How to Shoot Architectural Digital Photos : Unusual Lighting in Architectural Photography

In this segment we’re going to talk about
unusual lighting conditions in architectural photography, and how that can help your photographs.
Now take a look at this photograph here. This was taken for an exhibition that was held
up in New York about modern architecture, mid-century modern architecture in Miami and
New York. But this photograph is of the famous Fountain Blue in Miami Beach, designed in
1954 by the amazing architect, Morris Lapidus. And this is actually a white building. Now,
how did we create this pink glow? Somebody said to me when the exhibition opened, that
I must of used a pink filter. No. this was shot in the middle of the summer, during a
thunderstorm. And the thunderstorm had just cleared over the building, and most of the
sky was pretty dark. But just as the sun was going below the horizon, it just popped out,
hit the underside of cumolonimbus clouds, and reflected onto the building, creating
this amazing pink glow. So don’t be scared when the weather is bad to go out and shoot,
you might get some amazing results. This photograph was taken with the telephoto lens, actually
this lens here, a 100 to 400 Cannon image stabilize lens. The essence of this, is that
you need to go out during inclement weather conditions to create unusual photographs.
Don’t be scared to go out when the sun is not out.

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