How to Edit Digital Images : How to Make an Animated Icon

Hello, my name is Luis Estrada and I am a
Software Developer. In this video, I’ll show you how to make an animated icon. For this
demonstration, I’m using Image Ready and Photoshop CS2. Image Ready and Photoshop are registered
trademark of Adobe, a company to which I have no affiliation. To create an animation, first
you need to have a few pictures that when played together will give you the illusion
of movement. Depending on how complex your animation is, you can add anything from two
to maybe fifteen pictures. In this case, I have three jpeg images that I want to put
together to create an animated gif. Open each of the pictures in Photoshop by selecting
them all and dragging that into the application. Now create a new document of the same size
as the pictures, press control n on the keyboard and enter the width and height values. Now
select the move tools from the tools bar, or press v on your keyboard. Click and drag
every image into the new calmness. On the layers palette, you will see that each image
is now a new layer. Discard layer no. 1, that is emptied by dragging and dropping them into
the garbage bin button. Now press the edit in Image Ready button at the bottom of the
tools palette. This will launch the application and open a new image. Select window and animation
to display the animation palette. In this palette, we see all frames on the animation.
You should create a new frame for each layer or picture that will be part of your animation.
In this case, I’ll press the duplicate frame button twice. Select the first frame and hide
the top two layers by pressing on their layer visibility controls. Then select the second
frame and press again on the i symbol to make the second layer visible. Finally, select
the third frame and repeat the process for the top layer. Now, press on the play button
at the bottom of the animation palette to preview the animation. Since the animation
is too fast, select the three frames and change the delay value to .3 seconds for example.
Now save the file by pressing file, save optimize as and give it a name. This is a resulting
image. Even if you have a lot of pictures that you want to animate, just repeat the
process of creating a layer for each picture and adjust the animation delay according to
your needs.
I’m Luis Estrada and I’ve just showed you how to edit your digital images.

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15 thoughts on “How to Edit Digital Images : How to Make an Animated Icon

  1. hey!!! how about if i dont want it to have a background!!! a white background on the sides!! for example: a ball rotating. i want only the rotating ball without the white background!! can you pls help me!!!

  2. i make an animated icon with 258 pictures lol and inorder to create that pictures i wachted a video and i was posting it and hten i pressed Print Screen then paste it in the paint and then cut the part i want from the picture lol so hard

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