How To Set Up A Styled Photo Shoot and IMPROVE Your Photography

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38 thoughts on “How To Set Up A Styled Photo Shoot and IMPROVE Your Photography

  1. Great video Meredith. I'm a writer but am getting a branding shoot so this is so helpful. πŸ™‚

  2. I appreciate these tips, I especially find the advise on the call sheet in #5 helpful to keep organized. thank you!

  3. I didn't even think about setting up a fake wedding shoot! That's brilliant because then you can get the exact setting/look that you or the client wants! So awesome!

  4. Great tips and specific examples to illustrate your point (ie boho brides with the vintage look and succulents).

  5. Super helpful! My photography skills are growing, and your channel is a big part of that 😊

  6. Great tips. Especial #2 having a mood board made such a big difference. I can feel if I am not ready then the outcome is not what I expected. Thank you so much for sharing this useful information.

  7. You're so talented and give such thoughtful advice. I really love watching your videos each week. I always walk away having learned something new!

  8. I have never done one – I have only done Lifestyle shooting but I don't think they are the same – are they? If they are not, then that may be a good content idea for you – to do a video on Lifestyle shooting πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your knowledge Meredith.

  9. Great mood board idea! I need some pics for my business and I feel I know what to ask for now. Thank you.

  10. As always another amazing video Meredith 😊 Thanks for sharing, very informative and great tips.

  11. I am by no means a pro photographer but I am a hobby dog photographer with a basic dSLR and 50 mm lens. I am trying to get better though!

  12. I had no idea! What a great thing to do. Great advice and thanks for sharing the importance of not sharing things online until your photos are actually published.

  13. Meredith, I love learning how to set up a styled photo shoot. I'm not very good at this stuff so your tips are super helpful for me.

  14. Love your tips Meredith ❀. Lining the team up and working with people you have worked with before is so invaluable. I'm an ex project manager so understand setting expectations with your team. Looking forward to your future videos ❀😊.

  15. Hi there! So many good tips and information . Your photography is very beautiful. I hit all the buttons to see more from you. Drop by and say hello so we can connect and grow . Have a great day

  16. Brilliant tips. These are great pieces of advice for any photo shoot!

  17. Thank you for sharing all the steps. I wish i knew all this thing when i got married very helpful for new bride to be ❀️

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