How to Pull Images from Satellites in Orbit (NOAA 15,18,19 and METEOR M2)

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  1. Made an updated version of this video that looks at a much better satellite and gives images of the entire planet at once. Check it out:

  2. I just saw the video and realized you guys are from Brazil?! I'm from Brazil too and i might try this out as well!!! I am part of my college's robotics team and i always wanted a HackRF to try it out… You guys have a telegram group or something??

  3. Fun stuff. I was pulling WEFAX in the early 90s with a fixed turnstile antenna, a GaAs fet amp (mounted of the roof with the antenna), a radio-shack scanner modded with a wider ceramic filter, its audio feed a PLL whose signal went to a Analog Devices ADC. The parallel bytes were went to the parallel printer port of an XT clone PC, a nibble at a time. You see, back then parallel ports were not bidirectional so I was using the control lines. Some C code fetched the bits and mapped to the the tack-sharp paper-white VGA (My first 'useful' Turbo C project!) and the images were no too bad. The Doppler effect shifts the frequency a bit so that is a bit of a challenge in reception and rendering the image. I had corrections for Doppler induced slope since my samples were taken using a watch-crystal. In hindsight I should have locked sampling to the signal shift.

    What's Amazing is that, through Google, that old turnstile antenna is still visible in satellite images (I just looked now). Still on the roof of my parent's house after more than 25 years! Maybe everyone thought it was a sculpture?

  4. A big thumps up for not leaving project in mid, i really liked Ur work, where can i buy this rf hacker device?

  5. Guys…….. you could have built a simple scaffolding for the wire with materials that were easier to control, no? Try again!

  6. Cool as hell. How come these guys didnt just use a satellite dish? Like here in America you see all these unused direct TV dishes mounted on houses.

  7. what kind of polarisation do you need? if the satellite is having circular polarization none of your antenna will work

  8. Holy sh*t! I tought this was some clickbait video where you just explain how you could do it,but you actually made a real antenna to get the images. This is really amazing! 🙂🙂😀 Thanks for the quality content! I wish you the best!

  9. 12:08 Ummmmmmmmm… where excactly? Like there is the grey blob but it looks a bit too faar from the coestline.

  10. 137mhz you would need 2 dipoles cut to 21.55 inches each. You then need to combine them with a 300 ohm to 75 ohm balun transformer and use 75 ohm coax rg6 quad shield as you are receiving. 50 ohm is more for sending and receiving but not correct for 137mhz receiving. Because you are attempting to catch a weak signal from space, the dipoles should be helical but you also forgot another very important factor. You need a proper deflector at the back of the antenna. A satellite dish might work but likely has too much curve if you use a directTV small dish. An actual metal garbage can lid would probably work better for that frequency. If you still have trouble, add a cheap 10db RCA TV antenna amplifier. If you need more power then use the 23db preamplifier RCA makes. Enjoy!

  11. Why would you do it this way? When all you need to do is send a custom magic packet using ping the sat-link using one of the hundreds of U.S.G.S. contributors credentials on the U.S.G.S website.For much higher detail and many many more data filters.

  12. You probably got the QFH direction backwards, so it was expecting a signal downwards. An easy mistake to make and the online QFH build guides are pretty vague. As long as you get the direction correct, even a poorly built QFH will be extremely effective. A double cross or turnstile antenna is super easy to make and 99% as effective as a QFH. The other nice thing is it's easy to make a takedown turnstile or double cross. It's impossible to do this with a QFH. @8:38 it's not so much ensuring delay to overlap or synchronize the waves on top of each other. What you are trying to do is ensure one set of elements is 90 degrees out of phase with the other to enable circular polarization

  13. another proof its flat earth! no one can doubt the flatness of 2 d space of the printed out paper. otherwise we would need a 3 d printer!

  14. a aleged crime was said to have happened in the front seat of my car, can imagery prove the crime never happened and the cop is a liar?

  15. You should join the Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) club in your area. Its relatively easy to get your Tech license and only cost $15. Then you can build antenna just like you did in this video, but now you can do things like actually talk to the International Space Station when it fly's over. Or do fun things like hidden transmitter hunting (fox hunt) where you use directional antennas to find a hidden transmitter. Along with making contacts all over the world using satellites or skip propagation. You will need the next license (General) to do the skip propagation. Just thought I would mention it seeing as your interest line up pretty well with the Amateur Radio Hobby.

  16. There is a great way to get that wire laser straight using a simple wire straightener tool. You can DIY one at home and there are many great videos online. Here's one, just as an example.

  17. You should check out the type of radiation data they are gathering, as well as and electromagnetic data. I'd be curious to know what they are focusing on in these two areas, especially considering the magnetic pole flip currently underway and the fact that they are quietly preparing for a total collapse of society as a result of the flip. Also, are there satellites gathering data on any other inbound frequency waves besides solar radiation? Anything focused on the galactic center, by chance?

  18. 10:04 Do you mean you stood still with what basically is a 5 ft long metal rod pointed into the air WHILE it's raining crazy ?

  19. You can buy non-glossy laptop replacement screens from ebay so that you can use your laptop outdoors without a blanket draped over your head…

  20. Wow the depth in this video is amazing! Great job!! Now try and do this in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in the middle of the night, it's quite a thrill!!

  21. Ask yourself one question: why are all the images of satellites either paintings, cartoons, or CGI? then do a quick search on 'troposcatter' and see for yourself that satellites do not exist. It's all a major fraud. NOTHING is sent into space and the earth is not a spinning globe!

  22. That was very interesting and super Cool, keep up with your progress and most importantly have fun while learning. Way to go guys!!!! Also one note on your antenna, it the 1970s c.b radio had similar designs one was called a Moonraker 8 , another was the P.D.L.2you know what PDL STANDS FOR
    THESE WERE MASSIVE UNDERTAKINGS to erect bit a bunch of us would get together and have a raise a antenna party .

  23. Hi from sean in Vancouver B.C. Canada
    Excellent #1 youTube channel omg thank you for making this video.
    Which shows you did this video 2 years ago? There has been a major decrease in channels for VHF radio for ham radio operators. But I found out that the American they've opened up channels. For ham radio operators I don't have the frequencies in front of me, and it would take me a few minutes to find them. So if you want me to give you those frequencies just message me back, but And a huge bought at that. I really want to thank you for coming up with the ways to design antennas to pick up the signals. I'm trying to get something that would work to with the ham radio operator VHF radio that I can use in western Canada. I live in the Rockies close to Vancouver, but more towards the mountains. Maya my uncle is a ham radio operator and sadly when Channel certitude disappear was no longer a happy world for my uncle but now that they've got these channels out there. A lot of ham radio operators will be able to SECU and speak each other and find out new people from all over the world. I would love to talk with you more. You're still doing this antenna creation. I would love to hear back from you.
    Thank you again Brilliant mind you have and By showing this you can help people in countrys who cant aford to buy pre maid Antennas.
    I want to learn more about the devices you showed that you need to connect to Home made antennas
    Brilliant only wish found this sooner in life.
    That said way to go teaching students about creating Home made antennas.


    Thank you

  24. Tip for straightening your wires: Clamp them in a small battery drill and hold on to the other end with a pair of pliers.
    Now give them several turn with the drill and they'll straighten out beautifully.

    Works 100% and is very quick.

  25. The background music covers your voice…remake the video and use captions, that is, if you are actually trying to share information.

  26. You mentioned that these sattelites collect a ton of other data including GPS location data. Does this mean that they are tracking every mobile phone and everything else with GPS and their current location? In other words. Could they track you using your phone this way?

  27. Are there satellites that give higher resolution so that I might be able to zoom in and see more details? If so, are they accessible by "normal" people? 🙂

  28. Interesting…do the same with ham radio bouncing signals from passing satellites to make contacts on the other side of the world. I have a SDRPlay RPL-1A. K6JUN

  29. Love it!!! It’s like smart humans reaching out to outer space. But only hacking the smarter ones who are looking back at us. But then the smarter ones are now saying Damn It! They’ve detected us!!

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