How to Set Up a Photography Darkroom : How to Choose an Enlarger for a Darkroom

Hi, my name is Lanie McCormick I’m a fine
art photographer in Austin, Texas. I’m here to show you how to set up a dark room on behalf
of Expert Village. When choosing an enlarger it’s important to think about your needs.
When your printing color or in black and white. Also take into consideration what size prints
you like to make, 8 X 10 or would you like to print something larger like a 16 X 20.
It’s important to notice your lens will you be using 35mm negatives if you are you need
a 50mm lens. If you are printing medium formats say a 6 X 6 negative you’re going to want
a 8mm lens. It’s extremely important to make sure that your lenses are really nice, works
great and it’s the right size. From there you want to think about an easel an easel
is going to hold your paper something like this would be a 5 X 7 or say even smaller
like a postcard size

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