How to make your DJI OSMO ACTION footage look cinematic!

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84 thoughts on “How to make your DJI OSMO ACTION footage look cinematic!

  1. I love that cam. It's practical and effective. Almost went the Silver 7 route (which is a good cam too minus the front screen).
    Also: ASMR segment needs it's own timestamp lol.
    click. Oh yeah. click. Oh yeah

    Thanks Chris!

  2. cinematic AF – btw you like camera conspiracies? he made a video about this pretty funny stuff. sorry to veer off topic I just remembered it : )

  3. This is a game changer for sure, definitely great for on the go and people trying to go above their limits with a small tool

  4. Awesome stuff guys! Quick question does the DJI Osmo Action use same mounting system as GoPro or is it different?

  5. Try a small rubber band instead of the humongous kitchen grip. Trust me it works fab. Easy peezy. Love your vlog. Great work and very informative. 🎥

  6. Hi Chris, thank's a lot for the tips and i was wandering why my footage does not look good although with RS and i am using 4K/60. i also has issues with low light as i can see lots of grain in the video.

  7. One thing about the PolarPro filters is that they're not waterproof on the camera! I have that set and they're great, but they won't keep water from getting into your camera as far as I can tell since the base isn't lensed, so unless the Action is waterproof without its lens on, water will get in through the base for the filters.
    I'm a big, strong guy and yes, the Action's lens was HARD to get off by hand (but I did it without aid!).
    Nice vid for a quickie, but kinda PolarPro slanted. Not mentioning their waterproof issues is a bit incomplete.

  8. Love the Osmo Action. Can’t wait to get my hands on those PolarPro Dilters #teampolarpro. Great stuff Chris!!!

  9. They still don’t sell the osmo action in Israel but I already ordered it and my dad is bringing it this summer when he comes to visit so stoked thanks for the tips Chris

  10. I was torn between the GoPro Hero 7 and the DJI Osmo Action but after watching a lot of videos and comparisons, I think that the DJI Osmo Action is the best action camera you can get currently. And the rocksteady feature is really impressive considering you were running like crazy in that shot.

  11. Chris/Pat, have either of you used the 'DJI Osmo Pocket'? How does the 'Action' compare to that for image (vid and stills) quality? Also low light use? Thanks 👍

  12. I love the DJI Action, I've had one for a few days, playing with it. I'll get the polar filters for sure, I was loosely looking for filters, thanks for the tip! I find it funny that you didn't film the blog with it, it's pretty shaky… 😉

  13. I’d love to see you do a Sara Dietschy style intro…

    “What is going on, guys? My name is Chris Hau (rhymes with pal)” 😉😂

  14. 30FPS for cinematic?! WTF! Who cares if RockSteady performs just a little better when you can get a more cinematic look without using a pull-down and shooting natively at 23.976FPS!

  15. Wow..1 min in and blown by that clip. Time for Hero7 to get another update to beat the competition. DJI still trying to chase stuff that's hot out there… 🙂

  16. Funny I am old enough to be your dad and took my cover off with no problems. Ikopta had to use channel locks LOL. Guess us older guys are stronger than you young guys that have never worked with your hands except to text and type 😂😂😂😂

  17. Recommend a product over another without even getting your hands on both of them doesn’t sound convincing. Especially when recommending to shoot in 2.7k for best results on a 4k camera.

  18. Well lol
    Footage still looks like from a phone thanks to its heavy sharpening

    Really hoping dji will add an option to turn it off like GoPro does…

  19. Hey Chris, can you make a video on ' how to maintain focus on moving subjects in your videos? '. Thanks.

  20. Glad I wasn’t the only one who felt like a complete weakling trying to get the lens cover off. Holy sh-t that’s on there tight.

  21. Spending money on 4K camera only to be told the best setting for you to use is 2.7K at 30fps is a HUGE no no!! Why am I paying that money for a device that will perform less than expected? Mmmh smell like a rip off!

  22. Hey Chris. Great video. If recommended settings are 30fps, are you still editing it in a 24fps timeline?

  23. It's just too bad that DJI didn't make an adapter for an external mic at launch. I've called and the representative didn't even know anything about when they plan to even come out with one. I would've gotten one, but only if they had a mic adapter.

  24. Amazing video, I am definitely going to try these settings. Could you please help me with the microphone you are using with this DJI Osmo? Your voice quality is amazing and I didn't hear any background noise 🙂

  25. Nice video Chris. I had no issue removing the stock filter on my Osmo Action however. Perhaps DJI had the Hulk build the early release cameras? ;D

  26. Polar Pro paid video, yes it's heavily Polar pro based and nothing else, so its not about making your videos cinematic its more about selling the nd's, also no one talks about the water seal, the lens is on so tight because the camera is water sealed, you remove the lens and break this seal, it's not guaranteed that your camera is safe from water seeping in and ruining it.
    And best to shoot in 2.7k, not heard that from anyone with this camera.

  27. 30fps is all good and all but you won't be able to apply any slow motion. You'd need at least 60fps to half it.

  28. man huge fan and like your videos. dont take me wrong but I clicked in wanna learn how to shoot better but this is pretty much a polarpro ads man…

  29. A rubber band will take off the lens cover as well. Just wrap it around a couple times and you will be amazed at how easy the lens cover comes off.

  30. Look at what people are doing with RealSteady GO for the GoPro line of cameras compared to Hypersmooth and Rocksteady. Also I believe you can get higher frame rates on the GoPro Black 7.

  31. Another tip to take the Osomo cover off.
    I used a bike tired tube… And other people have used ruber bands. It works!!

  32. Hi! Chris, I would like to ask you, what is your most recommended video ediyor for osmo action? I used filmora9 but some of my video don't play smoothly. Keeps on lagging.

  33. Might sound like a stupid question but….what's the difference between using ND filters and adjusting the shutter speed according with the brightness conditions!?

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