What’s up everyone today, I’m doing another episode of how to cinematic first I’m gonna show you how you may be filming an actor reading And then let me show you how to improve it to look cinematic so first This is how you may be filming an actor reading Now let me show you how to read cinematic What’s good? What’s good, what’s good, What’s good,,, Another way of saying how are you or What’s happening? Bob: what’s good Me: uncool man? So how to reduce nematic first and foremost you may have noticed the background audio that I played behind the scenes Just like me if you don’t have an expensive microphone and When you’re cutting scenes all your noises becomes annoying you can just play a music or audio truck like this To hide those audio transitions the second trick is To first begin the scene with establishing wide shot this is to show the audience where you are what you’re doing and How you’re gonna start reading the third important thing is to make the objective obvious Why is he or she reading? Why are you reading this book? How is it gonna solve your problem? So that’s that’s key number three the fourth important thing is to put a close-up shot Of the important information that is in the book that you or he or she is Looking for this is pretty important information that you have to share with the audience So of course you have to show the audience a close-up of the information that is in the book that Is going to solve the problem that This character is having the fifth most important thing is to put a reaction shot Which is basically the close up of the reader this is? important because you know when he or she finds the information and Understands that this will solve its problem It is pretty important for you to show the reaction of the character to the audience. That’s pretty much it Thank you for watching. Please like comment watch more videos and subscribe and see you tomorrow

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