrease the size of the text if I want to
preview the video I can click on this play button in the left bottom corner of
the video that’s how it will look I can change the timing and I can make it 5
seconds I will click on the bottom to add a new slide on the new slide I will
add a photo well I’ll go to layout and use the split screen layout on the left
side I’m going to add the text on the right side I will drag here the photo
the video duration is 4 seconds it’s fine if you click here in the middle it
will move the image to the left side I think it looks better I will click again
on the plus to add another one here I will add this image and we’ll add the
text overlays saying check all the recipes it’s a call to action on my
video pin if I click on the next slide you will
see it’s called credits you can add some credits if you use images from some
other websites or other blogs but in our case we use some free stock images let’s
click on preview we have all the nice transitions automatically applied to our
video pin and it’s about 11 seconds we can download it look at the top of
the screen click on download and it will start downloading but first we can create another version
of this video by simply clicking on a different color inside your theme or you
can even choose another theme and it will change completely the style of your
video let’s see how it looks let’s try Flair theme it looks very
different because it has this pink color on the background so just by clicking on
a few buttons you can create completely different videos for Pinterest now again
you click download and you will have both of the video pins ready for you to
use and as I promised at the beginning of this video if you want to get your
free trial of adobe spark then go to the description below this video and find
the special link there and that’s it for today meanwhile you can check my other
videos that are perfectly complementary what I was sharing today and you can
click here and there and I’ll see you next time on Thursday right you

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