How to Make Money From Street Photography – Social Experiment – English subtitle available

– Hello! – I am Liviu, he is Daniel.
– Hello! For several days we have been in the capital of Italy. We are here in Rome to take pictures at important tourist points. We especially went out for photography in the morning and in the evening because we tried to take advantage of the light of the sunrise and sunset. In the morning it is much better due to the fact that the tourists are not too many on the streets and you can photograph quietly without having people in the frame. In the evening it is more difficult. Last night, for example, we came to the Vatican trying to photograph the Cathedral of St. Peter behind us. Because the sunset did not help us, the sky being quite clear we tried to compensate in the composition of the photograph with something at the bottom. More precisely we made a puddle because it did not rain here, so that we have the reflection of the Cathedral in that puddle. We were surprised to see that many tourists stopped by us, they were probably wondering what those crazy people are doing on their belly with the camera pointing to a puddle. When they saw what came out they asked us to take a picture with their phone. More brave others stood in front and photographed themselves so that we had no more room to photograph because of them. At one point we gave a bottle to someone and told him to go to make his puddle and leave us in peace to photograph. And after we finished, Daniel came up with an idea, but I’ll let him tell you what it’s all about. I said that if we kept pulling this reaction last night from tourists to try to make a social experiment, more precisely, we will try to see if money can be made from photographs taken on the street Considering that everywhere in the big tourist cities, artists of all kinds manage to raise money from their activity in the middle of the street, we will try to recreate the puddle from last night, we will put a reversed hat and see if we can raise money from those who give us the phone to take pictures with our puddle. If we manage to raise some money, from that money we will buy pizza and we will feed the people who actually sleep on the streets including here in the Vatican between the columns you see in the back. – No, not me, I don’t sleep here. – Our goal is not to raise money for ourselves but we want to see if money can be collected from the pictures taken on the street. We will try to make a time lapse as long as we stay there near the puddle and in the end we will come back with reactions. – See you!
– Bye! – Our little experiment ended, it took about an hour and a half. – It was exhausting. – Yes! But surprisingly, we collected 45.60 Euro, We bought pizza for 6 people. – There are still people taking pictures in the puddle.
We also have a bride. There to the puddle and some photographers take advantage of it to make some successful photographs. – Now we’re going to share pizza with people near the Vatican but we will not film this moment because we don’t want to do something wow and we don’t want to hurt anyone or hurt anyone’s image. We’ll be back tomorrow for conclusions. – Okay, we’re back. For an hour and a half, maximum two hours, on a day in October We made 45 euros and 60 cents. I say it’s a nice amount considering that the flow of tourists in October it’s not as big as in a summer month. It was ok for us, it was an interesting experience, We saw that people are willing to pay for an instagram or facebook photo. It was cool, for Daniel it was not so comfortable because he sat down motionless and cushioned his legs sitting in a rather uncomfortable position for an hour and a half on those stones. – Yes, it wasn’t really ok but if someone would organize, it would come with a small pillow to make it comfortable to sit down. We were not organized too well to raise a lot of money but we were curious if the tourists were getting money out of the pocket. Definitely if anyone would like to take advantage of this idea and they would organize better to raise money, they would certainly succeed. We didn’t even have a hat quite visible. It was pulled back near the photo backpack. And when more people ware gathered and there was the sound of one coin falling over the others immediately the other people reacted and contributed with money. For this reason I think I did not put the hat in the most suitable place. For us it was impressive to see that people reacted like this and that they were willing to pay or reward the fact that someone took a picture for them with their phone. A lot of other ideas like this came to our minds and we said in a joke that we would repeat the event in other cities. We hope that we will go to take pictures in other cities, not to raise money. We hope you will find this idea interesting, and take advantage of it if you need to and stay close because we will come back with other crazy ideas like this. – We say hello and see you again. – Bye!
– Bye!

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