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Hi, welcome back … In this video, I will show you how to edit urban filter, in Lightroom mobile here are example photo, before and after, using this filter you can download this preset for free via the link in the description but before that, the file is protected by a password … please turn on the captions, so you can see the password, and download this presets the password consists of 4 digit numbers and will appear separately like this so let’s start editing first go to light exposure down to -0.20 (adjust) bring the contrast to +50 highlights down to -23 Shadows to +46 bring down whites to -80 and blacks bring to +60
go to curve follow this step and done next go to color +50 for vibrance and saturation bring down to -10 go to color mix first go to red color bring the hue down to -14 saturation to -50 and luminance to +14 next go to orange -10 for hue saturation to -23 and luminance drag to +26 move over to yellow -100 for hue bring down the saturation to -30 and luminance +26 next saturation -100 for green, aqua, blue, purple, and magenta and done [1] Password: 13** next go to effect bring the clarity to +60 dehaze to +20 -10 for vignette go to split tone bring the hue to 220, and saturation 10 for highlights bring the hue to 219, and saturation 5 for Shadows and done now go to detail sharpening 20 [2] Password: **28 and noise reduction bring to 35 and finis and let’s try to copy this preset to another photo thank you for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and like and see you next video

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  1. 0619 is not a password, it is an example of how the password will appear, please turn on the captions, the password will appear at any time during the video. I'm sorry I can't reply to the question why the password is wrong, because the password isn't wrong, you can DM me on Instagram if you need an example

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