How to Make a Print in Photography : Close F Stop After Refocusing Enlarger

And again, back to this print. This horrible
print that I had made. One way that you may have made the overexposure mistake in doing
this print is your F-stop. Now, just like a camera, this enlarging lens has F-stops.
And when I focus or when I re-focus, which I do frequently with these enlargers, I have
to remember to close my F-stop down to the point where I made my test print at. And again,
I had said I like to make my prints between F-8 and F-11 if I can but when I’m re-focusing,
I open it up all the way. And again, if my head ain’t in the game that day, I forget
to close my F-stop back down. Incredibly common mistake for darkroom technicians to make.
But one, if you’re just paying attention, you will not make at all. So very easy way
to overexpose your image. And again, back to initially why I forgot or why I wanted
to open it up was to re-focus. There is nothing worse than printing an image that you actually
took in focus when you shot it but when you’re printing it, you print it out of focus; two
pretty common mistakes right there.

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