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When making a promotional video
for a product, it needs to stand out and show how great
it is in every way. So, in this video I’m going to show
you guys how to make that happen with scenery and lighting. Hey folks! Jordy here
for and welcome to the creative
filmmaking channel where we share new ideas,
tips and tricks twice a week. For today’s episode I want to thank
Videoblocks for sponsoring us. They have a huge library of stock footage,
presets, templates and visual effects. To find out more and to start
your 7-day trial for free just visit the first link in
the description below. Today we’re going to make a Product Video
for this old camera book stand. The first thing you want to do
is think about the scenery, in which environments
does this product fit. That could be a living room type scenery
or a clean Studio environment. There are basically not
any rules about this, just know that the scenery will
reflect on the product message. If it’s a commercial you often want
to create a typical atmosphere such as a warm living room and someone
is reading a book in the background. But for Instruction Films or Product
Demos that could be different. And for the purpose of this video I also
want to keep it more universal, which is why we are
building a white Studio. I’m using two white foam panels, one I put on a table as the floor and the other
one I put it vertical as the background. Of course, you can also go for other materials,
just make sure there’s little texture on it. Next comes the lighting. For a clean look you can simply
put two lights on both sides. Very important is that you also create a
soft light by hanging a diffuser in front of it. This eliminates those hard shadows. If you want to create
some more contrast dim one of the lights to have
a difference in intensity. Now, what works great
too is adding a backlight. This can be a harder light source. Try to experiment with the
position of the backlight. Having it come from the top creates smaller
shadows than if you would place it lower. I’d like to play with these lines on the
shadows as it creates a nice composition, and if your light is small enough, you can
also try to hide it behind the product, which really creates a cool effect. Now this can -by the way-
also be a normal flashlight. And finally we’ll work on the details,
which really makes a difference. For a beer bottle, that could be some water drips
on the bottle, or dust for a wooden product. What works great too
is a smoke machine. Your lights will reflect on it,
creating more depth. Definitely that backlight
pops out great. But careful though, using too much smoke, you
just need a tiny bit of mist to create such depth. And now that everything is set up you can make
some awesome shots from your product. Add movement in your shots by tilting,
panning or sliding your camera, it adds more dynamic
to your Product video. For additional effects I searched
for Light leaks on Videoblocks and overlaid them in post-production. You can even find some additional smoke
or other particles to create a nice scenery. Here’s a great magical clip
I got from their website. Just by playing around with the different
blend modes in Premiere Pro I could make it part of the scene. Do you have some tips for
filming a Product Video? Well, then let me know in the comments below
and we might pick out a few ideas… for a follow up video and of course
we’ll mention your name. Thank you so much for watching and as always… …stay creative!

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