How to Hang a Picture : How to Hang Pictures with a Wire Hanger

Hi, I’m Bobby Hestor on behalf of Expert Village.
In this series, we’re going to show you how to hang big pictures, small pictures and every
size in between. We’re going to show you how to use hangers and we’re going to show you
how to quickly and easily hang pictures just like a professional. In this segment, I’m
going to show you how to hang a picture that has a wire hanger on the back of it. A lot
of times, you’ll see that on artwork or a large piece of antique art or whatever. This
one has a wire. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell where you need to put your anchor.
And the way that you can tell is you want to take this wire and you want to hold it
nice and tight. And then get your tape measure and measure from the top of the painting to
the wire at the highest point. And that is 2 1/4 inches on this particular picture. So
I’m not sure about the height on this one, so I’m going to hold it up there and see what
looks good. And I like that height right there. So I’m going to put just a real light pencil
mark at the top of this picture.
And that represents the top, and if you remember earlier, we measured 2 1/4 inches down to
the wire. So now we need to measure down 2 1/4 inches and we’ll put another mark. And
that will be the mark where the wire and the hanger need to go. Now this particular hanger
– the nail is higher than the point than the picture’s going to hang from. So, we put
it up there and we make sure the bottom of the hanger is at the mark, and that’s where
we’re going to nail the hanger into. So now I’m going to put my safety glasses on because
I’m about to use the hammer. And I’m going to drive that in there. Okay. And now it’s
time to hang our picture. So we take the wire and hook it onto the hanger. And sometimes
with these pictures you have to work it back and forth until you get the center point because
the fuddle will be unlevel. So once you get it where you want it, there you go. You have
your picture hung.

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37 thoughts on “How to Hang a Picture : How to Hang Pictures with a Wire Hanger

  1. So that little nail is driven just into the sheetrock and it's enough to hold it? How heavy can a wall hanging be before this particular installation fails?

  2. A professional always uses 2 hooks side by side, not one. The painting will never stay straight on 1 hook and will fall forward on the wall

  3. I bought an oil painting where the artist attached a string just below the top of the painting. When I place the string over my picture hook, the loose string is raised above the top of the painting, leaving the string and hook visible. How to correct this? Should I reposition the string, tighten the string or try something else?

  4. If you use a 'watercolor pencil', (I use a medium to dark gray color) you will be able to remove all pencil marks easily with the simple swipe of a damp rag. The watercolor pencils are sold at art stores. They are used by artists for watercolor artwork.

  5. @TidePools
    I'm not a designer, just someone who has actually installed fine art.
    Cheers !!!

  6. You GOT to try the Magic Stud Finder products, if you want to hang anything on walls ,thats the tool you need.

  7. Hi Bobby . Why did you put this up on the internet ? are people so retarded that they cant hang a picture ? Society has truly dumbed down.

    1) Get a Nail
    2) Bash it in the wall
    3) Hang picture

  8. @monte6714 You laugh but no joke that is a Tim Allan hammer (I have one!), and if you recall Tool Time on Home Improvement, you gotta wear safety glasses!!!!!!!

  9. Finding the right location on the wall for the nail or hook is the real challenge when hanging pictures. Use Hang & Level, the tool marks exactly where to hammer the nail. No guesswork or calculating involved. Makes is easy to hang any type of wall décor.

  10. I have a large horizontal Canvas Painting and it leans forward immensely. The bottom of the canvas is touching the wall while the top is about 1-5-2 inches away from it. Are there any easy solutions? I've been thinking about getting a commander strip and gluing the top to the wall lol.

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