77 thoughts on “How to make your own photography zine

  1. Kind of creepy how perfect this timing was. Ive been researching on how i can make my own zine all day yesterday

  2. Hey man, I really like your channel and enjoy your experience so much. I’m a graphic designer from China and would like to share with your why they force you to print 48 pages in total, It because the binding book has to be done with A multiple of 4. Hope you like my comment and very happy to speak with you at some point, cheers!

  3. Very informative. Which zine format on Awesome Merchandise did you use, A4 Mono Zine? Shipping to where I live in Bangkok is free but I wonder how long It would take.

  4. Estos videos son como gasolina creativa, te dan ganas de ponerte y hacer cosas! Motivación a tope 😀

  5. Hey Edquardo , thanks for the video. i have been doing the same thing with my pictures ( didgital and film ) using another miduim which is Instagram stories. what do you thinck about that ?

  6. Me gustó mucho tu video, Ed. En particular la parte de cómo organizar el contenido. Me encantó cómo vas guiando al espectador mediante las fotos, usar primero byn, después color, tamaños, composición dentro de la página. Coincido que eso es algo que la persona logra percibir como organizado, con un ritmo y no sólo un bulto de imágenes. ¡Felicitaciones!

  7. Eduardo , gracias por tu gran trabajo y el esfuerzo que demuestras cada semana, solo con el fin de guiar a nosotros los amantes de la fotografía, con respecto al video , solo una pregunta , en pesos chilenos ,un aproximado cuanto te costo imprimirlos? , saludos

  8. Yuuusss!!! I love photography zines and I missed out on your last book! I can't wait to get them in the mail!!! Can you recommend any other photography zines?

  9. Vi este vídeo como una clase magistral, Gracias por compartir y por tanta inspiración. Bonito ver a Frann en tus vídeos <3

  10. The black & white xpan subway pages were really good and surprising.
    This kind of layout would make a great zine/book on its own.

  11. Really helpful video Ed, thanks! And especially interesting to me, since I work at an online printing company (don’t want to hijack your comments for advertising, but we do the entire process for things like this within 3 working days 😉). About time to use that employee discount!

  12. If you're searching for a legally free for commercial use software to produce your Zines or books, Try Scribus.

  13. Easy timestamps for y'all:

    00:29 Have a theme
    03:05 Shoot, develop, scan
    05:53 Organize your files
    11:04 Make a PDF
    13:12 Send it to print

  14. Awesome stuff 👏🏻

    I want to ask you one question about Instagram. What do you think about accounts of people which use white frames on all their photos. Is it looks stylish for you?

  15. Gracias Eduardo, súper lindo tu video. Se lo recomendé a un amigo que sí hace foto con película y que se sentirá muy motivado por tan cool video. Te sigo.

  16. Very interesting video, I have just a question how do you scan the xpan? I have an xpan too but I'm not completly happy of my xpan scans.

  17. Excellent inspiring bideo on your creatuve workflow. Got me thinking on how to present my body of work

  18. Hello, when you choose pages on Awesome Merch are they double sided inside and one sided on the outer pages? So for example if you choose 24 pages you send 46 pages of pdf?

  19. Hello!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Do you mind to tell me how you have recorded sound? Because your camera can not use a microphone, or am I wrong?

  20. Are you a trust fund kid or something? Selling a lot of books is never a bad thing, even photographers need to eat and pay bills too (and of course those expensive gears). Being popular doesn't mean you're a sell out, it means people actually appreciate your photos and your skill. Also it's a honest job and income.

  21. Very helpful video! I’ve been wanting to make a travel book for my trip to San Francisco and this was so informative. I had to show support by buying both zines, can’t wait to get them in hand 🙏🏽

  22. Ed, what's your favorite focal length? Would love to see a video on this maybe talk about what's your favorite focal length and lenses and when do you use or like to use them for and your sample images and maybe a day with you shooting with that. Thanks!

  23. Wow! Thanks Eduardo. Loved the info in this video. Impressed by your work…and I will def make a zine now. Not with photography…but still…Thank you!

  24. Nice video! Thanks! But couldn't understand why did you switch from bw to color and back in one book? What is an idea?

  25. I want to thank you and your wife in reminding me to do a spell check. I'm about to print my proof zine tomorrow and there was a spelling error. 35wwwmm camera would look silly no?

  26. Absolutely no information on creating a PDF. Actually, not very helpful at all. Anyone can say, "Do this" and that's it.

  27. aaaahhh .. I love that I just found your channel! I didn't even know you had one. Thank you for this ..it was extremely useful as well as inspiring, as I was looking into creating a zine in the near future. (btw , I love Fran's channel /art ) 🙂

  28. Let's say that you're a street photographer or you're photographing a political rally, how much privacy does the subjects in the photo have? Does an individual, whom I photograph, have to sign a release form? Have you ever created a zine that came back to bite you in the rear because someone wants to sue you?

  29. Nice video. Tnks for the tips.
    I have a question about selling pictures with strangers face on it. Is it legal or you need always ask for permission?

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