How to get published as a photographer👍

hi my name is Leyla and I help people
to unleash their creativity to into a paycheck and today we’ll talk about how to get
published if you are a photographer makeup artist stylist or a set designer
this video is for you in the description to this video
I provide a link to my free publication guide called GET YOUR WORK PUBLISHED in
a day it contains 33 magazines you can submit your work for absolutely free
with all the proper links and Submission pages I created the list making sure
every publication had a good social following so you’re not wasting it’s on
all the links are below in the description first let’s talk about why
would you wanna get published in the first place well it increases your pool
factor among your friends but let’s be honest it increases the social proof for
your potential clients so if they see the you have publication that means you
are a good professional who has been recognized by other people not only by
them and they trust your vision and your artistic abilities which is crucial
generally speaking you want to increase your chances to get noticed by a gallery
by clients projects give you an amazing opportunity to work with people outside
of the field for example you are photographer and you can create your own crew of people who inspire you who you would like to work with you can work
with amazing stylist who’ve been published before it will have much more
experience than you do and there is a very easy trip to get them on your team
you just need to simply send an email and explain that you are such as such
and you are creating this shoot this is your idea and you would like to
cooperate with them so you get the publication together I guarantee you
like 85% they’ll respond to you saying yes
because everybody wants to get published general there’s two approaches to that
you can either create a project and then start looking for publication this
similar statics and style that can potentially place your project in their
publications or you can look at existing publication and see what they are
publishing right now for example if you do more like beauty shots you maybe
might wanna look into publication and more focus on the video shots and see
what the theme of the next issue is so that gives you enough time to prepare a
team and look at them reports to ensure that your particular shoot will get
published if you are an emerging artist maybe that would be a good idea to look
into web URLs so those magazines who only exist on the web and they have a
decent following and they’re increasing chances to get noticed by people and
right now I would like to share my favorite ones all the afternoon this
publication has a great social following and you just need to submit six to eight
images and the link a link to your portfolio so the curator can see your
work and think the images he likes to get published on their portal and this
is a great tool for you to start building up your social presence app as
poppers is another excellent excellent port of you to start leveraging your
social media so you literally just need to send a private message to Brian men’s
who personally goes for every submission of picks one day my personal favorite is
caviar it gives you an opportunity to see many many many different
publications and magazines who are constantly looking for content creators
and teams to publish it allows you to see the publication season
like style the post and if you like the theme they’re proposing this month you
can read it up a look at the mood board make sure that they have social profiles
check them out look at the magazine’s they published for make sure that they
are aligned with your aesthetics and you would potentially like to be popular
than magazines because you might not want to just like shoot blind you might
want to do some research and make sure that you’d sure you want to be a part of
the publication’s because otherwise it’s just like a waste of time
it’s a free profile and you to my knowledge I think have six to seven free
submissions each month so you are you have a limitation there but if you use
them wisely you can truly leverage that and not all of those publications
require unpublished material so for some of the publication’s you can repurpose
the sheet for example you shoot a story a some time back and you submit their
magazine and they only are unpublished material so okay they have it and in a
little while you can republish that save shoot but the
different magazine and that gives you more publication from the same word and
gives your team more credit as well make sure you’re a publisher shoot after the
exclusivity with the first magazine expires if you have it another important
point to get publishers to make sure you read the guidelines in many many
guidelines there is a specification that you need to provide at least free books
free model and they have to be different and try not to use the same code in
throughout the looks trying to combine different
dimitru unique so for example if you’re working about conceptual piece there
range from two different magazines and you can see further work sometimes they
stay that that they’re looking for more conceptual work they’re looking for more
weird stuff and their aesthetics a bit darker or a bit lighter so make sure you
read what the magazine is truly about so it’s aligned with your mission
statement and there’s just to make sure you are on the same wave to get to the
next level let me know if there is anything else I’m missing if there’s
anything else you’d like to know more about please please let me know if you
got published and if your latest photoshoot has been featured in some
magazine I would love to know about your success I’m just happy to share my
knowledge with you

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