How to Make Life Easier Using a Digital Camera

How to Make Life Easier Using a Digital Camera. Most digital cameras today are small and durable
enough to take just about anywhere. Why not put that technology to good use? You will need Rental cars or apartments Landmarks
or signs Kids Gadgets Map Contact information Camera phone and familiar places. Step 1. Snap photos of the existing blemishes on rental
cars and in apartments to protect yourself from having to pay unwarranted fees or losing
a security deposit. Step 2. Take pictures of landmarks and signs near
your hotel or parking spot when you travel to find your way back after a day of sightseeing. Showing a photo of where you’re staying to
a cab driver can save time if you don’t remember the address or speak the language. Step 3. Snap a pic of your kids when you’re on vacation
or in a big crowd. If they get lost, you’ll be able to show a
police officer what they look like. Step 4. Make digital notes to yourself — take pictures
of hairstyles you want to copy, knitting patterns, or even recipes you might try. Respect copyright and privacy laws when taking
photographs of people or protected material. Step 5. Take a “before” photo of a keyboard or other
gadget before you clean or repair it so you’ll know how to put it back together. Step 6. Take a closeup shot of the map at an amusement
park, airport, or mall so you can check your location without stopping at every kiosk. Step 7. Keep a photo of your contact information under
the word “reward” in your camera’s permanent memory so it can be easily returned if you
leave it behind. Step 8. Send a camera phone picture of where you are
and what you’re doing to your parents or friends throughout the day — it’s easier and more
fun than texting. Step 9. Take photos of familiar places to make clues
for a treasure hunt that will lead your kid or your better half to a fun surprise. There’s almost no limit to the fun and practical
uses of a digital camera. Did you know In 1988, the Fuji DS-1P became
the first digital camera to capture images as computerized files.

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14 thoughts on “How to Make Life Easier Using a Digital Camera

  1. These are some very good tips. As a former apartment manager, I strongly recommend in favor of photographing an apartment before moving in. I used to work for a guy that would use any excuse to keep security deposits. Trust me, you want to be able to back it up in possible small claims court, this is the right thing to do.

  2. I use my camera phone when I want to remember items that I either want to comparison-shop for, or remember when it's time to buy people gifts.

  3. You will need, a camera, a tripod, something to photo, a kid, a spy, satelites, internet, a dildo, condoms, vaseline… loool howcast is spaming my ears!

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