Alright guy We have a brand new tool here that blows me away and I’m going to show you guys how to help prevent the trail camera theft Made by spy hi mounting system. It’s two connections Connect it there this one extends out So does that one there I can look up here kind of get back here you guys can see if you stand from the ground Put your pull up Pop it in place Check that out guys You can remove and install Your trail camera from the ground Rikka mount this 8 feet high 10 feet high 12 feet high. They make extra extensions Where you can mount this 14 feet high, so we’re gonna go here open this up Swap it for us swap this SD card out Right back to you our guys. We’ve got a brand new SD card in the camera We’re gonna go ahead and start camera. Put it back on Soto Well on the swivel mount here You have an area where it says remove the other side says install right now We have it on the left side for remove. You just remove that flip it around to install Put that on here and you put it right back up Done disconnect Pull that one back down disconnect it put it together You can throw in a backpack carry it out and go around your whole property and check everything spy high mounting system guys Check it out gonna I think this is huge for trail cameras because for some reason and hunting industry and Just hunters in general the number one and two things stolen is trail cameras and tree stands I think this is going to prevent a lot of that. It’s a one-way how to hide and You know secure your cameras to the trees if somebody obviously wants them they can get a ladder go up and get them But when people are walking in, you know, you’re walking an eye level straight ahead. You’re not looking up with trail cameras So I think this is a cool way to prevent a lot of trail camera

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  1. I came up with a way easier way to do that.. Just stopped putting all that junk out. Hunt the old way. Just go sit in the woods. Technology is just getting to ridiculous. What's to stop em from just shooting em now?

  2. I hate anyone who’d steal someone else’s property. They need to make a game camera that is energized with 240 volts and will discharge into whoever tries to steal it if you don’t have a special tool for De-energizing. LoL just a thought 💁🏽‍♂️

  3. What a cool product. Is that made by spy point. How did you end up making out with the tresspasser who cut the electric fence. Did they end up catching him

  4. My question is how do you get pics on the ground if the camera isn’t tilted. Hard to tell since there was no close up of the camera being mounted on the tree

  5. Great Video and thanks for sharing… sad thing is over the years I’ve come to realize a hunters worse nightmare is another hunter…in my experiences it’s not the liberal bleeding heart out there stealing Cams/Stands etc….it’s another fellow hunter….sad that we’ve come to where to have to hide our TrailCams from thieves. Thanks Again for the Video

  6. Hey Dave that looks like a great idea. Initially do you have to take a ladder out and install the base or can you do that with the pole as well?

  7. If someone wants your camera this latest item isn’t the only telescoping tool for sale. Just saying. Luck with all your hunting.

  8. so all i have do is get me one and come get your cameras still ?? common this ant stopping shit best way is cell phone cam

  9. Problem I see with this tool is that you still have to climb the tree to install/uninstall the base. Seems more of a gimmick. So what if the deer (or whatever) have moved their trail 15 feet and you have to re-install? I'd just as soon carry a couple of my Step Ladder steps with me. Compact. light weight, fit in my pack, and I can adjust my camera set up as needed. Thanks for the video, though. Hunt safely, my Friends!

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